Saturday, 30 July 2011

Embossing at Dragonsdream TIO

I have only recently started to do embossing but my confidence is growing so I thought I would have a go at this challenge. Resorted to peel-offs for the edges and the hands but they seem to work ok on this tag.

Thanks for the challenge and for the beautiful DT samples

Friday, 29 July 2011

Three in One Challenges

Inspired again by Just for Fun who have a 'Fabric and Fibre' challenge this week but I also thought about what I could make for the Try It on Tuesday Challenge which is 'alter a present', then there was the Come and Get it challenge to 'make your own flowers'. Thinking cap on and I came up with this box to send to a friend for her birthday--with something inside of course.

I have had a very old Indian silk scarf for about 30 years and worn it a lot but now it is has holes in parts so I thought I could use that for the fabric, The box was one that had a jar of Olay Night Cream in it so I was all set.

I photographed the scarf and made a backing paper with the design. This is what covered the box then I made some flowers from some of the scarf. Lots left to make more flowers or maybe something else. I am pleased that I was brave enough to cut into it--amazing what thinking about a challenge can make you do lol

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Look to the Skies

The sky is always a good place to look when you are feeling down and also a good place to look is DragonsDream TIO where you can see some wonderful tag ideas for inspiration

This week it is 'Look to the Skies' and I made up the text to fit the challenge.

Thank you for the great ides.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Cute and Cuddly with a Punch

This week at Moving Along with the Times there are some beautiful samples as inspiration and wonderful entries as well.

I used an image I have had for a long time and my Woodware Craft Collection Corner Punch which fitted in nicely with the background paper.

Friday, 22 July 2011

'Precious Metal' at JFF

Oh another panic moment when I saw the word metal for the challenge. I am such a whimp when it comes to handle the tin opener and the thought of doing anything with the tin afterwards horrified me. Never mind it was Thursday and it was a Just for Fun Challenge so I have overcome yet another of my fears lol

Off to the blue recycle bin this time and a rummage around in the newpapers and glass jars:) Easier than last week when I had to forage in the brown bin full of garden waste but that is where we put cardboard for recycling. Oh heck I digress once again-- I found a tuna can and took the top fully off and used that for the project. It had rings on it so I sorta got an idea from them. Vic turned in the edges for me thank goodness so I wouldn't cut myself and I mounted it on a card shape as well just to doubly sure!

Painted the whole thing with emulsion paint then sprayed it with glue and sprinkled a bit of embossing powder here and there. Allsorts happened when I heated it up but thankfully it stayed ok to use. Then I thought about the flowers. I wasn't brave enough to make those from a coke can like Von did. I sprayed some of the paper ones, that I had made, with glue then dipped them in embossing powder and embossed them. Finished them off with dabs of ink to match the emulsion. Added the latest pic of me and Vic together and that's it so far.

I hope I can fit in something else for this to use in the swap.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

So Charming at The Shabby Tea Room

Lovely picture to inspire us here at The Shabby Tea Room this week and also it was nice to have the challenge of adding a charm as it is something I don't think of adding usually.

Thank you for the challenges which are always really lovely.

Sketch and size at Come and Get It

Well I have never made a card like this before-the size is definitely unusual and the colours I have used aren't what I would usually use at all but the sketch at Come and Get It was a good one to use your imagination I thought. So far I haven't found an envelope that the card will fit into as our business envies in the uk aren't as big as the card. I can soon make an envelope for it though I am not sure I know anyone who will like my colour choices lol

Thanks for the challenge I really enjoyed it.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Groovy at Just for Fun

This was difficult and I have been playing around with some corrugated card since the challenge was posted. What a pity that it has brown paper on each side before you can get to the real stuff lol. I wanted a nice clean piece cause I had an idea to make some 'gears' that worked when you turned one they would all turn. In the end I had to give in and use a piece of corrugated card as a background and some shapes from my Cuttlebug to make the gears. I will still be looking for a nice clean piece of the card and have a another go but for now this will have to do. I did love messing about with the paint and inks on the material and will certainly be using it again. Thanks for the challenge at Just for fun

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Butterflies and Tim Holtz Challenges

I started off thinking about the Butterflies challenge at Craft Room Challenge then I was trying to make a tag using a Tim Holtz technique for Dragon's Dream TIO  I have only just started out on my Tim Holtz journey so had to follow a video to see how to do a background with Distressed ink and water spritzer. What a mess I made everywhere but I think I got something that looks like the demo in the end.

My dream would definitely to be as free as a butterfly but I would like to live a bit longer than they do :)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Card using 'Kaleidoscope'

It seemed a shame not to find a use for the little Kaleidoscopes I think I invented lol so I have made a card with one

If you would like to see how to make it and what it looks like 'in action' then pop over to my website here
Hope you will have a go

Friday, 8 July 2011

Acrylic/plastic at Just for Fun

Well when I first saw this I thought I would be missing a challenge at Just for Fun as my experiments with both of these materials aren't very good:(  I don't like 'chickening out' and suddenly an idea came to me along the stained glass window route.

This is double glazed stained glass lol--the picture was printed onto paper and also onto acrylic then both of them coloured the same.
I stuck the paper circle onto a card shape and then raised the acrylic one above it with silicone glue

This is hopefully a better view of what I mean :)I propped up the finished product at one side so you can see the two layers. The corners and flowers cover up the silicone blobs.

While I was making this I had another idea which is really fun-well me and my hubby have had a play with it lol.

I made a sort of Kaleidoscope with the same type of circles and a brad

you need to leave an acrylic tab on the circle and add one to the paper and card one as well-indicated with the fingers cause they didn't show up well on the picture. Just add a brad to the centre so the circles can move freely.

move the tabs anywhere you like to get different pictures

I am wondering what it would look like with two different images used in the same way.

Great challenge as ever at Just for Fun and also wonderful samples for inspiration

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Resist technique

There is a tutorial here at Just for Fun written by Neet. I am sure that Von told me about this a while ago and I did have a go but never got it right.:(

I am really pleased with this card but my next crafty purchase is going to be a brayer and some of the Rainbow ink pads--and a hundred new stamp lol.:)  I wish

I stamped the butterfly in the clear ink then embossed with white and messed about with some distressed inks and ordinary inks to cover it over. Finished off by stamping in black to fill some spaces.

The Age of Chivalry is alive at Dragons Dream

Well what a challenge it is to make things that fit in with the themes when I have such a limited ammount of stamps. I must put new stamps to the top of my crafty shopping list and get ones that are interesting instead of cute lol:)

Here is my effort using 2 very old stamps--one for the background and one on the shield.

The tag is 4 inches wide and 5 inches long so a bit of a big tag. Hope it fits the challenge at Dragons Dream TIO

Monday, 4 July 2011

Altered Box

Over at Try it on Tuesday the challenge is to alter a box

I almost missed entering this as I have had such a busy week so only managed to finish my box yesterday

box before

box after

Think I will fill it with papers the same size and use to write notes on them

Sketch Staurday Challenge 162

Always nice sketches here at Sketch Saturday thank you for the challenge and for the lovely examples by the design team

Be Patriotic at Come and Get It

Hope you enjoy 4th July all who celebrate it.

I made a postcard for the challenge at Come and Get It. Started off with the red/white English and added pictures of some of our places of interest to the four white shapes. Then added a union jack to the centre as I do like being British as well as English. Though I also love being European and also part of the, many and varied, world lol Better stop before I take in the whole universe

Nice challenge to think about-thank you.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Beside the Seaside

Made this for the Dragons Dream Challenge where the tag was to be 'beside the seaside' using a stamp. Well I had one large, demented seagull stamp and four small penguins all on one stamp and nothing else that shouts out beside the seaside. Decided on the pengiuns after much thought about it all. I used a photograph that my hubby took at Spurn point and made it tag shaped in Paint Shop Pro.

This is also going to be my entry for Just For Fun where it is 'anything goes this week'. I can get my swaps sent off to Zoe now :)