Friday, 9 October 2015

Art Journal Page and Photograph

Hello All. Sorry I haven't posted much recently but we have been going here and there for days as there was a special offer on rail tickets in our weekly paper and we couldn't resist using them. Neighbours gave us theirs as well as all of them have cars and never think of using the train.

Here is a photograph of part of our station that Vic took on his phone when we went ' travelling' on Wednesday. It was a very wet and dark morning but didn't dampen our spirits at all. The station is always full of flowers everywhere you look, both in summer and winter, outside and inside. The little cafe is amazing with all sorts of wonders to look at inside. Yesterday we went to Sheffield to see one of my aunts that is 90 next week. Next Wednesday we are going to Leeds to see one of Vic's aunt who was 80 last years and the week after we are going to York, just because we love to go there.

Architecture at Art Journal Journey is attracting some amazing entries and all very different styles from the different people.

Here is my page for today. I used a photograph we took of York Minster but made it thinner to fit the A4 size.I used effects to make it look like a sketch and also added an extra image of the Rose Window which is amazing in real life and especially on a sunny day as the colours show up so well from inside the Minster.

Hope you have a lovely day and the sun is shining as it is here. Thank you for calling in.

Love Chrissie xx


  1. What a lovely post... from the amazing flowers at your station to the busy travel plans to the wonderful York Minster page - altogether a pleasure!
    Alison xx

  2. Such a lovely page Chrissie ! Love it... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  3. You do right to use this tickets ! A lovely station is this! Wish you much fun for all the plans!
    This page is beautiful! You really make me happy that you always have so much super ideas to the monthly themes!
    Happy weekend dear Chrissie!
    Thank you for being with us at Art Journal Journey!

  4. I love how you worked with the photo. Great page, Chris.
    Wonderful station. I am sure the old people you will meet are happy to see you.
    Have great travellings around ♥♥

  5. Beautiful flower photos from the station, what a cheery start to a journey. Lovely journal page, too, York Minster is really beautiful, always loved visiting there. Thanks for joining us again at Art Journal Journey, hugs, Valerie

  6. Well you know me by now to know I love digital stuff but your sketch effect has blown me away Chrissie - it's amazing! What a great image to work on too.
    Glad to hear you've had some great days out despite the weather not so good. The flowers on your station are beautiful.
    Have a lovely weekend.. Gill xx

  7. Glad you are getting out and about and not letting the weather deter you.
    Great distortion of York Minister!!


  8. It's much nicer to go 'travelling' than staying at home Chrissie - and such a lovely station with all those flowers.
    Love the way you've altered the picture of the Minster.
    Have a great weekend.d
    Avril xx

  9. Love your journal page Chrissie, the Minster looks fantastic.. The station looks lovely with the flowers. Sounds like you are having some exciting away days, have a great time.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Amazing York Minster page, Chrissie! A great idea as always.The flowers look beautiful.
    Hugs, Mar

  11. Beautiful creation, love how you accented the rosewindow!
    Groetjes Karin

  12. How lucky that your neighbours didn't want the tickets. I enjoyed reading your post and looking at these great pictures.

  13. Love your page! We have been talking about using our 2together card to visit York - now I've seen this it's going to the top of the list! All those flowers at your station look great! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. Hello Chrissie, don't know how I managed to miss this.
    That's great the way you have "made" the pencil sketch, looks really authentic.
    Hope you had a good day at York.


Thank you for all of your comments. Reading them brings precious moments. Isn't it great to be able to be in touch with so many nice people in this way.