Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Collage and photographs

Hello and thank you for your visit to Jumbled Crafts today. Hope you will enjoy what you find and particularly the couple photographs I am sharing with you today

First things first--

At Three Muses the theme is Take Fright

Most of my digital collages turn out scary anyway so it nice to be able to do one that was meant to be frightening. When I was younger I used to have awful nightmares quite often and the after effects lasted for hours and hours so I have tried to show this in my collage. I haven't had a nightmare for many a year so maybe I am following the quote which seems like good advice.

I would like to share a couple of things with you

This is our Christmas Cactus which we only just noticed had come into flower as it is kept in a dark corner in the summer because it doesn't like the sunlight. It is a cutting from a very old one that had got shabby looking but always had lots of flowers every year and this 'baby' looks as though it will be the same.

Now for the second picture

My daughter just sent me this photograph. She loves making special cakes for every occasion and she has made this cake to raffle for Children in Need. She looked at a picture of Pudsey and worked from that. 

Hope the photographs cheered you up after my gloomy collage

Have agreat day

Love Chrissie x


  1. I love your collage - never had nightmares-- just sometimes I have to work the whole night in my dreams..lol..and that is a nightmare fr me ...lol!
    Your christmas cactus is amazing .... looks beautiful in this blooming -
    Your daughter as it seems,comes after you, like this cactus comes after his mother ---
    wonderful cake ..unique and fab!

  2. A wonderful scary collage, I wouldn't like to meet the bloke on the bottom on a dark night or any other time come to that. A lovely cake, your daughter is very talented.
    xxx Hazel.

  3. Love that scary collage, really teeth chattering scary, lovely! The Christmas cactus is wonderful, what a lot of blossoms! And the cake your daughter made is magical, wow! She inherited her Mum's creativity and talent! Have a nice day, just got back from a misty walk here. Hugs, Valerie

  4. Brrrrr, your nightmares are frightening indeed! Beautiful collage! :) The baby cactus is wonderful and the yumy yumy cake is really lovely! :)

  5. Love your collage Chrissie, it is super creepy and well laid out! You daughter obviously inherited your creativity and talent! You must be just so proud! hugs :)

  6. They have a big meeting.... great creepy collage. Love your cactus, Chrissie.

  7. Great nightmare wickedness!
    The Christmas cactus evoked such memories for me. My mother had one that had been HER mother's for years, but I never saw it bloom. When Mom passed on, my brother's daughter (who has a green thumb) adopted it, and it has bloomed every year since, even tho it is probably 100 years old!
    The cake is mind-boggling! What a talented cake-maker!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!

  8. love the creepy image. what a wonderful post, altogether.

  9. Your collage gives me the shivers, Chrissie, just as well I'm looking at it in the morning!

  10. Your collage looks like a block buster film poster, Chrissie! Your Christmas cactus is so beautiful in full bloom and wow, your daughter is so talented, love the cake she made! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  11. I also had terrible dreams when I was younger and it was quite often about "eyes" staring at me, so I only peeped at your collage. :) You must have green thumbs Chrissie, that cactus is beautiful. You must be very proud of your talented daughter, the bear is wonderful.

  12. What a creepy collage in a really good way...well done.

  13. i'm lucky not to have nightmares, your collage is scary but awesome at the same time. love your cactus flowers and the cake made by your talented daughter.
    Yvonne x

  14. Wonderful cake. Your daughter is quite talented...just like her mom!

    Marianne xo

  15. Great nightmar-ish collage.

    Here in Brazil we call it "flor de maio" or May Flower as around here it flourishes in May. My mother loves it and have some babies too.

    What a cute cake!

  16. Such a fantastic collage Chrissie and a great sentiment too ! Your daughter's cake is awesome ! Talent runs in the family ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  17. Oh what a creepy collage with all these craniums and the face in left corner, your daughter's cake is really lovely.

  18. Wickedly good fun, my friend.

    Funnily enough I live in Pudsey .. tell your daughter her cake is stunning.

  19. Your frightful picture is enough to give me nightmares! Scary! cc

  20. I hope your nightmares have subsided and I appreciate where your fabulously frightening layout gets its inspiration! love your courage :)


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