Thursday, 21 March 2013

Yummy Cake

Hello Everyone-hope you are well and happy.

Today is supposed to be the start of Spring but we have a covering of snow and it is freezing cold with ice on our path in the back garden. I am off to the hairdressers this morning to get this dark colour out of my hair and get it cut shorter. Heaven knows why I try new colours and styles cause I always go back to the old ones-guess it's a woman thing???

Now to the title of the post. 

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I keep out of the kitchen as much as possible as my hubby, Vic, loves to cook. I usually do all the veggie chopping and make fruity puddings--cold ones--but he does everything else.

Imagine his surprise when I announced yesterday morning that I was going to make a cake! Well Valerie is to blame as she had posted a wonderful picture of a cake she had made from a recipe by Neesie. It looked delicious and the recipe sounded fool proof--it needed to be if I was going to try it.

I needed flour--we didn't have all that much, Vic said- I needed mixed fruit--we only had a few sultanas, Vic said-I needed sugar--we only had brown sugar, Vic said. At that point I thought I should just give in and watch the budget speech which he was watching at the time. Does anyone ever understand what the Chancellor is saying?  Well apart from the bit where he said 1p off a pint of beer and how daft is that?

Back to the cake.

I made it -yipee

Just enough flour when I found out where 'we' keep it-I used brown sugar we have lots of that of different kinds apparently. I used the few sultanas that we had and mixed in chopped apricots and prunes--very inventive I thought. Also I added some mixed spice to make it smell Christmassy. It was in the oven in no time at all and I sat and watched the Chancellor who finished his speech just as the pinger went off in the kitchen.

We managed to wait until afternoon tea to try it. It was delicious and hadn't suffered at all by the changes to the recipe. Vic had his piece with a chunk of cheese with apricots in it--he had been saving this little round cheese for a special occasion and me baking anything was certainly that!:)

Thank you to Valerie and to Neesie and thank you for reading the post if you stayed to the end.

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Woohoo for you, it is delicious, huh? I put cinamon and mixed dried fruits in mine, and was very happy with the results! I wonder if yours will also be a vanishing cake? Enjoy your new hairdo, I have basically the same cut and style as I had at 4!! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Yummy! It looks and sounds gorgeous! The weather is strange, I was listening to the radio and apparently this time last year was the heatwave! Its as odd as the budget! xx

  3. Hello Chrissie,
    Wow the cake looks delish and I'm so proud of it for turning out so well...plus full credit to you too of course.
    I feel like a proud parent watching my offspring take flight!
    It's great to see everyone making little tweeks to the recipe to suit either their pantry or their taste. It is such a star turning out so well for everyone.
    I'm thrilled! :D
    By the way there's a few other cake recipes in my blog if you feel the urge to bake again. (Hehe)
    Enjoy and thanks for giving me the shout out! ;D

  4. Looks yum Chrissie. Valerie's post inspired me too - I made a banana bread Tuesday night - it's gone already! Think I'll do a lemon drizzle today! Xx

  5. Looks lovely and yummy, there's nothing like a piece of homemade cake.

  6. Looks so tasty I am so glad Vic let you in the kitchen . As to the budget my Beef( or horse !) in beer will at least be cheaper hugs Max x


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