Tuesday, 29 November 2016

T Stands for Cats, crafting and Coffee

Hi All.

Tuesday Again so time to welcome the T for Tuesday gang to join me in a drink related post for Altered Book Lover, Elizabeth

Also a reminder that there is still a week to join us at Try it on Tuesday for our Layers Challenge

I have noticed on my blog travels that many crafters have a cat or cats and I know first hand about that.  My daughter, Linda, has 3 cats and crafts as many hours as she has free in her busy life. How anyone crafts with cats is beyond me as when I go to visit Linda the cats are into everything. If I get out some knitting they have the wool in tangles and keep playing with the needles until the stitches all come off. If I choose some material to do a bit of patchwork it is the very piece that one or more of them decides to curl up and fall asleep-purring happily and loudly I might add. Paper crafting is no better they leave their mark on everything and one even chewed the edge of a card I had left to dry in the windowsill. They are so cute and I have to forgive them.

So I made this yesterday-a cat coaster for my coffee mug.

I drew around my mug on part of a plastic milk bottle to make the inside of the coaster

This was stuck onto one side of the body and the two body pieces sewn together.
Then the head and all the bits were sewn on to the body

There are lots of designs online if you type in 'felt coffee coaster' but mine is a mixture of a few.

Happy T Day Everyone

Willow and Oscar 'pretending' to be fast asleep.

Love Chrissie and the quilting cats xx

Monday, 28 November 2016

Card and Inchie

Hi All and Happy New week to you. Thank you for your visit today and the lovely comments that I always receive.

A few days left at the Mixed Media Challenge so I thought I would join in as they have a colour challenge this time and I love doing those

First of all I made a page of coloured squares from their photograph then I overlaid the scene on the coloured square to give them some texture

I cut out the squares and die cut heart shapes to make the design. Some of the squares were left over so I used those as a background.

At Every Inchie Monday this week we have Question as the challenge

 Not very original-sorry.

OK Why is a raven like a writing desk? Many have tried to answer that one and failed.

Have a great day and a lovely week ahead

Chrissie xx

Saturday, 26 November 2016

Journal Pages

Hi All from a beautiful sunny day here in the UK. It is frosty as well but nice to see the blue sky and sun for a change. Thank you for your visit today always good to have you call in.

At Always Use Rubber this time the theme is Things with Wings

I made a journal page with a painted background and  a set of stamps I haven't used for a very long time. It is the Chocolate Baroque set called Punky Romance. The stamps are mostly quite large so this is an A4 page. I am not usually a stamper though I do have lots of stamps and this challenge blog has helped me to revisit stamping.

At Art Journal Journey this month Susi is the host. We are asked to make a collage with no faces, no leaves and no wings.

It was nice to use wings again on my first page for today But Susi has made us think and it is always great to do that.

Hope you enjoy your weekend

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Journal Page and Tag

Hello Everyone who calls in and thank you for your visit. 

At Art Journal Journey this month Susi is the host. We are asked to make a collage with no faces, no leaves and no wings.

I adapted a picture that I painted digitally way back in 2005.
 Everywhere we look now seems to have windmills sprouting up and our coast is set to have thousands more before too long. Years ago when the first ones were erected I quite liked them as they seemed to have beauty with their slender shape and elegant movement.. Now I am not so keen as I see lots of dead birds, especially the darling puffins, and fewer insects in our garden as well. Who knows if the windmills are to blame for that but it is what I think now when I see another new windmill farm being built.

My original painting

At Go Tag Thursday the theme this week is Sport

A bit of mix media for me with a T Shirt template filled with a golfing green and and an added golf bag. This was printed out and then I used white pen to highlight parts of it and draw a golf ball.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

New Try it on Tuesday Challenge

Hi All. Nice to have you drop by today and thank you as always for your welcome visit.

Today is the start of another new challenge at Try it on Tuesday so I hope you will join us there for a 'Layer it Up Challenge'. First thing to do is to visit TIOT to see what the rest of the team have made and also to check on our rules to be sure you are following them.

I made a large Christmas card. I always find layers difficult and admire anyone who does this style with ease.

I think there are about 10 layers here. The papers my daughter gave to me from a pack she had bought but I don't know the name. The frame I made and the fancy leaf die cut is by Joy. The bird die cut and the cage was in a swap with a friend last year. The poinsettas I printed out in Paint Shop Pro and then painted them with Siegal Lech that makes paper like plastic. All of the layers were arranged onto Red Card.

Can't wait to see what you make and I hope you call at TIOT  next Tuesday as well to see who was chosen as our Top 5 from the last Challenge

Love Chrissie xx

T stands for Tuesday

Hi All.  Wet,wet,wet here the last few days so not the weather for walking along the sea front but we did just that yesterday. This meant we were cold and wet so decided to pop into Wetherspoons for coffee, bread and marmalade.  Always a great place to people watch and such a variety of people as well.

I thought I would show what we had at 'T is for Tuesday' at Altered Book Lover where Elizabeth invites everyone to join her on Tuesday for a drinks related venture.

I forgot to take a photograph but this a pic I made up using the Wetherspoon menu. It was all very welcome and warming.

My Christmas Cactus is looking really lovely and full of buds. One of the flowers has decided to take off on its own while the others are keeping closed.

Hope you visit later to see what the new challenge is at Try it on Tuesday

Thank you for your visit

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 21 November 2016

Inchie and Digital Project

Hi All and welcome to a new week at Jumbled Crafts. Always great to have you visit so thank you for calling in.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme is Lighting and also the new list for 2017 is already shown in an earlier post so hope more of you will come and join the Inchiers next year.

Silly me thought the theme was lightening and I drew that--quickly changed this digitally so I guess when I do all my inchies together for the year I will have to make a new one.

At Dragon's Lair this time they have a photo inspiration picture and still until the end of the month to join in

I did a digital take this time as you can use any medium you like.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 18 November 2016

Journal Page and Tag

Hello Everyone from a very cold NE UK coast. Thank you for your comments and for the sympathy ones about my broken glasses. I am pleased to say they are now repaired and Vic went to pick them up for me. Good to be able to see well again for sure.

At Art Journal Journey this month Susi is the host. We are asked to make a collage with no faces, no leaves and no wings.

I used chalk for the background then highlighted the strips with a felt tip pen. All the fashion pieces were cut from different pages of a magazine and look like the sort of thing I would like to wear especially if they only cost the sale price :)

I will add this to the challenge at Moo Mania and More  as well where the theme is stripes this time.

At Go Tag Thursday this week we are asked for a tag with texture

I started out with corrugated card then added a stencil with texture paste. The stencil is from Stampendous. Then I made a Suffolk Puff in Christmas material and added jewels and two bought embellishments. I think I may use this on a Christmas Card

Have a wonderful day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Journal Page and Card

Hello Everyone. I hope your day is going well and thank you for calling in to see what I have made. I am struggling a bit at the moment as I am having to wear my sunglasses. I lost one of my normal pair of glasses the last time we went away and now the other pair have gone to be repaired as one of the glass bits keeps falling out. I tried some reading glasses but I am so used to varifocals so that didn't work.

At Art Journal Journey this month Susi is the host. We are asked to make a collage with no faces, no leaves and no wings.

I just made a digital page--not this one-I made one that I had fun with. Blow me 20 leaves had sneaked in and also a face when I came to look at it in my post preview. There was even a face on this one but I covered it up. Where do they come from I wonder?

Moo Mania and More have started a new challenge and the theme is stripes. You can make anything and you don't even have to include a Moo.

I made a Christmas card from bits and bobs in my scraps box. Not easy to take a photograph with the sun shining so brightly on the silver card. I used a white card blank and added strips of patterned card that were cut from making other cards. The picture is one of a set my daughter gave me when she brought all her craft stuff for me to share or use.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

T is for Tuesday

Hi All and welcome to Jumbled Crafts.

A reminder that Try it on Tuesday has another week for you to add your tree projects so I hope you come along and join us.

Elizabeth invited me to join her and Bluebeard at their blog as I had done a collage all about coffee yesterday. On Tuesdays they host a get together that is drink related.

I made another piece so I could share a cup of tea with the other people that join in. What a lovely idea it is to have a get together if only a cyber one.

Today is Tag Tuesday  day and the theme this week is Reindeer and Stags

Maybe you have the answer ;0)

Thank you for calling in

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 14 November 2016

Inchie and Journal Page

Hi Everyone who calls in at Jumbled Crafts and thank you for visiting.

Start of a new week but still lots of the month left for the monthly challenges and still another week to join us at Try it on Tuesday where we would love to see your tree makes. If you pop there tomorrow you can find out if you are one of our TOP 5 for the Hand Made challenge.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme this time is Wormhole. 

I had to look for one of these on Google as I didn't know what it meant.

Art Journal Journey have collage as their theme for this month but you can't add faces, leaves or wings so it isn't as easy at it sounds at first.

Digi creation for me today with the blue and white colours I love as tableware. Any biscuits will do for me though I have been trying hard to give them up recently.

Mark 2 with no wing- Well done Valerie for spotting the mistake. One of the stamps had wings in the quote as well.

Hope you day goes well. I am looking forward to lots of tennis watching on television this week from the O2 arena in London.

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 12 November 2016

Journal Pages,Tag and Cats

Happy Weekend Everyone and thank you for joining me at Jumbled Crafts.

At Art Journal Journey this month Susi is the host. We are asked to make a collage with no faces, no leaves and no wings.

I have 2 pages today one painted and collaged and the other digital artwork

I used mostly alcohol ink for this background then cut out the pictures from a magazine. I have had the quote emblie for years and thought it fitted in with the page

The digital piece is a similar design with a background made with alcohol inks and I scratched on the pattern. This was then photographed to use digitally for future projects.

At A Vintage Journey the November theme is Cracking Up so they want to see crackle.

 I am not good at crackle so I bought the large Tim Holtz 'cracks and specks' stamp and I can crackle along when I like, I stamped the crackles then embossed them and Distressed the whole page with  'vintage photo' Distressed Ink.

I used a photograph of my Grandfather and Grandmother that we think may have been taken on their wedding day but no one was ever sure as they wouldn't say. You can see that they weren't good at keeping photographs as it is in an awful condition with crackles of its own.

I thought you might like to see what Willow and Oscar are up to now

Linda and I knitted animal PJ cases for the Cat Protection to sell at their Chritsmas sale. There were lots of different kinds but Willow and Oscar claimed two for themselves.

Enjoy your day

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 11 November 2016

Card and Tag

Hi All and thank you for calling in today. We have sun here and blue sky so will be going for a walk soon.

At Fussy and Fancy the theme this time is Ice/ Snow with sparkle

I used a white piece of glitter card as a background and built up the layers from there. The centre picture is an ATC I made a long time ago and as I have been sorting my box of ATCs I will try to use some of them on other projects. I added glitter to the grey wooden trees

At Always Use Rubber they have the theme Destinations this time.

It was difficult to find a stamp that followed the theme as I have mostly patterns and flower stamps. This is an old Personal Impressions stamp that hasn't been used for a very long time. I used Vintage Photo Distressed Ink to stamp it onto white card.

Hope you have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Tag and Journal Page

Hello Everyone. I hope your week is going well. Our weather has turned cold and wet and the sky looks grey and dark so another crafting day I think with my daylight lamp shining on my crafty space.

Go Tag Thursday have the theme Home/House/ Houses.

I started out with one of Valerie's photographs of the clouds in the sky. Then I altered some houses to make a row reaching up into the clouds

At Art Journal Journey the theme for November is to make a collage with no leaves, no wings and no faces. It was chosen by Susi and it is proving to be quite a challenge.

I painted a background and scanned it then printed out and stuck the sheet into my black page journal

Next I made large die cut daisy shapes and stuck then onto the paper. Hadn't a clue what to do with them so it all just evolved.

Thank you for calling in and have a great rest of the day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

At TIOT Trees are green or other colours

Hi All. Nice to have you call in and thank you for your visit today.

Time for new challenge at Try it on Tuesday and it is one you all enjoy I'm sure. The theme is Trees are Green-or any other Colour . Can't wait to see all the wonderful ideas you have and if you need some ideas do pop to TIOT and see what the rest of our lovely team have made. If you are chosen as one of our top 5 you could be of a guest designer for a future challenge.

I made this wreath that tells the story of a tree. The centre is a twig and represents the branches and it also has buds and small leaves. I made felt leaves and coloured some of them with paint to show how they change colour in Autumn. Then I stuck on foraged bits and bobs to show the fruits that they bear. Last thing was the feathers as trees are homes to so many birds. Not sure about the ribbon and webbing except that they filled a few spaces.

It started life as a polystyrene hoop that I painted green. Some of things I pinned on but mostly I used a glue gun to stick them on.



Have fun and do join in with us.

I would like to enter this at Frilly and Funkie where they want to see some mesh on your project. I used mesh ribbon on my wreath

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 7 November 2016

Tag and Inchie

Hello Everyone. Happy new week and thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts along the way.

Moo Mania and More have Wheels as their theme this time and you can make anything you like so long as it follows the theme

I made a quirky tag with a strange steam bus. There is one runs around Whitby and district during the summer months and it is very similar to this one and well worth a trip if you are ever near to there.

Every Inchie Monday are asking for cloud inchies this week

I love clouds with all the wonderful shapes and the many things your eyes think they see in them.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Journal Page and card

Hello Everyone from a wet, windy and cold NE UK coast. It feels like winter has arrived without any warning here today. Hope it is nice where you are.

At Art Journal Journey this month Susi is the host. We are asked to make a collage with no faces, no leaves and no wings. I seem to have made a few but all of them had one of the forbidden on it.

I am hoping that today deeper concentration and double checking have worked on this collage made from bits and pieces in my scrap box. It is made on the front page of a magazine and I intend to use some more of the pages for this challenge.

I did use a Kanban stamp for the man on the right and also a sentiment stamp which I used the wrong way on try number one.

Also I have made something for the Country View Challenges where the theme this time is star

I made a card for the baby next door to us as it will be his first Christmas. He was born on July 18th and the house is now full of 'baby' with plans to buy so many things for him at Christmas--they will need to knock through to our house I reckon. The teddy stamp is Forever friend but I don't know who makes the backing paper

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 4 November 2016

Tag and Journal Page

Hi All hope you are feeling happy and well today. Thank you for calling in and making this sunny day even brighter.

Go Tag Thursday have Birds/ Birdhouses as their theme for this week

I can't resist these little bird digi stamps that are free here. I printed out the image and coloured it then added some holly berries and leaves that I drew.

Karen is so generous and who could resist anyone who says this when asked Why she gives her work freely

'I got the question -Why? Why do you do this?
And there's a very simple answer to this -because I want to.
I love drawing 
I love making people happy and if drawing something and beeing able to share it makes someone happy
then that makes me happy.
Making someone happy makes me happy. 
 Simple as that. '

Art Journal Journey have an interesting theme this month chosen by Susi
You can make a collage of anything--well almost anything- you mustn't use a face, leaves or wings.

I made a digital collage today with things I have had in folders for years.

Have a great day all

We have people coming for lunch so lots to do.

Love Chrissie xx