Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Two bags for £1

I saw these bags when we went to Poundland a couple of weeks ago and thought I could make something else with them-as you would :)

Here is what I made

5 cards and 5 toppers--wasn't keen on one of the toppers so that is in the bin. There was also a large flower left so I made some more things with that and the toppers

Still have the bits in the front of the picture left and I am sure they can be used for something-tags or more cut out or die shapes?

All these for £1 and few pieces of white card--can't be bad can it?


florenceandfreddie said...

What a great bargain. Fab idea and lovely projects. You are clever!
Regards Florence x

Crafty Max said...

Well done Chrissie ,can't believe you made so much out of the 2 bags ......... My gob has never been so smacked !!! hugs Max x

Christine M said...

Well done Chrissie. I'll never look at a gift bag the same way anymore.

scn said...

way to go Chrissie Leave it to you You are so clever

Von said...

Well you sure got your monies worth out of those to bags Chrissie :) supper makes

Anonymous said...

well done chrissie those cards are really pretty and the tags too xx

Anonymous said...

oh...the above comment was from jackie xx