Thursday, 1 November 2012

Nature at Out of a Hat

Back to the real world everyone with Christmas packed away for now.

I am sure we all enjoyed the October Christmas at Out of a Hat-thank you to Florence for organising it all for us.

Back to Vic pulling the challenges out of a hat and hopefully everyone will enjoy them.

This week the subject is nature which is a vast subject so I am sure the entries will be very varied.

Here is my entry which I call a scanogram. I am not sure if I invented this type of artwork in the deep and distance past but I haven't done any for years. Some of my earlier efforts with a tutorial are here it was written in 2005 and I am pleased to see that I have progressed since those days

You can use anything you like to create your work of art it doesn't have to be flowers and leaves. Just collect a load of whatever you like and lay them on your scanner but remember that the first ones on the scanner will be the ones at the forefront of your design. I think I may well have explained all this better in 2005. When you have laid out your design chose a background to cover it all. I used a piece of red material .
The scanogram you create will be unique and can be printed out to make anything you like.

I made this simple card with a matching gift card from mine

Just been outside and taken a picture of the flowers that are still around in our back garden-there are a lot more in tubs in the front as well. Always things around to do a scanogram--you could use cones, berries and Christmas type things.
Do visit Janet and Sandra's blogs to see what they have made this week


  1. Well, I never, how clever are you. I would never have thought of doing this. It's fabulous. xx

  2. These are stunning, what a clever idea!

  3. Wow - great idea, Chrissie. It looks fantastic.

  4. Truly amazing Chrissie, until I read your post I thought you had done a flower arrangement. It looks really good. Hugs Sandra X

  5. Fabulous and such a wonderful idea.

  6. I thought this was a flower arrangement Chrissie until I read your post - it's fabulous and what a great idea.
    xxx Hazel.

  7. How gorgeous! What a fabulous technique - something I had never heard of before but will certainly give it a go. Thank you for the idea xx

  8. This is really fantastic, Chrissie. I'm always amazed by the things people come up with and this is no exception. Great idea and the projects you used your scanned image on are terrific! Hugs, Tracy:)

  9. Lovely cards, Chrissie...such a fantastic idea. You crafty, crafty girl!

    Blessings for more bright ideas,
    Marianne xo

  10. Oh yes I remember when we did those shame my scana has given up he ghost :(
    Von ♥

  11. Hi Chrissie,
    You are clever,I would never have thought to scan Nature,
    Brilliant !!!
    Janet x

  12. Brilliant idea Chrissie. The results are stunning.
    Regards Florence x

  13. Hi Chrissie. Fantastic idea, very effectful. Love it. XXX


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