Thursday, 6 November 2014

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Good morning everyone. It is frosty and very cold here at the moment but the sun is shining so I am sure it will soon warm up. Hope it is nice where you are and thank you calling in.

At the wonderful Art Journal Journey this month we are asked to be Inspired by the Masters. I am fairly sure that the artist who inspired me to do this painting would not be impressed by my work but he did inspire me to do it.

I chose the artist Auguste Herbin. When I was doing art at school we often went to galleries to see exhibitions of 'modern art'. I used to think it would be great to be an artist and that this style would be so easy to paint. I never tried it until now and I realise it is not easy at all. I was only 13 when I had to choose between Art and Science and I chose science--that is my excuse for not being able to paint very well. :(

Here is a close up. It is painted in emulsion paints--I got 10 new tester pots for £8 from Wilkos

Here is a digital version which seems to be a better medium for me and I could create the bright colours that the artist used in his paintings. This took ages to do though with all the shapes and the colours.

Wonder which artist will pop into my head next and inspire me? 

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie x


  1. Lovely display and gorgeous colours ....have a great weekend.xx
    aNNie The Journey is the Start

  2. I think you did a great job! Guess what? I also had to choose between art and science at the same age and chose science! But I am having fun making up for time now!

  3. Such a great work Chrissie ! Love the design and the colours... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  4. This is wonderful!Fabulous colors and shapes.

  5. Wonderful painting and Digi Project, love the shapes and colours, and I know how hard it is to do those geometric shapes. Fantastic inspiration, so happy you joined in again at Art Journal Journey! Big hugs, Valerie

  6. Love the geometric layout Chrissie! I'm sort of partial to the painted one, I love texture! big hugs :)

  7. That is awesome... love what you did here and hope you will do more with your new emulsion paints...
    Why do you think Auguste Herbin would not be impressed by it.. I think he would be ... and he would be proud of you as well!
    And if not - "I" am proud of you and impressed !
    The digi piece is amazing as well...

    And how fab that you did choose science and are an artist nevertheless... that just shows you are an all- round genius !
    xxx Susi--
    I am curious as well what your next artist will be ...

  8. That's pretty awesome Chrissie! You're right, it looks quite easy, modern art, doesn't it? But once you try to reproduce it, things get tougher, although I must say that you pulled this one off splendidly!! Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  9. The digital painting is perfect but you know what? It lacks the human touch that your painting has. Great page!

  10. Great idea to paint the shapes. Yes, some paintings look easier to do than they actually are, I like what you have painted here, both with paint and digitally. Interesting that you used house paints too.

  11. Awesome work Chrissie, so modern and vibrant.
    Yvonne xx

  12. Sweet...this reminds me of the colorforms I used to play with as a child. I loved them.

    Marianne xo

  13. I have to admit Chrissie I'd never heard of the man, so off I went and Googled him, and from what I can see He'd be mighty impressed with what you've done! I chose science too - I hated art probably because to this day I can't even draw a matchstick man lol xx

  14. Loving this whole graphic look Chrissie. Jenny x

  15. Love it Chrissie the colours are lovely. Becky x


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