Monday, 23 December 2013

Page and card

Second post for me today. The weather is so bad here I thought I would just craft all morning. We did make a big pan of squash soup which involved me chopping and Vic mixing and cooking everything to make something delicious so I did something useful :) I shouldn't grumble about the weather really as my daughter lives in Cumbria and her husband and his son had to stay in a hotel in Carlisle on Saturday because the roads to their home were impassable and there had been a landslide on the train track. She had to go and collect them the next morning as the track is still closed.

At Moo Mania the theme this time is Snowflakes. You don't have to make or use a Moo as now you can make anything you like so long as it has the theme of the month. Still time to join in so why not have a go.

I went for the CAS look for my make. With a Moo with snowflakes and the Freebie let it snow digital. I tried to lightly spray a little bit of blue at the bottom but it isn't too successful-sorry. 


A new challenge at Use your Stuff where they want us to Celebrate while using some of our stuff that maybe we had forgotten about.

I thought it was about time I celebrated loosing 4 stone of my 16 stone bulk. This came about because when my MIL came for the day last Thursday she asked me how I felt now I am so much thinner. My answer was that I still feel fat. If you have lost weight I am sure you know what I mean:( I am on a quest to convince myself that I am now thinner and I thought this page may help-well it is a start. I only have to think of all the boring hours I spent at the gym and in the pool to refuse an extra slice of cake--I am not doing all that again.

The top two pictures are my daughter and me now and in 2005. The ones below are the same years as above.

What I used of my stuff is--

The sketch book I bought a long time ago and forgot I had it. I think the word sketch may have put me off cause I am useless at drawing.

The backing paper is from this book that I bought years ago and goes missing quite often then turns up months later in odd places. I found it in among the Christmas bags I made last year and didn't use. I am pleased they turned up and I have used them this year :)

Hope you are all having a good day and not getting blown away or flooded.

Love Chrissie xx


  1. I love the crisp card design with its fresh color scheme. Isn't it funny how we loose things sometimes and then find them in the oddest places? Have a blessed Christmas and New Year!

  2. Hi Chrissie, Your CAS card is very elegant, great design! You have lost a lot of weight and you should be very proud of yourself! Merry Christmas, Shirleyx

  3. I do like your miminalist snowflake card, very clever and effective.
    Congratulations on losing all the weight, that is really difficult.

  4. Congratulations Chrissie ! You look terrific ! You should be very proud of yourself Sweetie !
    Your card is so beautiful and elegant ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  5. Yeah inside is definitely the best place to be at the minute, the weather is just awful.

    Great makes and huge congrats on your loss!!

    Love your snowflake moo and very discrete on your wonderful card.

    Sam xx

  6. A wonderful Snowflake card is this.. fabulous! Thank you for joining the MOO Mania Challenge with it!
    And your lost of weight is stunnning Chrissie.
    Yes we always feel fat-- they learned us this since the best weight for women is to be anorexic...

    stupid world!

    We have to feel good, and if we are feeling bad because of overweight - o.k. then we have to loose weight..
    not just when the scale tells us.

    I wish a very Merry Christmas to you- I am sorry about the terrible weather - that's really ugly to hear!



  7. Your looking good Chrissie . in fact you are amazing ,crafty and half the woman your were take a BOW! NO! not a bow a Bow !! the one that rhymes with WOW! Have a special Christmas and keep doing what you do so well " what's that?"
    Just being you =) hugs Max x x x

  8. Love your snowflake card, very pretty. And the journal page is very impressive. Well done on losing so much weight. Your soup sounds great, too! Hugs, Valerie

  9. It has rained and the wind has blown all day definitely a staying in day. Your snowflake card is lovely and I like the spraying also congratulations on your achievement.
    Merry Christmas

  10. Well I for one think you look terrific Chrissie. And what a beautiful card too. Jenny x

  11. Such a lovely card. Oh, I love your page, Chrissie...you are Beautiful! Such a cheerful countenance. I love your smile, and you look great! I like that you made this page for yourself.

    Time now to put my feet up and enjoy some chicken tetrazzini with my son. He helped me make it.

    Blessings my sweet friend,
    Marianne xo

  12. This is really a wonderful and very elegant card!
    I wish you a happy new year!


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