Friday, 28 November 2014

Another Digital Collage and Christmas Card

Welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Hope you find something you like here and a thank you for your lovely comments and your Blogland friendship. Today we are going on the train to Scarborough as we need to buy things that we can't get in Bridlington. I'm not big on shopping but needs must I suppose.

At Collage Obsession this week the theme is Fascination

I thought of Sleeping Beauty and her fascination with the spinning wheel

 Some friends gave me lots of things that they thought I would be able to use for my craft making. Among the treasures were several pocket watches so I have made their Christmas card using one of the watches.

The first thing I did was take it all to bits and make a new clock face then put it back together again.

Have a lovely day

Chrissie xx

Thursday, 27 November 2014

Digital collage and Christmas Card

Hello everyone who drops by today. Still dark and damp here again so anyone with spare sunshine please post some to NE UK. Thank you for calling in and brightening my day.

At Three Muses the theme this week is Silhouette

Merged backgrounds, silhouettes found on free to use Google sites and Paint Shop Brushes I made years ago. All make-up this digital collage.

My second entry for Moo Mania and More this time where the subject is Trees

I made a Christmas card this time with a home made background and tree shapes cut from dark green card. The die cuts are some I have had for a while and I am using them up. Sorry that the white glitter didn't photograph very well but the light is awful here at the moment. and the flash made the picture look washed out.

Have a great day everyone-hope you call in again soon

Love Chrissie x

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Christmas is Coming

Hello Everyone. Nice of you to call in at Jumbled Crafts and thank you for the comments you leave which are always appreciated.

This time at Try it on Tuesday the challenge title is Christmas is Coming so you can make anything that this suggest to you. Thank you to all who joined in the homemade/handmade challenge and all the wonderful ideas that you had for that challenge.

Pop along to TIOT  for inspiration from the rest of the team and also visit their blogs to find out more about what they have made for this challenge.

My thoughts went in the direction of something to hang on the Christmas tree

I covered some polystyrene balls in glue and glitter then knitted them some little hats. The faces are made up of pins with beads on the end and I have used those to fasten the trimmings onto the hats as well. Also a bigger pin is holding the hat top down and the wool that holds the hook for the tree. The tree isn't up yet so I hung them on the Christmas Cactus.

I am also entering this at Craft-Room Challenge where you are asked to make Christmas Decorations/no cards

Just thought I would add these as well as it could be a little gift for a gardener.

Buy a set of gardening gloves--these have the rubber on the palm and fingers.

Add some felt flowers or buttons etc to give them a smarter look. Maybe a felt plant pot or vegetable image for a man.

Can't wait to see what you make so do join in with us.

Love Chrissie x

Monday, 24 November 2014

Inchie and Card

Hello Everyone. Thank you for your visit to Jumbled Crafts. Lovely sunny, bright and frosty morning here so it will be great to have a walk along the seafront into town later.

At Every Inchie Monday this week the theme x-axis. I had to look this one up on Google and I'm still not too sure what it means.

So this is one-hopefully :) EIM is so educational.

Moo Mania and More want to see Trees this time. You can make anything at all on the theme and you don't have to include an inchie. I haven't included one this time though I do usually.

I needed a fairly quick card for a man. For this I used one of my own photographs taken in Sewerby park a couple of weeks ago. I added an edge in Paint Sho Pro and the text as well. This was printed out and added to a white card.

Hope you have a really lovely day all

Chrissie x

Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas Card

Hello All from a very wet NE UK coast. Not sure if it will improve later but the forecast for the South is awful so I hope if you live there you will be safe from flooding. Thank you for calling in today.

I made this card for Fantasy Stampers Challenge where the theme is Cute Christmas and to join Marina at My Perfect Life  in her festive challenge to make a Christmas Card each week. I don't usually do cute but quite liked doing this one.

The image is a stamp from Forever Friends that I have had for years. It is coloured with Promarkers. I designed the background paper myself and cut out the snowflakes from printed out snowflake shapes.

That's all for today so far but I reckon I will be back with more makes if this rain doesn't stop. Do send some sunshine please if you have any to spare.

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie x

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Gift Box

Hi All. Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts today. Always great to have people call in and especially lovely on a dull, dark and damp day like it is here today.

At Speed Craft Challenge it is Anything goes and the great news is that they have a sponsor so do pop and see what you could win if you join in.

I made this pillow gift box and it only took fifteen minutes from printing out the template to finishing the box with the ribbon tie. It did look a little bare so I had to find something to stick on the flap to add a bit of extra colour--that took extra time, mainly deciding what to use. I thought the ribbon flower went well with the green shiny ribbon.

The template is by Martha Stewart and you can find it here

Have a wonderful day

Love Chrissie x

Friday, 21 November 2014

Collage Obsession

Hello Everyone. Lovely of you to call in at Jumbled Crafts--thank you for your visit. Hope your day is going well.

This week at Collage Obsession the theme is headdress. 

I was thrilled to think I could open an old computer folder and use one of the faces with head gear that I used to paint endlessly in Paint shop pro. It was a real obsession for me at the time but most were just hats on the heads but this, I think, is a headdress for sure.

Lots of crafty things planned for today but not sure what I will actually achieve. Time seems to go by far too quickly.

Enjoy whatever you are doing

Love Chrissie x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Digital Collage

Hello Everyone and thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts.

Today at the Three Muses the theme is Time. Afraid I got a bit carried away and my collage may be a bit hard on the eyes for some of you.

I have always been fascinated by this sort of artwork that appears to move as you look at it.

Have a great day all-dark and damp here so not sure what I am doing yet. I may be back later with another post :)

Love Chrissie x

Monday, 17 November 2014

Inchie and Journal Page

Hello Everyone and welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Nice of you to visit. Today has just flown by and I don't seem to have done much at all apart from making a few inchies and painting a  page to add to one of my journals.

At Every Inchie Monday it is time to show your weapon. Well I'm not much on weapons but these were to hand.

The ends look a bit blunt so I don't think I would do much harm with them. The dripping blood in the background makes then look more deadly I think.

At Art Journal Journey this month we are asked to be Inspired by the Masters. I love most painting styles I must admit and the more I try to paint, the more I admire the artists that create such wonders.

I chose Jose Manuel Merello today as he brightens up a dull day with his bright colours and interesting shapes.

He is a modern painter and on Facebook --I am not but I do look at his paintings on Pininterest.
You can find lots of his work here if you want to see what the real Merello paintings are like. This is only my version. I really enjoyed painting this as the style gives you a real sense of freedom and fun.

Hope your day is going well. I had better go and do something useful I think. It is getting dark already here so almost night I reckon.

Love Chrissie xx

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas Card

Hello Everyone. Nice to have you drop by and thank you for calling in. We are going to an 80th birthday party today which starts off with Sunday Lunch in the Old Town so it should be a fun day.

At The Craft Room Challenge this time the theme is anything 3D

I made a fairly large Christmas card with some sewing and a folded Christmas Tree. The tutorial for making the folded tree is here if you would like to try it. I made the music sheet in Paint Shop Pro and the snowflakes were die cuts I have had for a while. Not sure what make the die is. I took the photograph with my wonderful Christmas Cactus as background it is full of very beautiful flowers.

I am also going to join Marina at My Perfect Life with this card-she has motivated me to make Christmas Cards a bit earlier this year.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie x

Friday, 14 November 2014

Digital Collage

Welcome to Jumbled Crafts and thank you for your visit today. Dark, wet and windy today so not a day to venture very far.

At Collage Obsession the theme this week is Transportation so lots of scope to join in with a collage in whatever medium you like. I have made a digital one.

I started out with one our photographs from a few years ago

Then I added some texture and effects. The pictures and quote I found on Google

Have a lovely day everyone and send us some sunshine if you have any spare please.

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Speedy and Digital Collage

Hello to everyone who calls in at Jumbled Crafts today and thank you for visiting. It looks like a craft day today here as it is dark, windy and wet so far.

At Speed Craft Challenge this time the theme is anything goes and you have 15 minutes to make something but you can prepare the things you are going to use beforehand. Still plenty of time to enter so do have a go.

All ready to start

Time to get going

Finished card--I added some stars as the white bits looked a bit bare

Time finished.

At Three Muses this week the theme is White Space. Not always easy for people like me who like to fill every bit of a digital collage.

Used effects to create the silver head and a flower of my own design. The bird was from Outlaw by Design a long time ago.

Have a lovely day everyone

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

New Challenge at Try it on Tuesday and the sky this morning

Hello Everyone and thank you for dropping by at Jumbled Crafts. I hope you are all ready for the new challenge at Try it on Tuesday and hope you will enter the challenge with us.

 Wonderful entries for the 'Autumn Colours' challenge. Always great to see what everyone makes for the challenges and always difficult to choose the top 5

This time the theme is Home Made/ Hand Made. Do pop along to see what my team mates have made as they will inspire you to join in I'm sure. 

I made some notelets in a folder-this is the outside of the folder. The same picture as the notelets but a bit bigger and on glossy photo paper then mounted on a piece of card

This is the inside with the notelets and envelopes. The folder is just a piece of A4 card folded in half then the ends turned in to make the pockets for the notelets. Fasten in any way you wish. I used ribbon. a small buckle and tied the ribbon in a bow.

I started off by choosing one of our own flower photographs

I cropped it, digitized it then added a fancy border. Feel free to use this picture if you like.

This was printed out 6 times onto one corner of A4 paper which I then folded into four to make the notelets. Then I made the 'Just a Note' labels to stick on. The envelopes were bought ones--I am useless at making envelopes even though I have a board thing that is supposed to help :(

Thought you might like to see our sky this morning. We can tell what the weather is like without looking at the forecast. I took these pictures through the bedroom window with my little i-pod so they aren't very good quality. It is already very windy and raining now.

Red Sky in the Morning--Shepherd's Warning

Have a wonderful day everyone

Love Chrissie x

Monday, 10 November 2014

Art Journal Journey

Hello Again. Not very often I do 2 posts in one day but I did want to keep this separate from my other two challenge pieces today

Here is another page for my journal inspired by the wonderful Art Journal Journal where the theme is 'Inspired by the Masters'. I had never even thought about how many wonderful works of art I have seen in real life and in various parts of the world-well not until this challenge brought memories flooding back. To be honest I didn't even think I could paint until I found AJJ  but now I am inspired to 'have a go' and it feels terrific.

Here I have used ideas from two of Salvador Dali's painting as inspiration. 'Landscape with Butterflies' and the beautiful 'Butterfly Ship'. It is painted in emulsion paints and the butterflies are from a sheet I downloaded online and cut out.

I bet you are fed-up by now of my artist tales but here is another one-sorry.

Above 20 years ago Vic, my husband, and myself told each other what we would really like to do at some point in our life. He wanted to go to Figueres to see the Dali Museum as he was a Dali nut at the time.  I wanted to see the huge production of AIDA which was doing the rounds and reputed to be the biggest production ever of the opera.

It didn't take long to fulfill both of these dreams. We went by coach to Roses on the coast of Northern   Spain and stayed there in a lovely little hotel. Then we went by bus to find Figueres and the Dali Museum. It proved a little difficult as neither of us speak any Spanish apart from ordering two beers which wasn't useful at the time. The museum is just amazing

 You can't mistake the building among the little streets and traditional buildings

So that was Vic's wish fulfilled.

 I thought my dream would be staged in Egypt or Milan or somewhere exotic as we said we go where ever it was staged next. It was Birmingham-England. It was amazing though and Vic wore a tuxedo and I wore a long dress--everyone else seemed to be in jeans and t-shirts.

Enough for today--or maybe too much

Love Chrissie x

Inchie and Moos

Hello Friends and welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Thank you for dropping by and for the comments I receive on my posts. How kind  of you all are to write them.

At Every Inchie Monday this week the theme is Wheat

I cut out some images from a magazine and stuck them onto a painted navy blue background. Next year I am going to try to sew or paint my inchie set--she says hopefully !

Now to Moo Mania and More where the challenge is your favourite colour. You don't have to even include a Moo if you don't want to. Just make anything at all in your fave colour and join in.

I like Shades of Purple so made this ATC card and added two Moos to it as well. I painted the backgrounds of the Moos with various shades of purple then stamped love on the punched hearts and the bit of background that was left to see.

Have a wonderful day all and a great new week ahead.

Love Chrissie x

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Art Journal Journey and Christmas Cards

Hi All from a sunny NE UK. It is lovely to see the sun again after all the heavy rain yesterday and it is forecast to be nice all day today. Thank you for calling in and hope you enjoy my efforts for today.

At Art Journey Journey we are being asked this month to be inspired by the masters.

This may be a bit of a shock so get ready-----

I have long been an admiring of Beryl Cook and I was lucky enough to see an exhibition of her work when we took shelter, from the rain, in the art gallery in Blackpool many years ago. How wonderful the paintings were all bright colours, so much fun and some very large--not just the ladies the whole painting.

I also adore the hats that Pierre-Auguste Renoir has in a lot of his paintings-well I do admire his paintings in their entirety but the hats stand out for me.

Here is my Cook Renoir fusion. ' Lady at Street Market'

I first printed out a Renoir type background that I found on Google--it was a free to use background to download. If you add the words Renoir background there are several.

Next I drew my Cook lady by looking at one of the pictures in my Beryl Cook Book which I have had for many years but still enjoy. The hats I extracted from Renoir prints but coloured them with Promarkers and drew hat stands for them. I dressed my Cook lady in my own designs and did her face and hair in an appropriate style. I also used a white pen to pick out various bits of the picture.

Now for Christmas Cards to add to Marina's Challenge-thanks Marina for encouraging me to make some cards a bit earlier than I would normally make them.

Both made in a similar way. The cards were patterned in a Cuttlebug folder. I made the background paper for the topper . The first card has a bought embellishment in the centre and the second card has a Gecko Galz image. Both have Gold wrapping tape to add a bit of sparkle.

Hope you have a great day

Love Chrissie x

Friday, 7 November 2014

Digital Collage

Hello All who visit Jumbled Crafts and thank you for dropping by

This week at Collage Obsession the theme is Long Hair and we are invited to use this photograph as inspiration if we like.

Here is my collage a bit of a modern take, though I did use several parts of the background to create a seamless tile for the background for my collage.

Wonder who is saying this to who. I have had the faces for years in a long hair folder. I bet they are nothing like that now.

Cold, wet and windy here so a good day to craft or should that be do the ironing?

Enjoy what ever you are doing

Love Chrissie x

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Art Journal Page

Good morning everyone. It is frosty and very cold here at the moment but the sun is shining so I am sure it will soon warm up. Hope it is nice where you are and thank you calling in.

At the wonderful Art Journal Journey this month we are asked to be Inspired by the Masters. I am fairly sure that the artist who inspired me to do this painting would not be impressed by my work but he did inspire me to do it.

I chose the artist Auguste Herbin. When I was doing art at school we often went to galleries to see exhibitions of 'modern art'. I used to think it would be great to be an artist and that this style would be so easy to paint. I never tried it until now and I realise it is not easy at all. I was only 13 when I had to choose between Art and Science and I chose science--that is my excuse for not being able to paint very well. :(

Here is a close up. It is painted in emulsion paints--I got 10 new tester pots for £8 from Wilkos

Here is a digital version which seems to be a better medium for me and I could create the bright colours that the artist used in his paintings. This took ages to do though with all the shapes and the colours.

Wonder which artist will pop into my head next and inspire me? 

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie x

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Digital Collage

Hi All. Nice that you called in at Jumbled Crafts-thank you.

I have been clearing out my craft room and sending things to the charity shop and various places that will make use of them. I haven't really got enough space to do proper crafting at the moment so just did a digital collage.

At Three Muses this time the theme is Freestyle using the word 'art' in some way, so lots of scope for you to do what fits the theme and make a collage anyway that you like.

The face image goes back a long time to the days of the Poser images. I paid to join one site and have a few of the images which I adapted in my own way. This was just a head and I added hair and embellishments. The flower image was one of our flower photographs with added effects These are 'three muses 'and I hope you like them

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie x

Monday, 3 November 2014

Journal Page and Inchie

Hello all who call in at Jumbled Crafts and thank you for your visit.

I was so excited when I saw the new theme at Art Journal Journey for this month. It is called Inspired by Masters so you do something in the style of who ever you want. Already lots of entries and I am sure this will be their best challenge yet.

I have so many ideas I don't know where to start but I thought I would start with David Hockney as he lives just a few minutes away from us--well he does when he is in England. 

His paintings often reflect our area with his favourites being the Wolds road and the sea front.

Strange that I chose to do this style of his in 'Paints' as he is now into digi work on his I pad and also has lots of cameras fixed to his Range Rover and does huge paintings joined together digitally. We were lucky enough to see the 'Big Trees' in all it's glory and it was special.

Here it is in my new journal which is paint splattered already.

Just a mention of Salts Mill in Saltaire where many of David Hockney works used to be on show. Not sure if they still are but Saltaire is a great place to visit for lots of other reasons as well--I'll keep you in suspense.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme is Violet.

I did a violet coloured background for my violet flower.

Have a wonderful day everyone

Love Chrissie x

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Christmas Cards

Hello Everyone from a wet and grey NE UK. The forecast says sun so it could come along any time soon. Nice to have you join me today at Jumbled Crafts--thank you for your wonderful comments and and all the encouragement they bring to me.

At Craft-room Challenge this time the theme is Vintage Christmas

As the challenge is being sponsored by Crafty Individuals I used one of their stamps for this card. The card was embossed with two Cuttlebug folders and the next layer had a free paper I downloaded and printed out. I made the flower by printing out some shapes in different sizes. Used Distress ink around the edges.

I made another one as well with images from Gecko Galz and the free to use music sheet I found online. This is inked around the edges with Distress ink

I will be entering these at My Perfect Life where Marina has encouraged me to make Christmas Cards by joining in her challenge 

Have a lovely day everyone

Chrissie xx