Saturday, 18 August 2012

Felt Brooches

Last Saturday I got a phone call from my daughter asking if I could help her to help the Cat Protection League to get things together for a stall to raise funds. Well I said yes and then had a think what I might be able to make. I have noticed at craft fairs recently there have been a lot of felt brooches so I have gone down that route. Daughter Linda ordered everything I had on my list, online and then had them sent straight to me as we live a long way from each other. Stuff was arriving by every post which was nice but a bit awe inspiring because of the quantities. I made a few sketches and patterns and got inspiration from looking at things on the Internet though I am sure none of mine measure up to some of the very beautiful felt brooches I saw made by very talented ladies.

My hubby decided it might be nice to take a pic of what I have made so far-well when he saw what I had made all in a week he decided it would be a lot of pics. I can't believe I have made 39 already and I still have loads of ideas for more. I designed a label for the brooches and one for the top of the bag and some are in bags but waiting for more of those to arrived--I bet Linda ordered 500 lol.

All the work is hand sewn, even the many sequins, cause I like to do it while I watch television and no chance of fitting the sewing machine in the little conservatory where I watch the telly in summer.Don't think my eyes are good enough to sew small things like these on a machine to be honest-lots of tight turns and nooks and crannies.

This post if for the people who wanted to see what I was making this last week


  1. They are all so cute Chrissie :) hope your daughter makes lots of money from the slae of them :)
    Von ♥

  2. All are gorgeous, hope the sale goes well.
    Yvonne x

  3. Love your brooches Chrissie,hope the sale goes well
    Janet x

  4. Hi Chrissie, I was hoping you would show these. What a lot of work you have put in to these. They are amazing. Especially love the lady bugs and the owls. Hope the sale goes well and you make lots of money for the charity.
    Sending hugs,
    Florence xxx

  5. OMGosh, these are gorgeous

    Sam xxx

  6. OMG! Chrissie how wonderful ab-sew- loot-lee- fan-tas-tick! and amazing as well ( in fact you never cease to amaze-me ) xoxox Max xoxoxox

  7. Wow Chrissie, what a talented crafter you are thse are amazing and so much fun. They must have taken forever to do so much detai1. I hope you sold them all and am sure you did they are so cute.


  8. Quite brilliant! These are amazing.

  9. Quite brilliant! These are amazing.


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