Monday, 4 July 2016

Journal page and inchie

Hi All and welcome to Jumbled Crafts today. Always great to have visitors so thank you for calling in

Happy 4th of July to my USA friends.

Art Journal Journey have the wonderful theme 'in my garden there is' and you can see all of the wonderful entries so far here and there are terrific entries already and the whole of the rest of July to join in. Yvonne is the wonderful for  hostess this time.

Years ago a friend gave Vic some seeds to plant and showed him a wonderful photograph of what her flowers looked like from the seeds. Every year we waited for flowers and every year just pretty leaves came on the plants. This year one of the plants flowered--yipee. It was worth the wait as they are so beautiful. My page started life as another mop up page and progressed from there. The heart was already in the middle so I used Distressed stain to fill it in.

Every Inchie Monday have Computer as the theme for the week. All the words this years come from Hitch Hiker's Galaxy that I still haven't read.

 Way back in the early 80s the computers were huge, heavy and none too popular with teachers. I was a science technician at the time and we were allowed one computer for three floors of the science blog. I was on the third floor and with only a small service lift. Trying to get the computer from one floor to another with a monitor, keyboard and instruction manual was a nightmare between lessons. Most of the time I had to dash down the stone steps to get the computer from the lift and be there to set it up and use it as well because most of the teachers thought it was an alien being and hadn't a clue how to use it. Bring on the lap top, i-pad, i-pod and mobile phone I say.

Have a great day



  1. It's a fantastic journal page for AJJ Chrissie. It was worth the wait to see the pretty flowers the seeds produced. That's one of the wonders of the garden. Loved the inchie, I remember the first computers and am afraid to say they were alien to me as well , but where would we be without them today.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Yes..thank goodness for lighter and smaller pcs and phones - although not too small please as my eyes aren't as young and good as they use to be :)

    Love your beautiful AJJ piece. The background is really pretty.
    Lovely that at last your lower has bloomed - but what is it ?
    Have a lovely day Chrissie - sun shining down here in Essex and 27c outside :)
    Gill xx

  3. Wonderful journal page Chrissie, love the heart, and that flower is fabulous. Do you know what it's called? Great inchie, too, and yes, things have really progressed in the technical department. Just got back from the doc's, had to have another patch of skin-cancer removed. Have a nice day, hugs, Valerie

  4. A great inchie and a lovely journal page, I'm glad your plant has finally flowered - it's beautiful.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. Beautiful card and inchie Chrissie\ and colours are fantastic...x {aNNie}

  6. Love your computer inchie Chrissie and your garden piece is so beautiful!! What a gorgeous plant, how satisfying to watch it bloom after waiting for so long! hugs :)

  7. And they thought computers were just a fad! It is a lovely page Chrissie and a beautiful flower. XOXO

  8. A beautiful page Chrissie it is fuchsia which I love x

  9. A wonderful page Chrissie !What a fantatsic Thanks a lot for sharing with AJJ♥ Great that this beautiful flower bloomed now!
    lovely inchie! Oh yes the technical progress is unbelievable.
    oxo Susi

  10. Charming page. The flower photo is beautiful. I think it looks like a flower we call 'broken heart' but not sure.
    Thanks for nostalgic memories of huge computers 😂 How fun that it fits in inchie 😁😁
    Hugs 😘

  11. Oh, and remember when we wanted to download a song? We would start the download and go mow the lawn. Then we would check the progress and go do a couple of loads of laundry. After at least half of an eternity, the song was downloaded and we were thrilled LOL! Fun inchie and story, Chrissie!

  12. So nice and made with lot of fantasy dear Chrissie. I love your page with that nice flower photo so much. Well composed.
    Dear Greatings

  13. Loved reading your story re the computer - great inchie and love your art heart work - and if the photo of the flower is the one in the art - wow what an unusual flower!

  14. love your old computer story - used to teach media arts and it was always hard to keep up with the ever changing software - nice inchie

  15. love the works, I do remember having computers like that in my college classes when I first started, now my sons school has enough computers, Ipads and MacBooks for each child to have one.

  16. What a brilliant page for AJJ- your patience was well rewarded! Love your inchie with your reminder about changing technology! Chrisx

  17. Love the fab background of your Mixed Media page. It's a relief computers are so much smaller now! It's certainly an area where I wouldn't go back to how it was...

  18. I'm thinking your flower might be " loves lies bleeding "? Far easier to transport than your computer lol.


  19. Oooh how did I miss this, they are both fantastic, I love the grunginess of your journal page xx

  20. Pretty fuschia, is it? Gardening does require a good dose of patience and yours was rewarded. Ah, computers. I am so grateful for so much of the progress--makes my job so much easier and other times just fraught with frustration. WHere would we be without? CHeryl

  21. What a lovely page and the words are just perfect too.
    That gorgeous flower was well worth waiting for.
    It looks exotic and very pretty.
    What would we do without computers!

  22. I love your page. I think your heart and background came out beautifully, and I love the photo you added. Its such a pretty flower too. Hugs-Erika


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