Friday, 20 January 2012

Art Noveau at JFF

I wasn't sure what the difference was between Art Deco and Art Noveau but thanks to the challenge at Just for fun  I have found out. Seems to me like Art Deco is more masculine and angular and Art Noveau feminine and flowery:)

I made this window ornament by printing an art deco stained glass image onto acetate and mounting it in a frame. impossible to take a picture of it hung in the window because the frame just looked black because of the sunny background. Here it is just standing on my little easel.

Oh it doesn't seem to be my day--I think it may be upside down lol


florenceandfreddie said...

Oh Wow! Chrissie. I bet it looks stunning with the light shinning through. Have a lovely weekend.
Regards Florence xx

Von said...

Clever idea that Chrissie they certianly made some beautiful stained glassed windows back then :)
Thank you for sharing it with us at Just for Fun
Von xxx

Meggymay said...

Its beautiful and it will look great in the window.
Yvonne x

Zoe Sanderson said...

Brilliant window hanging such a clever idea. Think you have cracked both styles and defined them so well. Lovely to have you share with us again at Just for Fun XOXO Zoe

Neet said...

I always think of Art Nouveau as being fluid, long lean curving lines and Art Deco as being much more angular which is what you have decided.
Love your window hanging which looks just like the glass windows reminiscent of that period. I have a friend whose house has lots of Art Nouveau original features like the door plates (you know those things to stop you getting finger marks on the wood) and the canopies over her fireplaces as well as the windows. I just love her house and wish I lived somewhere like that - I would fill it with all those lovely things from Past Times (oops, advertising a shop).
Now I have gabbled on I will say, thanks for sharing your delightful artwork with us on JFF. Hugs, Neet xx

Janet said...

Hi Chrissie,
Love your window hanging,it was you that helped me to understand the meaning of Art Nouveau & with google that I knew what to do this week.Thanks.
Janet x

strangelycreative said...

What a brilliant idea and really well done - its a great piece!

Suze Bain said...

Very clever Chrissie, gorgeous image and the frame's lovely too. xx

Sandra's Spot said...

Chrissie this a fantastic idea and a very beautiful window hanging. Hugs Sandra XX

vinny said...

Bet this looks stunning when the light shines through x Lavinia