Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Upcycling at Try it on Tuesday

UPCYCLING! Well the word is new to me but I will be using it often lol. Try it on Tuesday have a challenge this week to make something from something you would have thrown away or not known what to use it for.

My daughter bought me a lovely coaster as part of my Mother's Day present and the packaging was too nice to throw away but I didn't know what to use it for until the challenge came up then I did a bit of thinking.

Here is the packaging with a nice circular raised middle and a piece of shiny card that slides into the front. I turned the card over as the back was the same only with out the 'Mum's Coaster' text on it.

This is the wallhanging I made with it. It does look a bit crinkled but it isn't at all in real life it is just so sunny here today that there was a lot of reflection on the picture.
I stamped on the black butterflies then did some all over stamping as a backing. Made a round photograph of me and my daughter and stuck that onto a round nestie shape. When everything was dried I slipped the card back into the plastic front and added the paper butterflies and a bit of ribbon.
My daughter is a crafter so she will love this UPCYCLING I'm sure.


  1. Great project Chrissie. What a lovely wall hanging and all from packaging!
    Regards Florence.

  2. Hi Chrissie we meet again ! Lovely upcycling very clever girl indeed.Great idea to make a hanging.



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