Thursday, 30 May 2013

Out of a Hat Challenge 62

Hello Friends and Followers and a warm welcome to Jumbled Crafts.

Another week has flown by and it is time for a new challenge at Out of a Hat Creations-hope you will join in as the theme is certainly wide open to interpretation.

So you have to make a project with the theme 'Jewel in the Crown'

Here is 'Wobbly Whilma' with her crown that she wore when she was chosen to be May Queen. Not very often she has her hair fastened up but the crown did look better with it this way. I call her that name because her head is always falling off the stick- nothing seems to hold polystyrene to stuff.

The crown started out as simple, cardboard cut-out crown. I embossed it with a folder then embossed it with gold powder. Added some gold ribbon to it them added many other things to make it regal.

Back view with the crown of the crown filled with ribbon flowers.

Side view--oh no her head is wobbly on the stick again.

Hope you will pop to see what Von, Sandra and Janet have made for the challenge this week

Love Chrissie xx

Use your scraps

Hello Friends and Followers-hope you slept well and are ready to face the day with a smile

This time at Craft Room Challenge we are asked to make something from our scraps. This came at a bad time for me as I have just given most of them to one of the children who live nearby as she wanted to take them to school where they are used for art and craft lessons.

I had a few things in a box that really should have been thrown away but this was a good time to test myself.

These are mostly techniques I have tried that didn't go as well as I had hoped :(

This what I made

Making this postcard used up most of the things and the rest I have binned so I can start a new bits and bobs collection from today thanks to The Craft-Room :)

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge

Hello Everyone-hope your day is going well. We are back to the cold, wind and rain again so summer is on hold once more. I feel back to my old self again today and the cough and cold have almost gone. 

It is strange how mood affects what I make. Yesterday I felt almost in a fever and when I chose my word for the Alpha challenge the word Flame jumped out at me from the dictionary page.

This time at The Craft Barn the letter is F but with restrictions so read them carefully before you start your page.

You will need sunglasses to look at this but I do think it was made while I was feverish and I enjoyed piling on the paint and doing the brash swirls. I held the page down with my wonderful peg that Sandra swapped with me--thank you Sandra I love it.

 Making the page made me think of Vivaldi when he wrote the summer part of the Four Seasons. To him summer meant suffering and illness as he was asthmatic so the gentle sunny days and flowers that most of us think of were out of the question for him. Nigel Kennedy plays this piece so well on the violin and that may have been because he is also asthmatic and summer isn't a good time for him either.

Hope you enjoy summer if it ever arrives.

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Every Inchie Monday-Melody

Hello Everyone from a wet NE UK coast.

The good news is that my cough and cold seem to be going away quickly. Thank goodness bugs don't like me for very long. I have slept loads and when I wasn't asleep I was watching the tennis from Paris all wrapped up under a quilt so it wasn't too bad for a few days but wouldn't want to have to do it often.

At Every Inchie Monday this week the theme is melody

I'm sure if you know music you will be able to see that I can't play a note at all--I am sure this isn't a melody but the best I could do.

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Vintage at Artful Times

I am having a strange sort of day as I have a cough and a sore throat and seem to be getting in a muddle with most things I have attempted so far. Thought I would just make a simple card for the vintage challenge at Artful Times

I lightly embossed a piece of plain pink card and added some lace and a doillie. The girl picture I found on a free site and I made a frame for it in Paint Shop Pro.

The butterflies are from a page at Nicecrane Designs 

Hope you are having a great day

Love Chrissie x

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Back Home Again and my Inchie for this week

Hello Everyone! Here I am back home again after a wonderful holiday in Berwick on Tweed. We had never been there before so it was such a joy to explore new places and see the wonders of that area.The highlight was a cruise around the Farne Islands to see all the birds and seals--just magical.

At Every Inchie Monday this week the theme is Flowers so here is mine

I know it's Saturday and this is a quick make but the 'TAKING PART' is what matters--isn't it ?

Sorry I won't have time to catch-up with everything you have all been doing while we were away but I will be looking at everything again after today :)

Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Out of a Hat Challenge 61

Hello Everyone who pops in to Jumbled Crafts . This is a scheduled post as I am not really around this week. Fingers crossed that it all goes well as I won't be able to fix it until Sunday if it doesn't. That's just me talking to myself as if it doesn't go right you won't see this post anyway :(

This week at Out of a Hat the challenge is to use a photograph somewhere on the project you make.

This is what I made. A journal with empty pages so far. Just corrugated carboard , a couple of jigsaw pieces and some dyed lace to cover the Bind-it-all stuff.

I started out with this photograph that Vic took in our garden

Then I played about with it in Paint Shop Pro and ended up with this design. Oh dear it's up side down.

Then it turned into a postcard before becoming part of the journal front.

Do pop to see what Von, Janet and Sandra have made and hope you will say hello if you have time

Hope your week is going well

Chrissie x

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Challenge 60 Out of a Hat

Hello and a warm welcome to anyone who visits Jumbled Crafts. Always great to know that friends and followers are still around. Any comments are very much appreciated and always encouraging as well.

Time for another challenge at Out of a Hat where the theme for this week is EYES. 

I'm afraid there are a lot of pictures in my post for this subject as I made up a game. Apologies if you fall asleep half way through.

Here is the finished game in its box

I started out with a set of eyes then played around with them a bit in Paint Shop Por
Played around some more and came up with this--that was going to be it for my project this week until I saw the box

This was the box before I strengthened the insides

The outside bottom of the box has the rules of the game on it

The inside of the top has the playing board

The bottom inside has all the pieces you need to play the game. I fastened the packets onto the box with velcro 'buttons'

The game can be played by 2 or three people. This is a game that Vic and me played to make sure it worked OK. The pic isn't very good as we played the game in bed very early one morning and he took the picture with his phone.

I hope you will go and see what Von, Janet and Sandra have made for this challenge--all terrific makes

Thanks for dropping by

Chrissie x

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Alpha Page K

Hello Everyone from a busy Chrissie. We were supposed to be going off to Berwick-on-Tweed on Friday and I thought the time was dragging as I have everything ready to go. Vic just said let's go and stay at Whitby for a couple of day as it is on the way. Now I am going to be very busy for a few hours getting everything together for the early train tomorrow.

Just thought I would post my K page for the The Craft Barn Challenge as I finished it earlier today.

I used two playing cards for my King images and tried out a new stencil that I bought in our craft shop sale.

See everyone when we get back

Love Chrissie xx

Inchie and Artful

Hello Everyone. It's a bit chilly here today so Spring is on hold for now but I expect it will be back soon and even better than before.

Today I have put two challenges in the one post as I know a lot of my friends and followers are busy people and haven't time to be visiting lots of posts.

The first one is my weekly offering for Every Inchie Monday where the theme for this week is TRACK.

Tracks mean trains to me so that is what I drew -I did use part of a photo as a guide to what should go where on the inchie.

Next Challenge is the one at Artful Times where Von and Neet have the theme 'Blooming Marvelous'. First thing was to get out my Cuttlebug and cut lots of flower shapes from Tim's Tattered Florals. I just used the 2 smaller flowers this time. I made up a load of flowers as they are useful but take a while to dry when you shape them

I was lucky that day to see something I really loved when I visited Buttons blog and she had posted a link to a video by Drew. I usually just do my own thing but this looked worth a go and it was lol

I got 8 of these for £1

This is the notebook after the 'Drew' effect. All very messy but a lot of fun to try- won't go into how it was made cause it is in the video. Basically just stick all sorts on and then cover it with whatever. The idea I really loved was covering the wire bit with leather. The hinge is one from a sheet that I won at Artful Musing-thank you to Laura

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 13 May 2013

New Twinchie Blog

Happy Monday all. Hope you enjoyed the weekend and, if you had Mother's Day that it all went well for you.

I was so pleased to see that a new Twinchie Challenge Blog as the one I did join in closed. It is Free for All this time so do join in.

I made 2 because I want to show off some of my Nicecrane carriages. I was lucky to have the chance to chose any page I liked from the site for free-I was spoilt for choice really but loved the page of carriages.

I made the backgrounds in Paint Shop Pro the printed out the carriages and decoupaged them onto my Twinchies.

Good Luck with the new Twinchie Blog Team.

Love Chrissie xx

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A wonderful Surprise

Yesterday when we came home from our walk my neighbour said he had taken in a parcel for me that wouldn't go through the postbox. I had no idea what it could be but when I saw it I realised it was from a very special crafter and the box was decorated and there were lots of wonderful stamps on it as well, I will be using those for craft projects :) The package was from Valerie in Germany and I was one of the lucky people that she drew out to win something-thank you so much Valerie.

The wonders inside the box

Some wonderful makes by Valerie and other treasures as well. There was also a cotton bag with a lighthouse on it but already that is in use with things in it for our holiday so I forgot to add it to photographs. We don't go until next Friday but as everything we take has to fit into 2 rucksacks and a small bag each, I get organised early lol.

Thank you for your friendship and kindness Valerie and for all the inspiration  from your wonderful blog posts. Also all the encouragement you have given me here on my blog and at the Hatters.

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Blue, Purple and White

Happy Weekend Everyone. We have beautiful blue sky and sunshine at the moment so we are off out for a nice long walk along the seafront and the cliff top. Hope you enjoy whatever you have planned for today

At Tando Creative Challenge Blog this time the theme is Blur Purple and White

For a long time now I have been meaning to make a little book to contain inspiring words for when I haven't an idea what to do for a project. I am lucky cause I see a word and all sorts spring to mind, more so than if I look at a picture. It will be just random words--already done the first page--Seasons-Frogs-Be Happy and Love. Might be interesting to make something that includes all 4 lol.

'Keep Smiling' it makes other people smile if you do :)

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 10 May 2013

Altered Playing Card

Hello Everyone. I got up bright and early and ready to start the day with a smile. The smile isn't there any more after spending almost half an hour on the phone to an Indian gentleman who kept going around in circles. All I wanted to do was add an ap to my i-pod to be able to see my bank balance--my husband, Vic, has had one for ages on his and it took him about a minute to add it without any hassle at all.

 After saying all the same things to him 10 times,(your first pet's name etc.), he decided the problem was my mobile phone number which they needed. I gave it to him  a few times times then he asked if it was a Smart Phone! Well it is 'smart' to me cause it works lol---- it isn't smart enough for the ap to be added to my i-pod though. I then thought I would be cunning and give my husband's mobile number--wrong move for sure--it was detected instantly and I can't have the ap unless I buy a Smart Phone. Technology gone mad I reckon.

Rant over and my smile is back--thank you for listening :)

So now to my real post for today

At Sandee and Amelia's Steampunk challenge this month the theme is to alter a playing card.

I painted the playing card with white emulsion all expect for one corner as the rule is that you leave the name of the card on show. I used various techniques to make a background then added a gold embossed crown and some metal effect card that I had made. The others things were in my Steampunk bits box apart from the jewels that no king should be without.

Thanks for popping in today

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Challenge 59 Out of a Hat

Hello Everyone and welcome to Jumbled Crafts for the weekly project posting for the Out of a Hat Challenge.

 This week the challenge is to make a Postcard from France. I see lots of wonderful postcards made by other crafters but I must admit I find them difficult to make and this week I had to resort to some digital work in Paint Shop Pro to help me along the way. I do enjoy dabbling in PSP anyway so it definitely wasn't a chore :)

The background is 2 fused images of different french lifestyles-Paris and a small village. I stamped in the Fleur de Lis and stuck on images I found online. That's about really.

'Nothing is real but dreams and love', from Le Coeur innombrable, IV, Chanson du temps opportun by Anna de Noailles. -this is the quote translated.

Hope to some of you will join in and show what you can make.

Do visit Von, Janet and Sandra and see their makes as well.

Love Chrissie xx

Busy Bees

A very good day to everyone. We have a  blue sky and sunshine again so I am looking forward to doing a bit of gardening later. Hope you have nice things planned for today

At Moo Mania this time the theme is Insects. I have a lovely big bumble bee stamp by 'cart-us' but it was too big to fit onto a moo so I used a smaller one from 'Joanna Sheen's Back to Nature' set.

I stamped the image 3 times onto the moo and then did an extra one to try to make the bee in the middle look buzzy by decoupaging it at an angle. The moo is stuck onto an ATC background that I made a while ago--can't remember how I made it but I think it involved tissue paper and some wood filler :(

Have a lovely day

Chrissie x

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Is this too CAS ?

Here I am with a second project for today--soon got back into crafting instead of the ironing :)

At Addicted to Stamps and More this week it is their Clean and Simple week and I usually try to hide this week as I am never quite sure how much or how little counts as CAS style.

The card is White Hammered and I drew on some black lines in pen Added the Marianne die cut flowers and stamped the sentiment or is it a quote? Then it looked too bare so I stamped the butterfly. The top looks bare doesn't it? My inner artist said stop right there but the real me said add lace and trimmings lol

Hope you day is going well

Love Chrissie xx

Every Inchie Monday

Hello Everyone I am back in Blog Land after taking a rest from Friday as my daughter and son-in-law have been staying with us. She is a patchwork addict and I have been helping her to design a new double quilt for her to make all by hand when she isn't at home or near to her sewing machine. Job done but she left me with lots of material to cut out some of the shapes so I won't get bored lol. We did have a wonderful time and did lots of things while they were here.

At every Inchie Monday this week the them is Turtle so as my daughter has a turtle tattoo on her shoulder I thought I would look on a tattoo site for an image to copy and here it is on my inchie.

Not sure I got the colours right but I did enjoying doing it

Have a good day all and thanks for dropping by.

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 3 May 2013

Wish You Were Here

You really would love being here today as we have lots of sunshine even though it is still a bit chilly. My daughter and son-in-law arrive this afternoon until Tuesday so I may not be around very much until they go back home.

The challenge at the Craft Room this time is to make a 'Wish You Were Here' postcard. Postcards are never my forte for sure but I quite like this one. This is mainly because I got to search through lots of folder of photographs we had taken in model villages all over the place. I love model villages-maybe it because I am only 5 feet high and they make me feel taller lol.

I stencilled the background with a mixture of Distressed Stains. Then I added the photograph which was taken in Great Yarmouth model village. Then, a few bits and bobs to it and a post card back. It was great to be able to go outside to take the photograph and to show off my grand collection of forget-me-nots.

Have a good day all

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 2 May 2013

Challenge 58 Out of a Hat

Hello to all who pop into Jumbled Crafts and a big thank you to all who leave comments.

 This week at Out of a Hat the theme is Picture Frame so you can do whatever you like that follows this theme.
This is what I made for the challenge.

 I made it to give to my daughter as she has never seen these photographs before.

 This is the frame before I covered it in cotton material and added some simple flowers and buttons. It was very tatty and made with a sort of faux leather. I paid 20p for it at our nearby carboot sale. It did have the glass and backing as well but I took them out to give them a good old clean. The top photograph is my grandmother, grandfather and Sarah, Sarah was my great grandmother but we all called her Sarah.

The second photograph is my mum and dad's wedding which was during the war years but looks very special in spite of the austerity at the time--my grandmother's could make anything from nothing.

Here are the photographs before I added them to the frame. I had to scan them and work on them as the bottom one was very poor quality.

I hope you will pop to see what Janet, Von and Sandra and have made for the challenge and join in with us if you have time. 

Congratulations to Gill who won the Tando prize at Out of a Hat.

Love Chrissie xx

I'm also linking this to Our Creative Corner where the theme is Anything goes.

The Craft Barn Alpha Challenge

Hello Everyone

A beautiful sunny day here though still very cold when I got up at 6 am. We have a busy day planned so thought I would start my crafting early today.

This time the letter is A at the The Craft Barn and no twists at all.

I chose the word Author and meant this to be a tribute to my favourite author, playwright, poet. All was going well as I painted the pages with H20 paints and added various shades of Distressed Stain for the background. I had a wonderful image of Shakespeare already to print onto a page so what could go wrong? I had printed the image upside down--sob sob. I thought that I could remedy this by adding the image to the other page and blow me I did the same thing again. So the page is upside down and I worked on it that way,

Apologies to Shakespeare as the page became personalised with my daft joke revue. I think he might have liked it as so many of his works have made me laugh out loud--mostly at times when I shouldn't have done:(

Thanks for dropping by

Love Chrissie xx