Saturday, 7 January 2012

60's and 70's at JFF

Pop over to Just for Fun and see the great samples and entries for the challenge-brilliant.

What great times we had then though I got married in 1962 and had my first child in 1964. You should have seen the wallpaper we had-I am fightened just thinking about some we had on all of the walls in a small bathroom -relaxing it wasn't lol!

Well I used to make tie and die headsquares that you wore as a head band. I found it difficult to remember how the heck to perfect tie and dye these days so these are poor replicas of my amazing works of art in the old days:) Could be my memory isn't as good as it was lol and they weren't as perfect as I am thinking they were.:(

A must with a headband was the target earrings and a CND medallion on leather.


  1. They look interesting Chrissie :) like the pink, what did you use for the colour ? I don't think I ever wore the CND symbol but I still have the large copper cross I used to wear lol
    Thank you for sharing with us at Just for Fun
    Von xxx

  2. Tie dying! gosh there is a memory cheap white tee shirts and a bucket of cold dye in the back garden! Great 60's project here, now what are you going to do with your lovely new head scarf? Thank you for sharing with us at Just for Fun XOXO Zoe

  3. Tie dying!!, what great memories..... I think I tie dyed anythign that stood still, lol.... I was born in 1960, but can remember my aunt showing me when I was bout 8 or 9, I came home and grabbed whatever I could, and filled the bath, my mother nearly killed me, hee hee it didnt stop me though lol...

  4. Hi Chrissie. This is a blast from the past. I can remember experimenting with tie dying. What fun! Fab projects.
    Regards Florence x

  5. Love your tie dyed fabric, what a great idea, haven't done this since I was at school. xx

  6. Hi Chrissie,I'd forgot all about tie dying,
    yours is fabulous
    Janet x

  7. Oh I had forgot about tie-dyeing - ((laughing)) cheesecloth thats the stuff! Oh what a wow project - that has really bought back some memories!

  8. I just love this great tie dying. Hugs Sandra XX


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