Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Collage Page

Hello Everyone from a sunny NE UK  coast. Such a change today from the weather of late but the forecast for tomorrow is back to rain so it says. Thank you for dropping by.

This will be my last project for this month at Art Journal Journey as there are only just over 2 days left before the challenge ends and a new one will begin. As it is the last one for this year I would like to say thank you to Susi and Valerie for their challenges and also for their wonderful inspiration every day. They have amazingly creative minds and it is always good to see what they come up with for AJJ.

Back in 2006 I had a yen to draw fairies and this is one of them so I used it to make this collage digitally.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 28 December 2015

Collage and Inchie

Hello Everyone. I hope you enjoyed the holiday and have now time to settle back into crafting. Thank you for finding time to call in. All your good wishes for my MIL seem to have worked some sort of magic as she has now been moved to our local hospital and there is even talk of her going to her own flat before too long.  This has made life a lot easier for us and I have time to craft again.

At Art Journal Journey there is still the rest of December to do a collage with some journaling.

I got a bit carried away and used a mop up page that seemed to give me ideas when I studied it carefully. It had the shape of a face with some hair so I used a white pencil to make an outline. It was great to be able to create a face with so few lines and it is something I have admired for ages when others do it. This left a big space at the bottom of the page so I stuck on something I made for another project that didn't work at all on that project but looks ok on this.

Now for Every Inchie Monday where it is the last inchie for this year

The theme this week is NEXT. I know what is next for me on EIM as the 2016 list is already posted so I just have to decided what form my inchies will take for next year. All of them have been on felt this year so that I could stitch them together.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

In the Spotlight 2015 at Try it on Tuesday

Do pop over to Try it on Tuesday where instead of a challenge we have chosen our the projects to be in the 2015 Spotlight. Hope you are one of them and even if you aren't everyone's entries are looked at and admired so do join us for 2016 each fortnight.

Last  post from me for a few days so I made something special for all of you who visit Jumbled Crafts and make life so enjoyable. Thank you for your support and friendship

Love and Christmas hugs Chrissie xx

Monday, 21 December 2015

Collage Page and Inchie

Hi All. Hope your week went well and you are ready for this week with things in place for the holiday. We are still hospital visiting and keeping our fingers crossed so not the Christmas we would have planned but it will be different for sure.

At Art Journal Journey the collages are still coming thick and fast with lovely words added to them which is what is asked for this month.

I dug up a face I 'painted over' about 10 years ago then I tried various things I haven't been able to use since I got my laptop as Paint Shop Pro needed to be reinstalled, I wanted my old version which didn't like the new laptop at all. Still trying to make things work and I am enjoying testing them along the way.

At Every Inchie Monday this week the theme is evolution. Now there's a big subject for a little inchie.

I just found one of the many charts and made it very small and stuck it onto felt. I have now finished all pf my inchies for 2015 and stitched them together so will post a pic of them next week.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Collage and Cards

Hi All. Thank you for visiting Jumbled Crafts at this busy time of year and for your comments that always make me happy At the moment it is a very wet and dark day here but I am hoping it will fair up a bit for our walk along the seafront to MIL's flat. She is still in hospital but we are making sure everything is OK for when she comes home eventually. The hospitals are so full she is being moved about from ward to ward and maybe even to another hospital they said yesterday. It is keeping us on our toes for sure.

At Art Journal Journey the theme is collage with some words added.

I did a digital page with Paint Shop Pro brushes I made and a very altered face image I had in a folder from a long time ago

Moo Mania and More start their new challenge today and the theme is Christmas. I am sure everyone has something to add for that theme and anything at all is allowed so long as it follows the theme.

I needed to make some cards quickly as I haven't had time to make many at all this Christmas. I did buy charity ones for almost everyone but they soon ran out.

You may remember this photo of me on the sleigh at Burton Agnes. I used this and stitched in Vic as well and added Santa hats and bows for the reindeer. The photographs were layered and stuck on white card.  I made fancy inners as well but forget to get a pic of those.

Hope you have a really lovely day

Chrissie xx

Monday, 14 December 2015

Inchie and Happy Mail

Happy New Week to you all and thank you for your welcome visit to my blog. I need a bit of cheering up today as my mother-in-law was taken in to hospital again yesterday. We didn't find her this time, a care manager did as she had the number to the key safe so we didn't know much about it until later. It will mean lots of work for us today. Not a clue what state the flat is in or even if MIL has got anything with her in the hospital. We will make sure the flat is safe, collect some stuff then off to Scarborough to the hospital.

Every Inchie Monday have loco as the theme this week.

I have two as I lost one of them I made so made another one and the first one turned up lol. Both are on felt ready to stitch into my years inchies.

 Haven't made anything else so I thought I would show you something really special. I wasn't going to open it until Christmas but I needed cheering up so opened it early.

This beautiful box arrived from Valerie. She is such an inspiration as I always decorate boxes I am sending now and never would have thought of it before I received one from her last year.

Just look at all the wonderful things that were inside. I am so happy with everything and can't wait to use them. The calendar is for Vic and me  and it is fantastic with wonderful photographs

Have a lovely day everyone

Chrissie xx

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Collage and photographs

Happy Weekend  All and thank you for calling in today.

Not mcsh crafting from me this week but I have managed to rearrange my crafty space and throw a few things away that will never be of any use. Wonder why we save these things?

For Art Journal Journey the theme is Collage with some journalling and it is so good to see all the ideas that people have. Rather like visiting an Art Gallery. All the projects are grouped together and if you visit AJJ there is link to them so no need to visit all of the blogs--what a great idea that is.

I found an old programme in a pile of stuff and it was from a tribute concert we went to see. There were pics of the real Freddie Mercury in the programme so I painted a background and stuck on some the pics. Then I did some stamping with a Chocolate Baroque stamp

Just thought I would show you a few photographs. They were taken on the top floor of Boyes which is our largest store here in Bridlington. We go up there for coffee and toasted teacakes some times as it has great views over Bridlington.

All around the new part of the cafe there are shop windows with old fashioned good in them and also there is a small museum with all sorts of things associated with sewing. Lots of old photographs and pictures around the walls as well so lots to see while you have a snack.

This is a moving model which
is quite strange if you aren't ready for it

Hope you have a good day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Snowflakes at Try it on Tuesday

Hi All. Thank you for visiting Jumbled Crafts and I hope you are ready for another challenge at Try it on Tuesday where we are thinking Snow, Winter Whites and Snowflakes this time. Hope you join in and let's all have fun in the Snow. If you need any inspiration there are wonderful ideas from my teamies so pop along to TIOT and have a look at them and if possible leave a comment on their blogs.

I made a smaller version of the large paper snowflakes that seem quite popular these days. Vic and me were lucky enough to shown how to make them when we visited Burton Agnes Hall a couple of Christmases ago and a lady there showed us how to make the big ones. There is a tutorial here if you want to have a go. For the three in a row I used 5 cms squares and made 18 of the small parts needed then stuck them together on ribbon.
The decorations were 3 peel offs and a few things from a wreath I bought for £1 at a charity shop. I took the wreath apart and have lots of things I can use for projects. I also added two roses I made out of small pieces of felt
I forgot to take a picture of the original before I used the pieces for decoration on the snowflakes

Have  a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 7 December 2015

Inchie and Journal Page

Hi All. Monday has soon come around again and still the weather is dark and wet. Thank you for brightening my day by popping in at Jumbled Crafts. Hope anyone in the UK is safe and not in a flooded area. My daughter lives in Cumbria which has been the worst hit but she lives half way up a steep hill so is free from the floods so far.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme this week is angel

I thought I would go down the Hell's Angels route as I did know quite a few lads from one of the chapters in my younger days.

Art Journal Journey has Collage for their theme this month and you are asked to add some text of your choice as well

I did a digital collage that cam into my head as I drank COFFEE in a lovely cafe. There was little plaque with the quote on it.

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Card and topper

Hi Everyone from a dark and wet NE UK coast. Looks like being a crafting day today. My hairdresser is coming about 11 am to give a trim so will catch up on the local gossip. Thank you for calling, in you are always welcome.

At Make my Monday the theme is very unusual as they was us to stamp with anything but a proper stamp.

I made a card for a neighbour's birthday

Can you guess what I used for this background?

I used the bottom of my house slippers

Now for Moo Mania and More where they would like to see your favourite stamps or images.

For me it sort of depends what time of year it is. I have just sorted out my Christmas stamps as I have decided to make some Christmas cards even though I was going to just buy charity cards this year. This is a topper as I need to buy more card now to make the actually cards.
The stamp is one of the first I bought years ago and it is from Papermania. Not sure if they still have it but the number is PMA1032. I coloured it with Promarkers. 

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Journal page and Inchie

Hello Everyone who calls in and thank you for taking time to visit Jumbled Crafts. A bit better weather today after lots of rain and wind so I am hoping to have  a nice walk along the sea front.

Firstly a reminder that you still have almost a week to join in with us at Try it on Tuesday where the theme is Bags and Boxes so you can actually make a bag or a box or just use images of them, the choice is up to you.

Now for Every Inchie Monday where the inchie theme for this week is Tea

I made a mug of tea on a felt background and added some star shapes. I am not fond of ordinary tea so this mug must be liquorice tea which I love.

A great new theme at Art Journal Journey. This month we are asked to make pages with collage as the subject and some journaling on the work as well.

The background is a mop up page and all of the bits and bobs for the 'mini me' came from a free Tesco Magazine. I thought this might be an idea for a fancy dress costume -maybe not eh?

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx