Monday, 16 May 2016

Inchie, Journal page and a photograph

Monday soon seems to have come around again and here I am again welcoming you to Jumbled Crafts and saying thank you for calling in.

At Every Inchie Monday the subject for this week is dimensional. All the words this year have been picked out of Hitch Hiker's Galaxy book and I have never read it so haven't a clue where the words appear. Vic usually knows where the word is in the book so I just ask him.

I did simple building bricks for my version.
I will be off on a journey next week so won't be able to post my next inchie until I get back home.

Now to Art Journal Journey for another journey page as that is the theme there for the month of May. 

On Friday we went on the train to Beverley so I saved the tickets to add to a page for the journey theme. We go most places by train as it is such a wonderful way to travel and lose yourself in the surrounding countryside.
Close up of the quote.

Now for a cat photograph.

Willow has given up trying to claim his radiator bed as Felix has decided it is his. Now Willow has found a new place to sleep and I am sure Graham will evict him A.S.A.P when he finds him there. This is the case for Graham's new banjo which he must have left unoccupied, unusual as he is very careful with all of his instruments most of the time.

Have a great day


  1. I thought of the tumbling blocks idea but decided not to go that route, so glad at least one of us has! Just applied or a new passport & will be getting organised for my bus pass next, we have to travel to Aberdeen or Stonehaven where parking is a b.... if we want to travel by train. Hope you had fun in Beverley- it's been a while since I last went.


  2. Fun inchie and another wonderful journal page, great idea with the tickets. But the show-stealer today is Willow, love his use of the banjo case - that's caterwauling!
    Have a good day, I'm off for my walk here, still rather chilly. Hugs, Valerie

  3. Love your inchie, great on the jigsaw piece. Love the quote on the journal page, very true.
    The picture of Willow is so sweet, he looks so cosy.
    Have a great day, Avril xx

  4. I love the page and the inchie, great job on making all those little blocks! The cat is adorable. Ours love cubbys and cardboard boxes. One even sleeps on one of those cardboard cat scratch things. and both of them often sleep on my daughter lol

  5. Fabulous quote on your page Chrissie, so true too. Your little Willow is so cute, all curled up in a ball of wool.xxx  {aNNie}

  6. Great page Chrissie. I love how you added the train tickets and the quote is fantastic. I also love Willow's new bed. She looks so cute curled up in there. She fits just perfect! Happy Monday. Hope its a fantastic new week for you and glad you stopped by AJJ with this beautiful piece. Hugs-Erika

  7. Lovely is your inchie and a fantastic idea for the page!Thank you for joining us at Art Journal Joureny ! The photo of Willow in the banjo case is fantastic! CATS!!!!
    oxo Susi

  8. Wishing you a happy trip Chrissie! Enjoy the journey!

  9. hi chrissie - your 3D bricks look like a quilting pattern called tumbling blocks - well done to do 5 blocks (I only did one!)
    if you want to know where the words are from in the book, I;v made it a task to try and find all the words - don't know if this is a good thing or if I am just annoying people!

  10. Train travel is so wonderful and relaxing.
    Tickets are something I find hard to throw away.
    You've used yours beautifully in your great travel collage.
    Willow is enjoying sweet music for that special cat nap!
    What a wonderful photo ♥

  11. A super fun inchie Chrissie. Love your fantastic train page with the tickets and the words. The biggest smile goes to the cat, I hope he wasn't in too much trouble when Graham found him.
    Yvonne xx
    p.s. we were both on the same sort of journey today for AJJ.

  12. Chrissie, the journey IS the trip, indeed. Gil bought a convertible and it is my mission to find the twistiest, windiest roads possible and I have found many a mile. Sometimes we fly on the ground and sometimes, we're a-flying. WOO! Great chalkboard design. Love the tumbling blocks, too. And the cat, of course. Cheryl

  13. Love your inchie, and the sentiment on your page is just wonderful!! What a riot, your fur baby is an absolute doll! Aren't animals fantastic! hugs :)

  14. Will all your inchies fit together in the jigsaw puzzle when you've finish them all? Great idea to keep your train tickets to showcase your page and I just love your cats new home xx

  15. Wonderful work, Chrissie, but I must say, the kitty in a banjo box stole the show and made me smile!

  16. A fabulous page chrissie and a great use of your train tickets, I love your photo of Willow.
    xxx Hazel.

  17. Wonderful post, Chrissie. I love all your fab projects.
    Hugs xx

  18. Cool colourful inchie and I love your page! It's cool adding the tickets and the quote is so true! The photo is lovely! Willow looks so cute! xxx

  19. Great inchie and journal page. Willow takes the prize this week though.

  20. Isn't that funny, my thoughts exactly! Love the journal page and great idea for an Inchie but I love the cat in the banjo case - he fits so well! Don't cats just get in the darnedest places?? Enjoy your travels and have a great time when you get there.

  21. Love your inchie Chrissie, as always I'm amazed at what you can fit into an inch. Your journal page is fab too, I always have a pocket full of train tickets from getting home from work. Willow will of course give up his bed when he's good and ready lol xx

  22. Two great projects - you have such a creative mind!

  23. I really chuckled at you curled up cat - bless!!! Love your inchie and I think using your tickets is a great idea for your journal page! Hugs, Chrisx

  24. Willow made me laugh out loud - cats are very strange and wonderful creatures!

    Your building blocks are a great take on the Dimensional inchie, and your chalky drawings have a joyful simplicity - lovely idea to use the train tickets.
    Alison x


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