Monday, 21 January 2013

Stone Inchie

Good Afternoon--hope your day is going well.

I am loving the Inchie Challenges at Every Inchie Monday and this week the word is STONE.

I couldn't think what I could use for this so I had a look in Vic's 'MAN' drawer as he keeps all sorts of stuff in there.

Brilliant! I found a plastic back with different polished stones.

He said he bought them over 30 years ago in a rock shop in Arizona and I could have them :)

They are all quite small and the one I chose I thought looked heart-shaped.

First I drew a zentagle with the heart shaped middle then stuck on the coloured stone and the hardest bit was writing 'Heart of Stone' small enough to fit on the Inchie.

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Lovely interpretation - and what a lovely hoard of stones you got too!

  2. How cool is this - Brilliant xx

  3. Again I have to say it, I can't believe how much detail you get on a inchie - fabulous

    Sam xxx

  4. love this one, very pretty stones!!!

  5. Wow, that looks amazing! And how cool to find a heart shaped stone!

  6. Brilliant inchie Chrissie - great minds think alike.

  7. How hard to choose only one from so many beautiful stones! Love your inchie.

  8. Love it! The details around the stone are so COOL! great job!

  9. What a great hoard of stones and your choice did indeed look like a heart. Well done!


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