Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Black and Orange

I think I invented using my scanner to do art when I made some way back in 2005-this happened by accident really as I was scanning a few things at the same time and it occured to me that I could arrange them artistically on top of each other.

So for this one I went into the garden and collected a few orange things and then painted some silk leaves orange as well-then I arranged them on the scanner--you need to put the one you want on top of your picture, onto the scanner first. Cover with any coloured paper or material you like as a background. I used black card.

do a preview to be sure you have done it as you want--this is my preview, the colours look better on the real scan.

The best bit is you can make the image any size you like so I made a tag as well and by printing out the image twice I could cut out some of the flowers.

I am so thrilled to have my old scanner back in action :)

 Old Tutorial for scanogram



You will need a scanner

Some flowers and leaves of your choice. All mine were picked fresh from our garden.

A piece of material or paper that will cover the scanner and flowers when they are in place.


Lay your flowers on the scanner face down-the ones that go on first will be the ones that are predominant on your scanogram.

Keep building up layers of flowers and leaves to make a picture. You need to use your imagination a bit to do this so it is best to start off with just a few flowers and leaves until you get the hang of it.
When you are happy,carefully arrange the material or paper over the arrangement so that you don't disturb it. Then scan this into your computer.
That's it basically. By using different backgrounds you will see different effects even with the same arrangement.
These can be used to make gift cards that are truly your own. Or use them as artwork when you need a copyright free picture.

I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial-written by Chrissie 2005


  1. WOW ! This is gorgeous Chrissie ! The image looks 3D... Don't know how you made it but it looks stunning ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  2. Lovely journal cover, great colours. Funny we both made journal covers this week, I don't know if you saw mine. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Very striking chrissie:)
    Von ♥

  4. The image does look 3D! Beautiful with black & orange :) Have a great day, Shirleyx

  5. how clever x

    Still playing catch up and yet never getting caught up ....so this is just to say hello , have been looking at your lovely pieces and hope to get back to my normal comment levels soon, I know , I know I keep saying it :( but I do have the very best intentions! hugs Trace x

  6. Wow, a stunning cover. It looks so 3 dimensional. The colours are beautiful.

  7. Blimey! That is fantastic. Wow! So striking! Your old scanner must be good to give results like that as I am sure mine would not work if the lid was slightly open. Love your work.
    Hugs, Neet xx
    ps if using a metal can put masking tape around the edges and wear gloves to avoid cutting yourself. I can send you some proper metal if you want.

  8. Hi Chrissie. Love your scanning art technique. Great projects. very creative! love Monika xxx

  9. Wow - that's so clever, and SO beautiful! I'm just blown away. Glorious vivid colours against the black and how wonderful to have natural elements from the garden included. Lovely work, Chrissie - looking forward to more!
    Alison x

  10. This is amazing! I've never tried a scanogram, but your beautiful orange nature collage is gorgeous! Such a wonderful way to use technology in your art! Thanks so much for joining us at Anything But a Card!


Thank you for all of your comments. Reading them brings precious moments. Isn't it great to be able to be in touch with so many nice people in this way.