Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year

I would like to wish everyone a very Happy 2012 and thank all of the wonderful 'blog people' who have helped me settle into this new experience and given me so much encouragement with the marvelous challenges and fantastic messages:)

My birthday is January 1st and this time I am 70. My creative mind has become so active that I am sure the next year will be just as full and happy as the last.

Sketch and Retro/Music challenges

I combined the challenge at Sketch Saturday with the Retro/Music challenge at Moving Along with the Times. Terrific samples at both for inspiration.

I always loved the designs in the Flower Power era and still do.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Anything Goes for week 5 of December

Here we are in the last week of December and at Just for Fun they have an Anything Goes Challenge

I was inspired by Von's sample and hunted for somethings similar that I had been given a long time ago and always meant to use.

Nowhere near as good as the card that inspired me but this card is what I made for the challenge.

Thank you for the wonderful challenges at Just for Fun and my introduction to Blogland.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Anything Goes

At Craft-room Challenge it is anything goes so I am adding this card I have just made. Not what I would usually make but I just wanted to chill out and make things that are a bit different for a few days.

Seems a Little Sketchy

This is the third at Seems a Little Sketchy. It was a very nice sketch to follow and I will keep it to use in the future for sure. Thank you. I have used a photograph that was taken by my hubby last year--it is a wild orchid.

Friday, 23 December 2011

Autumn at Just for Fun

Last of the seasons at JFF this week and what fun it has been to escape from making Christmas cards and look ahead to the New Year with the challenges.

There are still lots of autumn leaves around so I collected some and stood them in baby oil for a while to make them supple. After that I used punches to cut out shapes to make a couple of autum coloured flowers. Lastly I found this lovely quote by John Donne who is one of my favourite poets and has helped me many times in my life when he seemed to have a poem for every occassion.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Summer Days at Just for Fun

Nice to feel the see the sun shining if only on this postcard :)

This is serendipity meets paper piecing and they tangle with zentagles. I love the artwork of Bridget Wilkinson and this postcard is made in her style-not sure what she would think of it but I am hoping to go to Whitby soon and that I can show it to her if she is at the gallery where she shows some of her work.

Always great challenges at Just for Fun and terrific work by the Dts and the people who enter their work.

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Die Cuts and Punches

Great challenge here at Craft-Room Challenge . I don't seem to have many punches these days--I did lend some out so maybe they didn't come back home :(

Christmas Animals

What a great choice of subject for this challenge at Oldie but Goodie Thought I would make a special Christmastime birthday card for a friend whose birthday is a few days before Christmas.

Tagtastic at Try it on Tuesday

Always lovely to make tags and be able to use any technique you like. Here at TIOT you can do just that. Some beautiful examples by the team

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Tradional Christmas Colours and Sketch

Combined these challenges at Sketch Saturday and One Stop Craft Shop Challenge

I have tried lots of colour combinations on my Christmas cards this year but the traditional colours always look right somehow.

I love making the ribbon flowers and now have lots to use on cards in the future.

Friday, 9 December 2011

It's Spring Time at JFF

I can't believe that what I had in mind earlier this week fitted in with the challenge at Just for Fun this week. I am having a buffet lunch for a few people later in the month but wanted it to be none Christmas if you know what I mean. I found some lovely serviettes that said Springtime Flowers though they aren't like any real flowers I have seen

I would have also liked to buy a cake stand but they are now called muffin stands and seem to be very expensive. No worries I have made one and will be making a couple more so that I can fit more food on our small table.

I have used two plastic plates and a plastic wine glass for this. The first thing I did was scan a serviette and print it out on paper. Cut out the flowers and make a small tube that will fit in the glass and stick lots of flowers to the tube. I also used some small bits of green ribbon to look like leaves. Then the arrangement was placed in the glass and the plate stuck on top with strong double sided tape. The bottom of glass is stuck to the other plate with padded tape as the glass was a bit bevelled underneath. It took almost all of yesterday to make it but I am pleased that I will be able to take them apart again when we have had the buffet and I can make others if we ever need them.

It was difficult to photograph it to look it's best unfortunately. Maybe I will take a picture when the buffet is all set out and add it to here then.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Sketch and let it snow challenges

Oh Dear I am all out of ideas and energy to make more Christmas cards :(-well that's what I thought until yesterday when I realised it was Sketch Saturday day :) I seem to have very little left to use in my Christmas Crafty Box but there were a few stamped and coloured images so all was not lost.

Also there was Let it Snow at the One Stop Craft Shop Challenge so that inspired me as well.

Still need more Christmas cards so off I go to see if there is anything else to inspire me.

These aren't as fancy as a lot of the cards I have made this year but I will make up for it by writing a lot inside to make them like notelets instead of the usual impersonal inner.

Friday, 2 December 2011

Sketch Challenge

Nice sketch at Moving Along with the Times I am still making Christmas cards so use the challenges to do those

Winter at JFF

A reminder that winter is here at JFF as we are challenge to make something that reminds us of this time of year.

For me it always means spectacular skies at sunrise and sunset and as I have lived in the west of the uk and now in the east of the uk I have seen many of both.

Vic has taken lots of photographs of sunsets and this is one of them taken in Cumbria where the sunsets are wonderful. I used it to decorate the front of a notebook together with a few stamps--the bird one didn't like the photopaper at all but it did make for an interesting effect-hopefully :( lol