Friday, 27 January 2012

Medieval at Just for Fun

So Many wonderful things to think about at Just for Fun challenges. I loved the medieval The Games of Kings with all that it had to offer and I don't usual like raunchy things in films or books but this story needed it I feel. Heck I am rambling and in another world now.

The small picture at the bottom is of medieval tiles in a church somewhere in the UK. The one above is my version of the floor tiles. I cut out 36 squares and stamped some of them and distressed others. Von introduced me to the stamping technique where you can use one stamp to create a different pattern. Thanks Von for this month's challenges and for teaching me loads of stuff :)

Now what to do with the panel of tiles that seemed to take forever to make.

I made some backing papers by scanning the piece I made then working a bit of magic in paint shop pro.

I have an idea for another thing I want to make for this challenge-isn't life exciting? Well it would be if I didn't have to go food shopping and then tackle the ironing :(


Zoe Sanderson said...

How can you put the ironing before crafting!!! Priorities please.

Fabulous piece of work would look brilliant as a tiled floor Henry II and his line would be proud of it.

We love that you are enjoying Just for Fun as much as you are, thank you for sharing XOXO Zoe

Von said...

So pleased you have enjoyed this month Chrissie and you've used pattern building to perfection with your tiled design :)
Thank you for sharing with us at just for fun and look forward to seeing what else you do :)
Von xxx

Dolly Daydreams said...

Hi Chrissie fancy mentioning ironing and crafting in the same sentence . Fantastic tiles a real work of art and would love to have them in my kitchen. Great techniques and beautiful colours.


Janet said...

Hi Chrissie
Fabulous tiles,must have taken a long time to do,but so worth it with a great results.
Janet x

Sandra's Spot said...

Hi Chrissie
Amazing,this is a real work of art. Hugs Sandra XXX
PS Forget the ironing it will keep. LOL.XX

Suze Bain said...

Wow Chrissie, this is really fab, what a great technique. xx

Neet said...

Blooming heck the extension you did with your tile is fantastic. What gorgeous papers you now have.
That is a gorgeous tile you have produced, must have taken ages - but it is well worth the work it is beautiful. Thanks for joining us again Hugs Neet xx

strangelycreative said...

That tile has just blown me away - there is a lot of skill and thought in that, and its been put together beautifully. WOW!!! It is totally wonderful........can I pop my ironing round as well.....see you in a bit!

Lou said...

Hello Chrissie, found your blog, just been having a nosey through, and had to stop and say WOW, that tile is beautiful and love your other creations too, hugs Lou x

florenceandfreddie said...

Chrissie! You seriously do have the most wonderful ideas. Fantastic tile. Love the rich colours and the patterns you have created. Wow! As for the paper - You are always an inspiration!
Regards Florence xx
P.S. I only iron clothes that can be seen! lol!

curlsandq said...

Q - I have to do this! Marvelous! and the colors......

curlsandq said...

Sigh, that link says the blog has been removed. How did you do this?