Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Journal Page, Reminder and an Ahh moment

Hello Everyone who pops by and thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts.

This month at Art Journal Journey the theme is Journeys and was chosen by Erika,  she did a wonderful spread to inspire us.

What a journey this must have been for the hare and the tortoise. My background is a mop up page on the front of a supermarket magazine which I will using as a journal now because the paper is so good. The images were from a leaflet pushed through the door to advertise a ballet.

A reminder that we still have another week to go for our Vintage Photograph Challenge at Try it on Tuesday so hope you will join us there with your take on the challenge. I had a look back through some  of my old makes and saw lots of projects using my own family, vintage photographs. Here is one I made for a challenge in April 2012

The link to the post is here if you want to know about the project.

Now for my good deed for the day yesterday.

We went for a walk to the sea front and a mother duck and her babes were on the road side of the golf course fence

I can't imagine how she had got there as the fence is fastened down so tightly. Her mate was calling from the other side which made her even more distressed.

I managed to lift up part of the fence with an old tree branch and she scurried through the opening with her ducklings, Vic took pictures on his phone. No sign of the Drake at this point. He must have just been happy to have them back home I guess.

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Always love seeing art journal pages! So precious.... mommy duck with her little ones!!!! Sweeeeeeeeet!!!!!!
    Hugs, Michelle ♥

  2. Typical man, just wants to be sure the family is at home while he is out and about! Lovely photos, and a wonderful journal page for AJJ, thanks for joining us again! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Awww... This is so cute ! I am so pleased that the little family got reunited ! I hope ! Love your creations Chrissie, the scrapbook page is really special... Hugs, blessings and love from Catherine

  4. I love your journal page - brilliant idea! Your page with family photos is beautiful! Well done for getting that little duck family together again! I love seeing ducklings! Hugs, Chrisx

  5. Love your good deed of the day, I'm sure mother duck would have thanked you if she could.
    Fabulous pages Chrissie, its a beautiful page with the personal photos.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Chrissie, you are the duck samaratin, one good deed deserves another....love your lovely page today as well.xxx{aNNie}

  7. Oh, that duck story touches my heart. I bet they were very happy. I think dad probably flew over the fence as a typical man wasn't thinking Mom and the babies couldn't fly over...ha-ha. LOVE your tortoise and hare page. It is always so cool to see what clever ideas people come up with. And beautiful vintage photo page too. Happy Tuesday:)

  8. Love your tortoise and hare piece Chrissie! I am just so taken by your story about the ducks! I'm so glad you were there to lend a helping hand so they could reunite with Daddy! hugs :)

  9. A great art journal page and fantastic ideas, Chrissie! Love this fabulous card with your own family photographs. The duck family look so adorable!
    Mar xx

  10. A great vintage page - glad you showed it again and the AJJ page is great as well! So sweet with those duck family! ♥♥♥

    Happy Tuesday dear Chrissie! Thank you for a fab page for Art Journal Journey!
    oxo Susi

  11. Love your use of free papers! I do too, after all they want to clog my letter box with stuff... Very creative as well, but of course no match for the ducklings cute pics!

  12. Great stuff as usual but I was really touched by your mother and ducklings heroics, well done you, fabulous to reunite them all xx

  13. Great page - I would kiss the rabbit but not the turtle! I am so glad that you all were there to help Mom and her babies through the fence!
    Sandy xx

  14. A great page with photos xx And what cute ducks, lucky to have you come to the rescue x

  15. The page is fun and the other one nostalgic. Well done, Chrissie 👍

  16. Great journal page Chrissie love your choice of journey,
    Your scrapbook of your Grandparents and your Dad is a lovely keepsake and a treasure.
    Love the duck pics its a good job you were there to rescue them.
    Avril xx

  17. Oh those precious ducklings (quite a good number!!!)
    Wonderful that you could lend a hand and help that little family out :-)
    Both of your creations are really lovely.

  18. Both project are simply wonderful Chrissie, so lovely each in their own way! And as to those ducklings awe, you are a saint, what a great good deed of the day! The photos are lovely too!

  19. The hare and the tortoise page is a great response to the Journeys theme - and so lovely to see those family photos on your lovely vintage layout.

    The story of your duck-rescue brought a little tear to my eye - the thought of her all distressed and then the magical lifting of the fence which allowed her to get home. Well done!
    Alison x

  20. Fabulous journal page Chrissie, and great idea to use the supermarket mag. Your vintage photographs are lovely too, but it was the ducklings that made me go ahhh lol xx

  21. Fab page Chrissie love the pics of the duck and babies and well done for helping them out. x


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