Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Try it on Tuesday thinks Children this time

Hello Everyone. Thank you for dropping by.
 Time for a new challenge at Try it on Tuesday where the theme is Children. Lots to think about for this theme I'm sure, and if you need inspiration just pop along to TIOT and see what the rest of the team have made.

I made a kid's Colouring Book for a little visitor that always wonders what I have been making.
The images were free to use from RaisingOurKids.com and I printed them out and layered them on coloured card.

I punched holes in the front, back and all the pages, then tied them together with thick wool. I bought a set of coloured pencils to go with the book.

Pages finished and in the book. I stuck little animal shapes on the backs of the pages and her and there on the picture pages.

Have fun and hope to see you at the challenge

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 29 August 2016

Journal page and Inchie

Hi All. I hope you enjoyed the weekend. We had very mixed weather here so not a lot of walking but lots of sport watching and that is great for me.

At Art Journal Journey this month Gill has hosted the theme Nature's wonders and there have been so many entries to admire. You can see them all here in one place so do go and have  a look. Still a couple of days left to join in as well.

I started on my new journal with this simple page. The background is painted in pale shades though they don't show up too well on the photograph.

The flower is one from our garden that I photographed and added effects before printing it and cutting it out.

Flower photograph

Every Inchie Monday has petunia as the subject this week

I drew the flower then cut it out to stick on the inchie

I knitted egg cosies this weekend while I watched sport

 All of these old eggs cups cost just £1 for the lot from the car boot sale and I am going to put chocolate eggs in them. More stuff for the Cat Protection to sell for funds.

Have a wonderful day

Love Chrissie x

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Digi Art, tag and knitting

Hi All from a very sunny NE UK coast. I expect this weekend will be very busy here as it is a Bank Holiday weekend so I hope the weather stays really lovely for everyone. Thank you for calling in today. I will be watching the Grand Prix and the Rugby League Cup Final today so that's me smiling already. Lots of knitting to do as well while I watch.

This is sheep pyjama case I knitted last weekend while sport watching

At Dezinaworld this time the Cheeky Challenge is old lace. There are lots of free digi images there that June generously shares with all so do have a look and hopefully join in.

This isn't one of June's images it is one I saved a while ago from Google of an old Balinese Grandma. I added lace head dress, borders and a frame

At Go Tag Thursday this time the theme is go bold with colour

I made a double sided tag for this as I just love the bright colours.

I used the colours above straight onto a piece of card then folded it in half.

The stamp is by elusiveimages 2007 and I bought a box of them for £3 at the car boot sale, they had never been used . Four of them are 3,5 x 5.5 inches.

Have a lovely weekend everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Twofers and Ajj

Hello Everyone. Lovely to have you visit Jumbled Crafts and always great to have you here. We have had lots of rain during the night but now it is bright and sunny and just right for a walk along the seafront. 

At Twofers this time the theme is to make the the sentiment the main feature. You need to use a real inked stamp somewhere on your projects for the challenges there. This will be their last challenge for a while as they haven't had the response to the challenge that they would like. Time for a rethink they thought and they will be back I'm sure. Good Luck girls and hurry back.

I made this canvas. The stamp is from a Holly Art rubber stamp set. The papers I have had in a drawer for years

Art Journal Journey still have Nature's Wonders until the end of the month so  still join time to join in with your journal page.

This is a photo I took of my daughter's cat Willow asleep, which is something he does for most of the day except for when he is eating.

Sleep has always been  one of Nature's Wonders and these days there is a lot of research about the why and wherefores and no one seems to have the answer as to why we sleep. Me having a rant next so miss it out if you are busy :)

 I went for my yearly check-up at the docs last week and they have added this question to a long list--How long do you sleep each night? Well I vary from not at all to about 6 hours on a good night. Apparently this isn't enough--I asked why? The nurse said studies had shown we need 8 hours. I asked what studies, where and why?--as you would. No reply just a sharp jab in my arm to extract an armful of blood. I rarely visit the doctor. I am nearly 75, I walk miles each day and I am very happy so why do I need to sleep away a third of the hours of my life?

Down from my soap box and wishing you all a happy day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Tag and TIOT reminder

Hi All. Nice to have you call in and thank you for your support at Jumbled Crafts.

This week at Tag Tuesday the theme is Shoes, Hats and Bags

I just happened to have a shoe catalogue handy and it had bags as well though the hat was from something else. Not a clue why I added the upside down baby or the heart-must have been a senior moment.

At Try it on Tuesday we have the theme Book Pages for another week so I hope you will join in and make anything you like so long as it has a book page or part of one on it.

I made a front cover for a journal.

It started life as a photograph album

The pages had photo corners on them so Vic took them off for me to use the pages to paint on

The paper is really nice and there is a cover for each page as well which will be useful if the paint is still wet when I close the journal.

I did a lot of paper piecing for the background then used Distressed inks to colour it. Cut out shapes for the head and shoulders then found things from magazines for the face and hair.

Hope you will join us

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 22 August 2016

Inchie and Journal Page

Hello Everyone  from a wet and windy NE UK coast. Looks a very dreary day outside today so maybe I will catch-up with some H------K at last. Hope it is better where you are that you enjoy your day. Thank you for your visit.

At Every Inchie Monday this week the theme is Dolphin

Not sure this looks like a dolphin as they usually look quite happy chappies. Maybe I will draw a smile on it.

Art Journal Journey have Nature's Wonders for this month and everyone is doing wonderful pages with lots of ideas. We are inspired by Susi , Valerie and Gill their host for this challenge.

I dug out another of my photographs that I took while waiting for a train. The little birds must have just emerge from the nest in a tree above the station wall and their mum or dad were doing a lot of chirping and trying to get them to fly. I would have stayed but the trains along that line don't come very often so we had to leave them to their lesson.

Have a good day all whatever you have planned

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Tag and Journal Page

Happy Weekend All. I am looking forward to watching cricket all day on television but the weather forecast isn't good so I may have to find something else to do. We have already been to the shops for essentials so lots to nibble if we get hungry. Thank you for calling in and enjoy your day whatever you are doing.

Go Tag Thursday have book print as their theme for this week and this just happens to be our theme at Try it on Tuesday where we would like you to use a book page or part of one for your project. Still over a week to join us there

I printed the children image onto the book page. I found the children on a free to use colouring page. Then I coloured them with watercolour pencils and mounted the page on a glittery card

At Art Journal Journey, Gill is hosting the Nature's Wonders theme this month

I made the flowers from a used milk container and the Tim Holtz tattered flowers die. They have hung in our garden for a few years now and faded a bit but the butterfly and bees love to rest on them. We get a lot of different butterflies but the peacock ones are the most spectacular.

The rain has just started here and I have lots of washing on the line so will go and get it back inside.

Have a good day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 18 August 2016

Moon project and Journal Page

Hi All. Hope your week is going well and the weather is nice where you are. Thank you for finding time to call in at Jumbled Crafts.

Moo Mania and More have Moon for their theme this time. So it more Moo-n Mania.

 We have a full moon here at the moment and Vic took some photographs while the sky was cloudless. I used one of them to make this digital piece.

Strange how there is definitely a man in the moon face from a distance but not close up.

Art Journal Journey have the theme Nature's Wonders with the lovely Gill as  hostess for the month of  August. So many wonders people have found for the challenge and I am sure there will be many more to come by the end of the month.

I went for a forage under the big trees along a road near to where we live and I found lots of things left behind from last Autumn. I stuck them onto a mop up page as I wanted them to be the focal point on this page. There were lots more so I didn't spoil the chances of lots of new trees growing.

Nice day for a walk here with cloud cover for a change.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Book Pages at Try it on Tuesday

Hello Everyone and thank you for your visit.

Another great challenge at Try it on Tuesday for the next two weeks so I hope you will join in with us. The theme is Book Pages. If you are short of inspiration then my friends on the design team have lots for ideas for you to see when you visit TIOT. You can make anything at all so long as it follows our theme for the challenge.

 I made a birdcage folded book

 I chose a strong, hard backed book and it had a lovely coloured paper stuck to the inside front and back which made a good start for me

This is close-up of the folds-tuck them well into the middle of the pages.

 Carry on folding until you have a half circle of pages. Then cut away the rest of the pages which leaves the spine of the book cover as a stand when you stick it together

Easier to remove a few pages at a time if there are a lot left. Decorate the birdcage before you stick the end pages to the book cover back and front. This way you can tuck in any lace etc. 

Decorate as you wish

This shows how the spine holds book upright as a stand

Better view of 'stand'

Now it's your turn so do join in with whatever ideas you have for book pages.

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 15 August 2016

Inchie and photos

Hi All. Monday again already and I hardly recall last week it flew by so quickly. Welcome to my nearest followers, Olesya and Jo and thank you everyone who calls in at Jumbled Crafts.

Time for another inchie and this time the theme at Every Inchie Monday is fjord

We stayed at the Leikanger Hotel in Norway at one end of the Leikanger Fjord  and one day we went all the way up the fjord to the other end on a boat, it was amazing. We have a video that Vic took along the way and I am looking forward to seeing it again being reminded about it by doing this challenge.

Today I went early for blood tests then we came back home along the beach which has lots of happy holiday makers and residents enjoying the beach huts and the miles of sandy, clean beach that we have here. The beach is cleaned every day early in the morning with a large tractor that has a magic machine attached to it.

The tide was well out when we walked along but speeds in quite close to the promenade wall later.

I did a bit of beach combing and found this mussel shell with barnacles that look like a skull couple close together and also some baby seagull feathers, The adults bring their young down to near the harbour every morning and a few of the adults stay with them until later in the day. They make a lot of noise but seem very happy.

Hope your day is going well.

Love Chrissie xx

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Canvas and Journal page

Hello Everyone who calls in and thank you for your visit. It is still hot and humid here though there are lots of cloud today so maybe it will be better for walking than it has been the last few days. 

At Frilly and Funkie the theme is 'It's a small, small World'. I am not good at this style but I always look at what Pamellia has made and love to watch her videos to see how she arrives at such amazing projects. I fall at the first fence because scissors don't ruffle the edges of card or paper for me and it all looks so easy. They say practice makes perfect so I need lots of practice

This started life as a 4 inches square piece of thick cardboard from an old box. I sort of tried to follow one of the videos and then realised I had hardly any of the things I needed so this is my version. Thank you Pamellia for the inspiration. The photograph is one of my husband's grandmother so I thought his mum might like this canvas. I have been trying for a few weeks now to join Frilly and Funky and a few other blog but Blogger have a problem that they know about and are trying to fix it. Lots of us have the same problem apparently so I guess we will have to wait for the solution.

Another digital journal page today that I would like to share with 
Art Journal Journey for their Nature's Wonders theme and with Digitally Sweet where the theme this time is Floral

 The flower is a tube I have had for over 10 years and I tried to find the origins but the website no longer exists. The background for the flowers is from a fractal that my husband played around with about the same time-fractals are still a mystery to me. The other background  was in the same folder and was a download. You may have guessed that I am investigating very old folders full of stuff. Next will be the box of discs with saved stuff from old computers going back to 1995-that should be fun.

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 12 August 2016

Card and tag

Good Day All and thank you for calling in. Nice day here though very windy. The farmers near to us have decided to become organic and have sprayed the fields with evil smelling mixtures so we can't open any windows or even go outside at the moment. I imagine the whole country smelt like this in days gone by but not good that we are going backwards.

Go Tag Thursday have beach huts as their theme this week.

I used this photograph that I took in Scarborough and then added lots of pictures of photographs that are here along the seafront in Bridlington. I just love beach huts.

At Moo Mania and More the subject this time is Moon.

For this I made a card. I started out by finding a crescent shape then added a profile to it and filled the shape with a zentangle design.  Then I made a background and added the sentiment before printing it out and colouring the zentagle design with Promarkers. I used a piece of A4 glitter card and a piece of gold pattern card to raise up the design. This is card is for all my blogging friends everywhere to show how close we really are to each  other.

Have a great day 

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Journal page, card and photographs

Hello Everyone. Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts and a warm welcome to my latest follower Faith.

At Art Journal Journey our talented friend Gill is hosting Nature's Wonders that is the theme she has chosen for August

This page is called' blue flowers and butterflies' though I didn't know what it was going to be when I painted the page white with very runny paint then sprayed it with Dylusions ink spray. I looked at the shapes and thought of delphiniums so I drew around those shapes with black pen and then made up fantasy flowers with the other shapes. The butterflies were some peel offs a friend sent for me.

Next to Twofers where the theme this time is 'The Heat is On'

I made this card for a couple who have just got engaged after living together for years. I am sure the heat is on to decide when the wedding will be and I know they will laugh at this card. The big stamp is Cat Lovers from Funstamps and the sentiment is an all in one set of 6 with no maker's name

More photographs from our trip to Redcar though none of these are in Redcar

Firstly back to Saltburn 
We walked along the pier and all along it there are knitted things on one side. I could have stayed there all day just looking at them and laughing as they were so terrific and must have had some dreadful weather to contend with in the time they have been there. This is just a selection

This is a brand new crazy golf course on the seafront so we had to have a go and everyone was watching us then a few more decided to join in.

Now off to Middlesborough to visit the Middlesborough Institute of Modern Art.

The MIMA is in a huge open space in the town and it so peaceful to just sit and people watch there and especially to see all the interesting characters going in and out of the huge Law Courts. This is statue outside the Law Courts which says a lot for sure.

A sculpture near to MIMA

So many things to see on all of the floors and I didn't take many photographs at all as I was too busy taking in all around me. This wonderful work was on the ground floor and what a wonderful way to use the old palettes

An example of what some use so they can pursue their art. A food tray with ethnic decoration. There were lots of other things as well.

The first floor was really about democracy and I am sure if I had looked at everything I would have been wiser. I did get a bag with a ball of clay in it to plant to grow my own democracy. Not sure what will happen but it is now in a pot waiting to grow.

Also interesting was a huge display of why that part of the UK had voted so strongly to leave the EU. There were videos of real people giving their reasons and lots of artwork expressing their views.

Next floor was what we really went to see. Maybe you have heard of  'The Caravan Gallery.' It is doing the rounds in parts of the UK and is well worth a look if you like photographs of real people and places and  also like to laugh a lot. I have sent for a book of some the photographs as I am sure I could laugh at a lot of them for a long time to come.

That's it now for that trip.

Have a great day all 

Love Chrissie xx