Monday, 29 February 2016

Inchie and Card

Happy Leap Year Day and good luck if you are planning to propose to anyone today. I wonder if females still do that these days ?

At Every Inchie Monday this week we have the theme towel. I am sure many of you know by now that all the themes this time are taken from Hitch Hiker's Galaxy and that I haven't read it. Vic has and tries to explain to me where the words fit in--I realise I should ask him first really as my inchies never fit with his definition

Moo Mania and More have chosen something a bit different for their challenge, My Favourite Pet is their theme this time.

I haven't any grandchildren but my daughter always has three cats at any given time so I have had lots and lots of 'grandcats' over the years

The cats are always from the Cat Protection and trained etc. before you get them. These are the youngest ones that she has now and are twins. I should say terrible twins as they are a real handful though adorable at the same time. Her older cat Felix is quiet but he does love watching the twins.

It is their birthday on March 9th so I made them a card. I bet they eat it. In the photograph they were working out how to catch a fly that had landed on the window and they never flinch when I tried to pass them to go upstairs.

Little Angels ?

Have a lovely day and thank you for calling in

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Journal page and knitting Again

Hi All. Very cold here and a bit of ice so I have decided to use that as an excuse to do a bit of crafting for a change. Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts.

Art Journal Journey still have 'If Music Be the Food of Love' as their theme for until the end of February.

As it will soon be the 29th of Feb, and a woman can ask a man to marry her on that day, I thought I would go down the bridal path for this digital creation. Lots of layers and different images melded together to create it.

Thanks to Sally for leaving a comment on an earlier knitting post suggesting I might like to try Twiddlemuffs as a project. Well I have done and I took one to the care home where my MIL is staying at the moment. They were delighted so I said I would make more as they have quite a few dementia 'guests' in there.

 This is the one I took to the 'hotel' there are things inside and out for the dementia patients to 'play' with as their hands move the whole time. Also the manager said they would be great for when they take them out in the minibus.

Thanks Sally for finding me something to keep me busy while I watch the telly.

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 22 February 2016

Happy New Week

Hello Everyone. It's a lovely bright and sunny day today here and hope it nice where you are. Thank you for calling in, always good to have you join me.

The tutorial for the Tea Bag holder is here if you want to have a go. Any question please email me.

Art Journal Journey have the theme' If Music be the food of Love' chosen by Hazel. It is going very well with wonderful entries

A digital page from me today as my time is very limited at the moment with MIL Care Home visiting or going to her flat to collect things she wants in the care home. She wants to go back to her flat ASAP so we will need a truck to take all the stuff back there. She does seem a lot healthier since being there so worth it in the end hopefully.

I would also like to enter this at Moo Mania and more as the theme there this time is Hearts

Every Inchie Monday has Earth as their subject this week

I did a very rough drawing of a globe,difficult to add countries shapes on just an inch. I remember getting a globe for Christmas when I was about 11 years old and it was my pride and joy for many years. It never influence my knowledge of what country was where as I am still useless at geography.

Hope you have a wonderful day

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Journal Page

Hi All. Hope you are well and happy and that you enjoy visiting Jumbled Crafts--thank you for calling in. I was just thinking yesterday about how blogs have changed over the years and we are all more friendly. When I first started blogging I got a comment from someone telling me they didn't like me to add 'love from Chrissie' or 'hugs Chrissie' and that most people didn't think it necessary. That was me told off for sure but fortunately not put off. I deleted the comment in case any more thought they would join in.

At Art Journal Journey the theme for February is 'If Music be the Food of Love' and there is still lots of time to join in.

I painted a page white then stuck on pieces of music paper and part of a bought paper I have had for some time--that is the cherub with the lute. I cut out a heart shape from cardboard then drew around it and used it to add the song title. So now you will be singing along with Phil Collins all day I hope.

I will also join in at Moo Mania and More with this as they still have the theme Hearts.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Transport at TIOT

Hi All. Hope you are all well and thank you for your visit today. I am sure you are wanting to see what the new challenge is at Try It on Tuesday and to see what my team mates have made for the challenge.

The theme is Transport for the next two week so do join in with your take as you can make anything you like so long as it follows the theme somewhere on your make.

I made a card by printing out some stamps I found online with wonderful transport images on them. I am not good at making cards for men at all so I was quite pleased how this turned out.

Hope to see what you make for the challenge

Have  a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 15 February 2016

Inchie and Knitting

Happy New Week everyone and thank you for joining me here at Jumbled Crafts. Cold and wet here so far today with a forecast for snow that never seems to arrive-not sure if that is good or bad as I do like the brightness of snow but the awful slush afterwards isn't very pleasant. I have  a lot of crafty projects on the go but none of them seem to get finished at the moment except for things that can be done while I watch the rugby on television.

This week at Every Inchie Monday the theme is beer-so cheers to all of you as I  raise a tankard of foaming Ale.

Rugby watching and knitting go very well together and particularly if it is in chunky wool and very big needles. My daughter brought lots of these patterns and the wool to knit them for the Cat Protection Fund Raising. I thought they would be nice little pyjamas cases but these would fit the nightwear of all the family in them I think.

They each took the time of three rugby matches last weekend and this weekend so not long at all from beginning to end. More lined up for the next few weekends.

Hope you have a good day and a great week ahead.

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 12 February 2016

Journal page and digital card

Hi All! Thank you for dropping by today. It is very cold here and we had Jack Frost patterns on the outside of our conservatory windows. Not seen many of those since I was child and then they were on the inside of the windows.

I seem to be a bit stuck for ideas with normal crafting so I keep going digital which I find easier and I can do from the comfort of my armchair in front of the fire. I must be getting old I think.

At Digitally Sweet the theme is spots and stripes and at Moo Mania and More they are asking for Hearts.

I have made a Valentine card for Vic as we both love to go to Whitby and see the Goths

I have lots of the digital stamps from

but it is a long time since I used any of them.

At Dezinaworld15 the theme this week is Candlelight.

I went down a weird route and used one of 'Dezinaworld' June's free images as a background

'Her bridegroom's gravestone was lit by a single candle and Miranda was guided to it on what should have been the 100th anniversary of their wedding day. If only the fateful accident hadn't happened.'

Write you own story-------

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Journal Page and something a bit different

Hello Everyone from a sunny NE UK Coast.  Hope the weather is nice where you are and a big thank you for sharing your day with me by popping in to Jumbled Crafts.

At Art Journal Journey the theme is 'If Music be the Food of Love.' 

I love Shakespeare works so couldn't resist a digital page with the master himself centre stage. I also fused in a bit of Twelfth Night that inspired the theme for the challenge 

I have been making some more things for the CatS Protection where my daughter organizes events to raise funds.

These are a follow on from the spectacle wipe holders but much larger as they have two big tea sachets inside. My daughter got the tea sachets online so they weren't too expensive. I designed the holder which is very simple and all in one piece. Our old printer still had some ink left in so I used it all up printing the designs on the card. The card is only £1 for 15 sheets at The Works so not an expensive make at all.
If anyone is interesting in making any I will write a tutorial with the template etc. They would be nice as little gifts or for fund raising. I stuck little cat stickers on them as they are for the Cats Protection

Have a great day all.

Monday, 8 February 2016

Project for a few challenges and an inchie

Hi All and thank you for calling in. I am now feeling almost back to normal and have to go to see the doc today so I am sure I will be declared fit-well I hope I will be as me and antibiotics don't get on well with each other at all.

I am finding it difficult to get back into crafting but I expect it will return with a vengeance soon--I hope so.

At Art Journal Journey the theme this time was chosen by Hazel and is-'If Music be the Food of Love'. At Moo Mania and More we are asked to use our scraps. and at Country View Crafts you can show them your 'Own backgrounds'. I did make this with all three in mind.

 For the background I used 2 Cuttlebug folders and then smeared them with inks. Sorry the colours don't show up too well but it was a very dull yesterday when I took the picture

Firstly I distressed the edge of the paper with ink and then delved into my scrap pile and added various punched shapes and cut-out pieces from a magazine. My writing looks shaky on the raised background but it says -IS ALL YOU NEED to fit with the love.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme this week is Slippers

Still doing my jigsaw pieces and going to try sitting together the ones I have done so far-that should be fun

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 6 February 2016

Digital Journal Pages

Hello Everyone from a very wet NE UK Coast. Thank you for calling in and I hope you like the artwork today. My brain isn't fully back to crafting mode yet but I am a lot better than of late. MIL now in a care home for a short stay to give us all a bit of a break- not sure she is too keen, though I haven't been to see her there yet and have left the visiting up to Vic.

At Art Journal Journey Hazel is hosting the challenge this time with the theme 'If Music be the food of Love'

I was watching a programme last night about a Caravaggio painting that has been digital reproduced as it had gone missing way back when. I remembered that I had this picture of his saved(not the one in the programme) as I liked it so much. I also love fruit and music so this page is for me really.

June at Dezinaworld15 has another Cheeky challenge with the theme Time Machine.

I chose one of June's freebie backgrounds and two of her freebie images to make this Collage. Amazing what effects can be achieved with Paint Shop Pro. Thank you June for all your hard work with your images both free and paid for.

Have a lovely day all

Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Journal Page and Inchie

Hi All. Thank you for your visits and your good wishes while I have been missing. I am feeling a lot better this morning but must still rest as much as possible. I notice I have lost a lot of my followers because of the Google shake up. Sorry to say I still have some that I know died a few years ago and it is sad to see them in the pictures. Anyone know how I can delete them?

At Art Journal Journey this time the wonderful Hazel has chosen the Twelfth Night Quote, 'If Music be the food of Love'

I made a digital page and the centre picture is one I found on a free site it is called Go Make Something. I painted a background and added various things from Paint Shop Pro. I hope to be able to go to my craft room and get a bit messy soon.

At Every Inchie Monday this week the theme is Bulldozer. All the words this year are from Hitch Hiker's Galaxy and Vic tells me what they mean in terms of the book. Seems like the sofa last week and the bulldozer appear in the same scene.

Not the best drawing of a bulldozer for sure :)

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

A Fine Romance at Try it on Tuesday

Hi All, thank you for dropping in at Jumbled Crafts and I hope you are all ready for the new challenge at Try it on Tuesday. We have gone all romantic with A Fine Romance as the theme. You can make anything you like so long as it follows the theme and if you need inspiration just pop over to TIOT and see what the rest of the team has made.

I made a canvas but it could be used on card I think.

I started off with a square and a heart cut from a cardboard box and covered them in metal foil tape. I then ran them through the Cuttlebug with embossing folders, Next came a coat of white acrylic and some texture added with a stencil and Modge Podge. Also a couple of die cuts as well. The colours are Distressed Stains and the beautiful flowers Valerie sent me in my Christmas parcel. I made the little birds in Paint Shop Pro and printed them out on patterned paper.

Can't wait to see what everyone makes so it's over to you

Love Chrissie xx