Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Journal and photographs

Hi All, hope you are well and happy today. Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts

At Art Journal Journey, Valerie is hosting an Indian Summer/Autumn theme. with lots of inspiration on her blog and at AJJ.

I did a digital piece for today. The background was painted and photographed to use for other things and I will use the painted version for a project as well.

Yesterday evening we went for a walk along the edge of the sea and sun was very low in the sky casting long leg shadows. Valerie often shows these in her beautiful photographs so Vic took one of us on his phone

Our garden is full of cobwebs this morning as there is a heavy dew. They look so beautiful against the fence.

We are off now to walk along the beach into town and catch a bus to Dane's Dyke where we can do a wooded walk and forage for unusual Autumn things. I will watching leaves turn colour for sure as there are some seats carved into the fallen tree trunks.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. What a wonderful journal page, with such glowing colours - thanks for joining us again at AJJ. Love the photos, too, but be careful - taking shadow photos gets addictive! Have a fun day out, hope you take more lovely pics. Hug, Valerie

  2. I can picture you both now sitting on a fallen tree bench, listening to the wind blowing through the trees overhead while watching the leaves turning into the colours of fire. Hope you had a great walk. XOXO

  3. The long shadows are truly indicative of autumn, as is this gorgeous digital AJJ entry. It's a real beauty. I look forward to seeing photos of your unusual autumn finds. It sounds like it would be a fun trip.

  4. Your page is awesome! Love your photos too. Have a lovely day, it sounds wonderful! xxx

  5. A super page is this - great background for many ideas - you are clever to use it more than one time! Hope you had a lovely walk and you got inspiration outside - autumn is beautiful!
    Here it is raining since yesterday with sometime a bit of sun in between... soo cold on my morning walk today---brrrrrr.

    Thank you for joining AJJ again dear Chrissie!

  6. and forgot to mention that thos photos are just BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Stunning page and fab photos, especially shadow!

  8. Great post Chrissie with your gorgeous AJJ piece
    followed by that great photo on the beach - that is really fabulous - and the beach seems like it has metallic appearance.
    Last but not least - I love your spider web photo. They are so hard to photograph, but I adore this!
    Hope you're having a lovely day.... Gill x

  9. I was very surprised when I saw your creation and you said it was digi until I read what you'd said, it's a photo of a painted background, love how you've used it here. Great shadows too xx

  10. Love your page - both words and pictures. The photos are fabulous too - I can see them both making amazing pages some time in the future.
    Alison x

  11. So inventive Chrissie! Love your great page.
    Fabulous walk photo!
    Mar xx

  12. A beautiful page Chrissie, love the rich orange colours and the super words quote.
    Awesome photos of the web in the garden and the one with your shadows is great. Hope you enjoyed your walk today.
    Yvonne xx

  13. I love your page for AJJ today. That girl image in the center is one of my favorite faces. And you also have a couple of really cool photos too. The silhouettes of you and your husband (I think that's who Vic) is fantastic. Hugs-Erika

  14. Wonderful creation and just love the awesome colour and photos....x

  15. Fabulous creation Chrissie, you are so creative digitally. Love your photos, so beautiful.

  16. I do so love your digital piece! The shadow pic made me smile! Chrisx

  17. Lovely digital piece! I love the shadow picture too :-). I have a shadow photo of me and my friend when we walked along a beach in Maine - I actually did a double take it looks so similar ... lol. Wishing you a happy Friday! J :-)


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