Saturday, 11 June 2016

Happy Weekend with a cute cat photograph

Hi All and a warm welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Always great to have visitors and thank you for your visit. A couple of days ago I got my sewing machine out of its hiding place so now I have no space for my usual crafting. Not much sewing done either so I must try harder.

At Art Journal Journey the theme is Maps.

This page was inspired by an article I read when I was looking on Google for help on how to cover up the black bags under my eyes! It made me laugh when I saw the headline so I took a selfie and cut it out digitally then added a contour effect. Not at all sure I would go for that look. The beautiful wall in the background was a photograph taken by Valerie and I added a contour effect to that as well.

I am still plodding through my daughter's craft stuff that she brought for me to distribute or use. Most of it I would never use so have given it to various charity craft groups. I usually make a few samples to show them how to use the stuff that is mostly bulk buys from Create and Craft way back when.

This lot of stuff is for a special needs group as all you do is fold the pieces of A4 card and then push out the various shapes and stick them on. I did add a bit of extra with the contrast card but it wasn't needed really. It was a sort of 'do you remember when' moment making these sort of cards.

This is Willow, my daughter's cat, he has found yet another place to sleep. If you have seen him before you will know he looks for something round and very small.

His mum was sunbathing so he found somewhere as near to her as possible to have a snooze.

Hope your weekend goes well

Love Chrissie xx


  1. What a fun journal page with the contour map. I think there might be easier ways of getting rid of dark shadows under your eyes, but painting your face with contours would certainly distract from them! Love the photo of the cats, have fun with the charity cards. Hugs, Valerie

  2. CAT IN A POT!! HAHA!!! What a great photo, he is an absolute dollface!! Love your selfie piece, great take on the map theme. hugs :)

  3. So, so cute and lovely... (the cat) Great pic! I thought your contour idea interesting as a Journal page, not so sure about how effective in helping with the eye bags...

  4. Interesting contour tool, did you know you look like Mrs Thatcher? A cat in a pot how cozy does he look! XOXO

  5. Hih, you look fun! I remember that this cute cat has already earlier slept in strange places ;))
    Have great time xx

  6. A funny and interesting idea for maps dear Chrissie ! Thanks a lot for auch a nice idea for the maps theme at AJJ and the cards look super.. I know what you mean with " could never use all the stuff up" ...lol!
    Willow is just super sweet! Such a nice cat in the pot...lol!
    Happy Sunday dear Chrissie!
    oxo Susi

  7. Fab idea for a journal page, love your contours! How good of you to make something so they have an idea of what they could do with the items you are gifting to them, the cat looks cosy too xx

  8. Love the facial contouring Chrissie, makes a great journal page.
    Your samples will give great inspiration for the group members and I'm sure they will have fun.
    Love the picture of Willow - such a cutie.
    Avril xx

  9. Wow Chrissie, thats a fantastic page with the contouring of your selfie.
    Willow looks comfy in the flower pot. I'm sure the charity groups will be pleased to have the papers and card to use.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Oh Chrissie you always have such totally original ideas! What a out of the box way to work with the theme of maps, wow.

    Love the samples you did with that way back when stuff, I think many of us where there so many moons ago. The cat made me smile, what a funny place to get yourself comfy... Have a great Sunday!

  11. Slightly eerie, that face contour map! How nice for those groups to find themselves with lots of craft materials to play with, and what a good and generous thought to create some samples to give them ideas of how to use them.

    Do wish sometimes that I were a cat!
    Alison x

  12. Great map page and fabulous selfie, Chrissie. Willow looks adorable in the
    pot. The charity cards are very beautiful... it's a nice gesture.
    Hugs, Mar

  13. How lovely your contoured face is! The cards are very pretty, although I know what you mean about the simplicity of those kits. Cute cat!

  14. A wonderful page Chrissie, I love the contoured face and Willow looks quite cosy in his pot.
    xxx Hazel.

  15. Very cool contour maps of every face shape! Really interesting and clever! :)

  16. Brilliant designs Chrissie and the contour shape.. Love the colours too and look at lazy bones, in a pot...cute..xx{aNNie}

  17. Fun and original take on the Map theme Chrissie!
    Such a precious kitty kat snoozing in the sun ♥

  18. Ooh the face mapping is kind of spooky! Makes an absolutely fabulous page! I bet the craft stuff is really appreciated by the folks who get to play and Willow looks so cute! xxx

  19. Love the face map! Oh that cat makes me smile! Hugs, Chrisx


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