Thursday, 24 November 2016

Journal Page and Tag

Hello Everyone who calls in and thank you for your visit. 

At Art Journal Journey this month Susi is the host. We are asked to make a collage with no faces, no leaves and no wings.

I adapted a picture that I painted digitally way back in 2005.
 Everywhere we look now seems to have windmills sprouting up and our coast is set to have thousands more before too long. Years ago when the first ones were erected I quite liked them as they seemed to have beauty with their slender shape and elegant movement.. Now I am not so keen as I see lots of dead birds, especially the darling puffins, and fewer insects in our garden as well. Who knows if the windmills are to blame for that but it is what I think now when I see another new windmill farm being built.

My original painting

At Go Tag Thursday the theme this week is Sport

A bit of mix media for me with a T Shirt template filled with a golfing green and and an added golf bag. This was printed out and then I used white pen to highlight parts of it and draw a golf ball.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Fabulous post Chrissie your colours are gorgeous. Thank you ever so much for the gorgeous Christmas card, it sure brightened up my sick day...xxHave a lovely weekend.xx {aNNie}

  2. Love the journal page - and the original painting - and of course, your fun, shaped tag! I don't know if I like those windmills or not, there are lots here, too. You have been busy! Thanks for joining us again at AJJ. I will write later when I get back from the doc's. BIG hugs, Valerie

  3. Powerfull page and fun tag.
    Hugs xx

  4. Wow... your page is so power- and thoughtful! Beautiful made-- the original painting is super as well and I love your cool golf tag!
    Thank you for all your support to AJJ Chrissie!
    oxo Susi

  5. A wonderful altered painting Chrissie, love the awesome colours. Its a super shaped tag and would make a great card as well.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Maybe that's why wind farms haven't caught on in the US like they have in Europe. Not that we seem to care much about the fate of our birds because of horror stories I've read about doctoring their eggs to keep babies from being born on the east coast of the US It's amazing, too, because the wind often blows in excess of 40 mph (64.4 kph) in Kansas. So, I totally understand your concern.

    I was all for fracking (hydraulic fracturing) when I first heard about it in the late 1980s. In case you don't know about it, it's a drilling technique that removes gas and oil from shale. I read it was not viable as long as gas prices were low, but once they went over $40.00/barrel, the cost would be viable. I almost invested in it. The process I was interested in was horizontal drilling, a technique that first became widespread in the 1990s. What can I say, I was young and dumb! The fracking near me is different. It involves hydraulic fracturing, or vertical drilling. Lately, I have felt some very powerful earthquakes about 40 miles from my home. They are due to the vertical fracking. I spent lots of time in the Los Angeles, CA area several years ago, and although there were often earthquakes noted on the seismic scale, I never felt them. But in my home, I was sitting at my desk one day, and thought the items on it were going to fly off, since the quake was so severe.

    Sorry I went off, but you pushed a button with this journal entry.

    I'll leave by saying both your pun filled tag and altered art are fabulous! Looks like you got a big rise out of me!

  7. Great idea for your tag and a super journal page. I dislike the wind turbines, and was sad to see so many of them in Cornwall.

  8. This aught to be a HUGE poster. A Fabulous painting and alteration. Love the tag too. I'm in awe of your digi skills.

  9. Great journal page with such a thought provoking message! Thanks for sharing as I didn't realise the impact wind power has on nature, it must be very upsetting to see the dead birds :-(. Your tag is super fun, such a clever idea to make it a T-shirt for the sports theme :-). Have a great weekend! J :-)

  10. You always make such varied and interesting projects.

  11. Thought provoking poster and fun tag! Couldn't be different in styles and yet they both have great depth of colours. Hope you get a lovely weekend! xx

  12. Wow Chrissie...I love your thinking on this tag..its is just perfect..very clever indeed.
    Thank you for joining in and supporting Go Tag Thursday...xx

  13. Stunning page, Chrissie, the colours are amazing!!!
    Mar xx

  14. The colours and design on your page are truly amazing! It conveys your message brilliantly! Cool tag too! xxx

  15. Amazing collage Chrissie. It took my breath away. Hugs-erika

  16. I love you page but didn't realise that wind farms had such an effect on wildlife! How sad! Your tag made me smile! Hugs, Chrisx


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