Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Tag and Collage

Hi All. Still gloomy weather here but we are in a better place than a lot of people in the UK and I send my love to all of those and hope things improve soon.

This week Collage Obsession has the theme bridge. I have stuck to making a digital collage again though I may decided to print all of them out and made a book at some point.

For this collage I took a few of our photographs that we took last year when we went on holiday to Berwick-on -Tweed. There are 3 bridges there quite near to each other and all are spectacular in their own way. The very high one for trains-a very old one that wasn't built for today's traffic at all but you can still pass over it on foot or bicycle I think-we walked. Then there is a new road bridge following the same route as the old one but it it very busy with all sorts of traffic all the time. We did go over that a few time by bus. The reflections in the rive are amazing from all of the bridges.

these are some of the photographs I have combined.

Just thought I would add the tag that I made for Tag Tuesday this week where the theme is decay.

For my tag I went round our soggy garden and found two leaves from last years perenial sweet peas. I brought them in and dried them then sprayed them with a firm hold hairspray to made them less fragile. I made a 'grave' background with dark colours and sprayed on water to add effect. Pleased to say that the leaves are still in tact and the tag is ready to hang on the wall with all of the others.

Have a lovely day and thanks for your visit.

Chrissie x


  1. Love your tag and collage. I still have the postcard you sent from Berwick-on-Tweed! Have a great day, hugs, Valerie

  2. WOW that tag really does fir the brief doesn't it? A brilliant idea to use leaves Chrissie! Those bridges are really worth taking a look at if I ever get that up to that area too xxx

  3. Awesome digital collage and the decay tag is brilliant.
    Yvonne x

  4. Love your digital collage of the bridges, they all look stunning mingled into each other

    And as for your tag, 2 soggy leaves is perfect decay in my book - lol

    Sam xxx

  5. The layered bridge images look amazing - ghostly, haunting and full of Gothic mystery. And the tag is just brilliant - such inspirational use of natural materials again... love, love, love it.
    Alison x

  6. Fab collage and what a great tag
    Rosie x

  7. Wow, what an amazing digi collage Chrissie, you are so clever , it looks incredible, so many layers blended together to amazing effect! Love the wonderful tag too, it has a real feeling of decay!

  8. Chrissie, nice collage! The photos are hauntingly beautiful. England does have some wonderful mist.

    Thank you for visiting today. My "Like" button does not seem to be working well today. I'm getting the emails to notify that someone posted, but they aren't showing up on the blog. I hope it corrects itself soon.

    Marianne xo

  9. I'm fascinated by your bridge collage the images work togather like a jigsaw like a journey into the structures. The pop of colour from the badges just floats there adding intrigue.

    Saw your tag over at Tag Tuesday did not realise it is yours. And what an interesting object it is!

    thanks for your comments over at mine, thought you might try double sided tape of Sellotape to make your own 'washi' tape but I think it. Ight be more that it is tearable rather than transparent. Looking forward to seeing what you do. XOXO Zoe

  10. You are so arty Chrissie ! Love your collage and your tag looks fantastic ! Only you can come up with such brilliant ideas ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  11. Hi Chrissies, I LOVE your photographs, they are amazing. The decay tag is fabulous, great with the theme. Cheers, Shirleyx

  12. Great looking tag, what an idea Chrissie! Hugs, Ira x
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  13. A fabulous collage and a brilliant tag - a great idea to use leaves from your garden.
    xxx Hazel.


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