Wednesday, 20 February 2019


Hello All

Here I am again joining in at The Three Muses where the theme this time is Cityscape

I thought I would give a shout out to the town of my birth, Sheffield in South Yorkshire.

It was an interesting city to spend the first 25 years of my life and I still like going to visit there even though it has changed so much now. A lot of my family still live there as well.

Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 18 February 2019

Tag and T Day

Hello Everyone

Hope your day has gone well. I seem to have been playing catch-up all day and there seems to be so much to do now my daughter has gone back home. I just leave everything while she is here and enjoy our time together.

At Tag Tuesday this time Wendy has chosen the theme Mushrooms/ Fungi. Still another week to go before the theme ends.

This tag is a digital one with the fairies and Pan having a party in the night.

Elizabeth and Bluebeard welcome all to their T Day gathering and all are welcome with a drink related post

This last week my daughter came to stay with us and we had a wonderful week with lots of fun and wool crafting. Linda made the crocheted things but I do all the sewing in of loose ends and the knitted bows etc. 

These are crocheted brooches and I kept a few for myself and Linda took one to Vic's Mum.

I knitted the Easter chicks with Cadbury's cream eggs inside-Linda crocheted 2 of them-can you pick them out?

 A mixture of crocheted animals with chocolate oranges inside
 Crocheted Easter rabbits with chocolate oranges inside
Catnip mice as toys for cats-I thought the smell was awful but cats love it apparently. Crocheted by Linda

 One evening we went out for a meal at the Lobster Pot just around the corner from where we live.

This is Linda and me enjoying pints. Mine is lime and soda and her's is cider. Vic has the same as me as we don't drink alcohol at all.

We all had different meals. Linda a rack of lamb. Vic a steak and I had something very different that was new to the menu. A sweet waffle with torn chicken breast and chicken goujons. The sauces were maple syrup ans coleslaw. It was really nice but I didn't eat the chips even though they were with skins-whatever that means.

Have  a very Happy T Day Girls and Bluebeard

Love Chrissie xx

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Postcard and Collage

Hello Everyone

Nice to have some sunny days again while my daughter was here. She has just gone back home this morning and the house seems very quiet with just me and Vic.

This week at Sunday Postcard Art the theme was chosen by Sabine and is Masquerade

It is difficult to get my arty, crafty head on again as we have been knitting, crocheting and going places while Linda was here.

Take a Word have the theme Purple this time

I used a photograph that I took in Peasholme Park in Scarborough and added colouring effects to make it fit in with the theme. It was day with a lot of mist when I took the photograph but it wasn't purple for sure.

Enjoy whatever you are doing today

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Tag and Collage

Hello Everyone

This week is flying by and my daughter is coming to stay with us today until the weekend. We always seem to fit so much in when she comes and have such a lot of fun.

This week at Tag Tuesday the theme is Mushrooms/ Fungi and was chosen by Wendy. Two weeks to join in so hope to see you there.

I found this fun threesome as a free download. I thought it didn't need much else on the tag but I added a flowered background paper and edged some of the flowers and all of the mushrooms in black ink.

At The Three Muses week the theme is Africa

I always think that the painted masks of the tribes are folk art at its best so I did one of my own but had a picture of  a mask that I copied loosely. I made PSP brushes with the African symbols so I will be able to use them again

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx