Wednesday, 7 January 2015

AJJ and Three Muses

Hello Everyone. Nice to have you visit Jumbled Crafts. Thank you for being such wonderful followers and friends.

Art Journal Journey is quite addictive with its theme being Inspired by the Masters. So many artist to choose from and so much to learn along the way.

Andy Warhol

Born on August 6, 1928, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Andy Warhol was a successful magazine and ad illustrator who became a leading artist of the 1960s Pop art movements. He ventured into a wide variety of art forms, including performance art, film making, video installations and writing, and controversially blurred the lines between fine art and mainstream aesthetics. Warhol died on February 22, 1987, in New York City.

I can't believe I have been brave and done this sketch. I have long admired the self portrait sketch that Andy Warhol did and I marvel at anyone who can do a sketch of their own face let alone do it in 3D. I had help with this one. Vic took three photographs of me to start with. Then I worked on them digitally until I could find an outline to trace. It has certainly captured my chin! I have stuck this into my new journal that Valerie sent to me--thank you Valerie I hope to fill it with art projects.

At Three Muses this week the theme is Butterflies. It is always wonderful to see what the others make and we all seem to have our own unique style whatever the subject.

Have a good day all. I am off for blood tests and Vic is going for physio at the hospital--a sign of old age I guess. We neither us have been to the docs for over a year and went last week and now have appointments !!

Love Chrissie x


  1. Love what you ave made today Chrissie, the self portrait in style of Andy Warhol is great, big wow, and a really good likeness!! I have been working on a self protrait this week, too, and know how hard it is. Thanks for this amazing contribution to Art Journal Journey! The digital butterfly collage is beautiful, too, love the colours. Nice to see you using your journal from me, glad you like it! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Love your creations Chrissie ! Your talent has no limit ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  3. WOW Chrissie....you are so talented.Beautiful creation, all the gorgeous goodies and delightful colours...love this one....{The Journey is the Start – my personal blog}

  4. Wow, those butterflies are gorgeous and the colours are so breathtaking! Absolutely stunning Chrissie! hugs and smiles :)

  5. Wow. Wow ... and WOW, Chrissie, what a gorgeous riot of colour accompanied by the perfect quote. Amazing.

  6. Wow is right... your butterfly collage is a journey to a magic world...wonderful collage work.

  7. I can also leave you at least three WOWs Chrissie. !
    This selfie ist just cool and totally WOW!
    Great idea to do it 3 D -
    Your butterfly collage is just AWESOME.... I so do love it and the quote is just beautiful for it!

    Thank you for sharing this great post with us at Art Journal Journey Chrissie!

  8. Wonderful butterfly collage. Respect for your self portrait

  9. Gorgeous purples in your butterfly art, Chrissie. I also like your self portrait! I'm looking forward to more of your talent in the coming year!

  10. Great sketch Chrissie and a wonderful butterfly mask collage, love the colors.

  11. Fabulous piece, Chrissie, love the shades!

  12. Hi Chrissie, fantastic sketch! Great work. I'm not brave enough to take on any of the Masters, I cannot get an idea in my head or maybe I don't have time. Love the gorgeous butterfly collage. Take good care and good luck with the tests, Shirleyxx

  13. Fabulous sketch Chrissie, love the gorgeous shades of purple in the butter fly piece.
    Yvonne x

  14. Your sketch is wonderful, Chrissie, and the butterfly piece is so pretty. I love your winter header with the quote - winter gold, indeed.

    Blessings for good physical results!

    Love and hugs,

  15. You clever you! Love your selfportrait Chrissie, must have been fun to make!
    And wow, your Venetian butterfly mask is an amazing make, those colours!
    Hugs, Ira xox
    Ira’s Crea Corner

  16. Oooh love it, we are off to do a workshop in July Andy W style, using fabric too, can't wait xx

  17. Very cool idea to portrait yourself in Warhol-style. Ulrike


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