Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Layers at Try it on Tuesday

Hi All and welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Thank you for calling in and I am sure you will want to know about our new challenge at Try it on Tuesday where this time you are asked to add layers. Lots of ideas from the team if you need inspiration so pop along and then make anything you like with layers and add it to the entries in the next two weeks. You could be chosen as one of the top 5 and be asked to be our guest in the future. Can't wait to see what you make.

I made a French Memory Board. It is something I have wanted to make for a long time but never got around to it until now.

The rest of the post is full of pictures on how I made this so stop here if you would rather not know. The project has about 9 layers if you count the sticky tape, staples and glue

I used an old canvas picture, some wadding, material, string, various ribbons, brads and some wall paper

                           The wadding was fastened onto the picture front with double sided tape
                                                    Trimmed to fit the picture
                           The material was pinned on top of the wadding at the corners to get the shape. Trim off any excess but remember to leave enough to cover the sides and to leave enough to fasten to the frame underneath
                                                        Turn it all over
 Pull the material fairly tight and staple down
 Add string or whatever you like to make a hanger for the finished Board
 Now arrange the ribbons and pin at the sides. Leave enough to staple underneath as you diod with the material
 I used up bits and bobs of ribbons and some were only just long enough so make sure you have plenty of ribbon
 Turn over and make holes where the ribbons cross
 Push brads with longish backs through the holes
 Open up and push down firmly
 Cover up the 'mess, with paper or material. I used wall paper and my glue gun

This is it finished and on the conservatory wall. Definitely a few mistakes but I did enjoy making it

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Absolutely fantastic and beautifully made project! Well done. Hugs, Valerie

  2. Absolutely fantastic and beautifully made project! Well done. Hugs, Valerie

  3. I hanen't even heart about this kind of memoryboard. Wonderful project, indeed. You've made a huge job, Chrissie.
    Have a great day xx

  4. I am in love with your board- didn't know how this kind of memory walls are called yet...lol.
    I say thank you for the fabulous instrudtions to do such a board!
    Happy day dear Chrissie!

  5. This is a lovely memory board and a great tutorial hugs Bee.

  6. This is such a great idea Chrissie, and also a fabulous piece of recycling too.
    Loved the step by step pics, thanks for showing.
    Avril xx

  7. Gorgeous project Chrissie! Thanks for the tutorial, will give it a go!

  8. Gorgeous project Chrissie! Thanks for the tutorial, will give it a go!

  9. A fabulous project and super recycling. Loved your step by step and all the photos.
    Yvonne xx

  10. This project is very beautiful, Chrissie! A wonderful decorative piece!
    Hugs, Mar

  11. What a fantastic idea. I will be keeping this in mind for future reference! Thanks

  12. Totally awesome Chrissie ! Like it a lot ! Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  13. This is just lovely, Chrissie - and thank you so much for the detailed tutorial. Definitely tempted to give this a go. I love how it looks up on the wall.
    Alison xx

  14. here from TIOT- this is such a pretty board! Thanks for sharing the step outs Chrissie!

  15. This really is fabulous Chrissie! Now you have shared how to make yours I may try to make my own as I am always mislaying coupons! Chrisx

  16. Beautiful Love this gorgeous creation and colours along with fabulous idea you are so creative..xx
    {The Journey Is The Start  aNNie  my personal blog}

  17. Thank you for showing us how you made your fabulous project, I love it.
    xxx Hazel.

  18. Ooh, this is awesome! Brilliant tutorial too! xxx

  19. Wow Chrissie this is amazing - will be bookmarking this one for future inspiration! Nikki x


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