Thursday, 29 October 2015

Journal Page

Hi All. Thank you for visiting and for the lovely comments and support you have posted about my MIL. It is still a bit of a struggle as we keep being told one things one day and a different thing a few hours after so we haven't really got a clue what is going to happen yet. She is now back in Scarborough after seeing specialists in York and we are going to visit her this afternoon-hopefully, unless she is on the move again.

At Art Journal Journey  their wonderful Architecture theme has drawn some wonderful works of art and as always you can see them all in one place if you click on a link on the Blog.

This will probably be my last entry for the month as my craft time seems to be down to minutes a day now.

This is the building now and the top flat  has wonderful views of the old rooftops and spectacular sunsets.

Have a lovely day

Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Layers at Try it on Tuesday

Hi All and welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Thank you for calling in and I am sure you will want to know about our new challenge at Try it on Tuesday where this time you are asked to add layers. Lots of ideas from the team if you need inspiration so pop along and then make anything you like with layers and add it to the entries in the next two weeks. You could be chosen as one of the top 5 and be asked to be our guest in the future. Can't wait to see what you make.

I made a French Memory Board. It is something I have wanted to make for a long time but never got around to it until now.

The rest of the post is full of pictures on how I made this so stop here if you would rather not know. The project has about 9 layers if you count the sticky tape, staples and glue

I used an old canvas picture, some wadding, material, string, various ribbons, brads and some wall paper

                           The wadding was fastened onto the picture front with double sided tape
                                                    Trimmed to fit the picture
                           The material was pinned on top of the wadding at the corners to get the shape. Trim off any excess but remember to leave enough to cover the sides and to leave enough to fasten to the frame underneath
                                                        Turn it all over
 Pull the material fairly tight and staple down
 Add string or whatever you like to make a hanger for the finished Board
 Now arrange the ribbons and pin at the sides. Leave enough to staple underneath as you diod with the material
 I used up bits and bobs of ribbons and some were only just long enough so make sure you have plenty of ribbon
 Turn over and make holes where the ribbons cross
 Push brads with longish backs through the holes
 Open up and push down firmly
 Cover up the 'mess, with paper or material. I used wall paper and my glue gun

This is it finished and on the conservatory wall. Definitely a few mistakes but I did enjoy making it

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 26 October 2015


Hello All. Start of a new week and one I am not looking forward to at all. My crafting/ sport watching weekend never happened as we got a call to say my MIL had been found at her flat and in a bad way as she had fallen and maybe had a stroke. Vic went to the hospital with her in an ambulance but our hospital is more like a warehouse these days with hardly any services at all so it was a long journey to Scarborough and since then she has been moved to York which is even further away. As we don't have a car it is difficult to work out what will be happening when so all I have to offer today is a simple inchie. Thank you for your visit hope to be able to find time to comment on your blogs as well.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme this week is texture

I just used a blank felt inchie, wrote on it and added a couple of plastic butterflies. Well, felt is a texture and maybe plastic is as well??

Have a great day all-we are off for an early start to do some flat cleaning while MIL is away.

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Journal page and card

Hello everyone and a happy weekend to you. Nice to have you drop by today and thank you for your visit.

Today is going to be a crafting and sport watching day as it is cold and keeps trying to rain--not really doing much yet but I would rather stay in a keep warm and dry.

At Art Journal Journey the theme is Architecture and a little while ago Valerie posted some wonderful photographs of AKKO here on her blog. I saved one of them and admired it so much I wanted to have a go at painting it.

This was how I started out with a few colours of acrylic mixes

This is my finished page with a Marco Polo quote. I could never compete with the wonderful photograph that Valerie took but I did enjoy having a go.

At City Crafter's Challenge Blog you are asked to add some wood, This was a chance to get out my wooden emblishments and enjoy the smell of burnt wood that is still there in the box when I open it even though the emblies are a couple of years old as the company closed down that used to make them.

I used Distressed inks and charcoal pencil for the background and stuck on the wooden emblies and also a little piece of wood that I had used on another project and it had burlap stuck to it.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 23 October 2015

Wall Hanging and Face

Hello Everyone who drops in and thank you for your visit.
Today it is cold here and there was a red sky and frost on the cars when I got up. Seems to be a bit warmer now so hope the temperature will be better later in the day.

I have made a wall hanging for Moo Mania and More and also for The Mirror Crack'd.
The theme at Moo Mania this time is 'Autumn Mood' and at The Mirror Crack'd they have a' Tic-Tac-Toe' with the centre square of Wall Hanging and you can just use this square if you make a hanging.

I collected the leaves and sprayed them with fine oil and rubbed it in to preserve the leaves . The backing paper is one I made up in Paint Shop Pro then I covered a piece of a cardboard Box with it. The edges are smeared with Distressed inks. I added the leaves which were sprayed with Cosmic Glimmer Vintage Mist,and a flower made from TH's tattered flowers die cut this was dabbed with Distressed ink to match the edges of the hanging. The text is cut from a sheet of stickers made by Making Memories.

My face this week for Kim Dellow Show Your Face is a digital one for a change.

I used a few layers and lots of brushes to create this on this everything but the face which I drew with the pen tool.

Have a lovely day and I hope the weather is just right where you are

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Journal Page and Card

Hi All from a very cold, wet and windy NE UK coast. Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts. I am off to the dentist this morning, yet again. We have been almost everyday this last week for  one or the other of us. Vic said we should rent one of the flats above where the surgery :)

At Art Journal Journey the theme is architecture and I thought I would do something a bit different.

 This is one of the shelters on top of a Cumbria Fell.We used to climb the fells often when we lived in the Lake District and marveled at the way these places were built and the extreme weather conditions they have withstood for many years. We were never stranded at night time but have been glad of this type of shelter as many have been.

The original photograph, which I altered digitally, was taken by my son-in-law in 2005 when the area was new to him. They now are too busy to visit the mountains and prefer the hotter weather. At the moment they are in the Dominican Republic where it is 32 degrees. I would still choose the mountains given a choice.

I made this card for the challenge at Make My Monday where the theme is to use Inchies or Twinchies. The picture of it isn't as clear as I would like but it so dark and dismal here it is the best I could do I'm afraid. I printed out 6 inchies to use on my card.

Have a good day all

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 19 October 2015

Journal page and inchie

Hi All. Thank you for your visit to Jumbled Crafts and I hope you like what I have made for today. Off to the dentist for me and Vic and lots more appointments in the next few weeks-yuk!

At Art Journal Journey the theme of Architecture is attracting some wonderful artistic entries and it is always inspiring to see all of them

I decided to have a go at a different kind of painting for me. I have been looking at lots of types of painting and wanted to try something new to me. I usually try to make things look more like a photograph but this time I just went with what my heart told me to do and it really felt great. It is painted in acrylics and drawn in white pen afterwards. Thanks to Valerie and Susi I have learnt so much about the various techniques and the enjoyment of painting.

Every Inchie Monday are having yoghurt this week

Not very original from me but I was at loss to think of anything else for yoghurt

Here are all of my inchies sewn together up until the end of September-I left the corners white to add 2015 to them when it is all finished.
 Hope you have a great week

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Face and photographs

Hello Everyone. Weekend today for us and I am looking forward to my usual sport fest on television. Mostly rugby this time as it is the quarter finals of the Rugby World Cup. 
Thank you for your visit to Jumbled Crafts.

I have another face to join in at Kim Dellow's Show Your Face

The face was drawn in chalk then cut out and added to a flowery background. I am still trying to create different types of face drawing but they all seem to end up in the same style.

I thought I would fit in a few photographs as this is the only 'craft' project I have to show you

My daughter sent me a large shoe box full of crafting goodies--she doesn't like me to get bored for sure. Some' new to me things' so I am looking forward to trying those

We went to Leeds on Wednesday and there is a really wonderful idea to hide work that is being done on some of the old, historic buildings. They have erected screen paintings of the building and all the work and scaffolding is behind the screens. This is a huge screen as far as you can see in the photograph.  How cool is that? You should never go to Leeds and not look upward for most of the time as the buildings above the beautiful shops are just amazing and a step back in time.

There are wonderful arcades full of amazing shops and we found this decorated piano in one of the arcades. It had a notice inviting anyone to sit and play it, so I had a go. Fortunately it was quite early so not many people around.

Didn't have a camera with us so Vic took the pics on his phone.

Have a really lovely day whatever you are doing.

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 15 October 2015

Journal page and heart tag

Hello All and a warm welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Thank you for the comments on my new layout, I hope it is easy to read-please let me know if it isn't so that I can use another font. Thank you for calling in and for all the support you always give to me.

At Art Journal Journey the theme is architecture and I made my very first art project in Art Studio on my i-pad. I think it will take a long time to find out exactly what can be achieved with this programme but I am looking forward to learning.

This was a daytime picture of buildings and I changed it with effects.

My next project I made for a few blogs

I cut the fairly large heart shape from a cardboard box lid then used a stencil to add some texture. Next I made a spray with Distressed ink-Salty Ocean colour. The textured parts were then dabbed with the same colour on an ink pad and so was the outside of the label. The stamp was one I got in a bundle from dear Astrid. The little butterfly I have had a long time and I am not sure where that came from.
This is the stencil I used and it is dated 1997 and 50p. I got a few in a bag for 50p from a car boot sale. 

The challenges are

Country View Challenges where they would like texture

Stamps and Stencils where the theme is 3D and they also have a blog hop there so worth a visit for sure

Where the Heart is who also have stencils as their theme--saw this blog at Annie's xx

City Crafters want you to add some paste and I made mine from wood filler with olive oil in it

Have a wonderful day all

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

It's Frightening at Try it on Tuesday

Hi All. Thank you for calling in. I bet the post title had you wondering what was happening at Try it on Tuesday. Well TIOT isn't at all frightening you will be pleased to know but the challenge for the next two weeks is just that, so hop over to see what my teamies have made and then join us with something scary. You can make anything you like so long as it follows the rules which are on the TIOT blog.

I made this journal cover as it was a boring cover before. This is full of painted textures and bits and bobs from a mixed box. I drew the bat and the castle in black felt tip and found the scary faces online. I hope I will be able to fill it with magical pages.

This is frightening ! A great big slug hiding in our grass when I went to hang the washing out.

I would also like to enter this at Anything but Cute where their theme this time is 31 days of Halloween and must have 31 on it somewhere

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 12 October 2015

Inchie, Journal Page and Card

Hello everyone and thank you for calling in to see what I have made to show you today

At Art Journal Journey the theme is Architecture and I made a fun page today while I watched the rugby and the Grand Prix on television. I would also like to enter it at Moo Mania and More for the patterns theme as I drew lots of patterns on my witches house where she sleeps until the darkness decends

I inked the background before I started to draw in charcoal and colour in Sharpies.
This is the state that my hands were in after washing them several times and it was also the moment that Vic shouted to ask if I was ready to go out to visit some friends. Not easy to explain to them that I was painting a witches house -they think I am crazy anyway so nothing new.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme is Key. A little easier than some of the interesting themes of late.

I had this tiny key in a bits and bobs tin so used that on my felt inchie

Last but not least I have made a card for Crafty Cardmakers as my blog friend Marina is a DT there and I love to visit her blog. The theme there this time is to make a round card

This is 2 Nestabilitie shapes joined with a card insert and a smaller one on the front. The stamps were some that I bought in a bundle from Astrid and they fitted just right on this card.

Haven't I been busy for a change :)

Have a wonderful day all

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Moo Mania and Face sketch

Happy weekend-hope you will have a great one. Thank you for calling in to Jumbled Crafts and making my day.
I thought it was about time I upped my game and joined in a few more challenges and maybe even something a bit different for me so hopefully I have managed to do that with one of these challenges.

At Moo Mania and More the challenge is Show Patterns. You don't even have to add a Moo if you don't want to so what could be simpler.

I covered a tin with patterned paper than decorated with 3 Moos that I decorated in drawn patterns and added a warning to leave my brushes alone as they seem to be used for anything but what I want them for.

Here is the coffee tin before the transformation

Now for a new venture for me. At Kim Dellow Show Your Face blog you can post a face you have created and the new week starts every Friday. I see a lot of my blog friends post there and I so admire the way they create faces. I try to make a beautiful face with a few strokes and fail miserably. I like to study faces on trains or buses and do a quick sketch then try to recall what they looked liked and sketch them at a later date.


This was a young man in a group of four on the train on Wednesday. They were going to a meeting I imagine as they talked little and concentrated on their laptops. This young man was looking at me at one point and smiled which gave me a chance to do a quick outline. I am sure he won't recognise himself from my charcoal and soft pastel chalk sketch but I did enjoy doing it.

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 9 October 2015

Art Journal Page and Photograph

Hello All. Sorry I haven't posted much recently but we have been going here and there for days as there was a special offer on rail tickets in our weekly paper and we couldn't resist using them. Neighbours gave us theirs as well as all of them have cars and never think of using the train.

Here is a photograph of part of our station that Vic took on his phone when we went ' travelling' on Wednesday. It was a very wet and dark morning but didn't dampen our spirits at all. The station is always full of flowers everywhere you look, both in summer and winter, outside and inside. The little cafe is amazing with all sorts of wonders to look at inside. Yesterday we went to Sheffield to see one of my aunts that is 90 next week. Next Wednesday we are going to Leeds to see one of Vic's aunt who was 80 last years and the week after we are going to York, just because we love to go there.

Architecture at Art Journal Journey is attracting some amazing entries and all very different styles from the different people.

Here is my page for today. I used a photograph we took of York Minster but made it thinner to fit the A4 size.I used effects to make it look like a sketch and also added an extra image of the Rose Window which is amazing in real life and especially on a sunny day as the colours show up so well from inside the Minster.

Hope you have a lovely day and the sun is shining as it is here. Thank you for calling in.

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 5 October 2015

Inchie and Journal Page

Hello All. Hope you are all safe as the weather here and there in the world seems to be very mixed at the moment. Thank you for your visit and I hope you enjoy my makes for today.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme is Lumberjack this week

I went for this picture of the Michael Palin version of a lumberjack that first appeared in Monty Python's Flying Circus way back when.

The Archictecture theme at Art Journal Journey set my mind thinking of the days when I used to love painting sunset pictures.

I painted the sunset picture in acrylics then added the quote in Paint Shop Pro

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx