Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Journal page and photographs

Hi All. Hope you are ready to start crafting again and that it is a nice day where you are. Thank you for dropping in at Jumbled Crafts. We have a heavy frost here and everything looks crisp and white though it is very cold so I am not going out unless it improves.

At Art Journal Journey  their challenge for December was chosen by Valerie and her theme is Light and Darkness

I made this page and added my own quote after chatting to my neighbour yesterday. He needed to chat about a problem and thought that the best thing to do was run away from it. For some unknown reason these words came out of my mouth. It appeared to help him at the time or maybe it just confused him. It made for a good idea for an AJJ page anyway.

We walked along the seafront on Boxing Day and there was a gathering of people ahead of us, then they all ran onto the beach and down to the sea.

About half of them went for a swim in the freezing cold water. They used to do this at North Bay here in Bridlington but it is the first time I have seen it on the South Beach.

This was taken on a sunnier day with our shadows climbing the paddling pool steps.

Last week we went to Hull for the day and walked down to the harbour. The building on the left is called The Deep and is a huge place full of aquariums. Some very big ones where people can swim with sharks--never seen anyone swimming with them but all the fish are very beautiful.

We walked back a different way into town and this is part of a Mandela Graffiti wall that stretches quite a long way. The road leads to the museum quarter of the town and all the museums are well worth a visit and all have quite different themes.

A mixed bag for you today-hope you enjoyed it

Love Chrissie xx


  1. I really enjoyed your post today, so much cool stuff to see, thank you! Your page is beautiful, I love the light shining through the trees and love the way you made it to fit the awesome quote you thought up! Brilliant! I am glad your words helped your neighbour too! xxx

  2. A lovely journal page with a great quote, and wonderful photos. Love the Mandela graffiti, and Hull definitely didn't have those attractions last time I was there. Nice photo of your shadows, too. Thaks so much for joining us at ajj again! Have a good day, hugs, Valerie

  3. Yes, I loved this post. Your AJJ entry made sense to me, so I'm sure once your neighbor thought about it, it made sense to him, too. It's a beautiful entry, too.

    I enjoyed seeing your walk along the beach. We have Polar Bear clubs here in the states, where silly people brave frigid waters to swim in places like the Great Lakes (which are usually frozen by this time of year).

    The Deep is a beautiful building. I'm so glad you showed it to us. I love architecture as much as I love fish, maybe more so.

    I have a friend in Australia who shares a mural each week. Your Mandela graffiti wall reminded me of that.

  4. Wow -I love your page with the great Chrissie Quote! Thank you so much for all the ideas you brought to AJJ this year Chrissie! You are always an inspiration !
    Fantatsic photos from the walk.. oh my gosh- some of them really swam?? Brrr.
    Here it is raining now... and cold....
    not very inviting to go outside!
    oxo Susi
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. Fantastic page and thought provoking quote. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas. It's cold here most of the winter season, we have nice warm clothing and go out for long walks unless it's slippery. Cheers xx

  6. I love your page Chrissie and especially your quote - that's really nice.
    We have an annual boxing day swim here too - and I always think why? even in the summer the water can be cold so why do it in the winter. Wouldn't have liked doing it today... was -3c here over night and took ages this morning to get above zero.
    Thanks for showing that graffiti - that's pretty cool artwork.
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Have a great week.
    Gill xx

  7. Yes I loved the post as well and those were very wise words.
    It was too cold and very windy to walk these past few days here, but I had to smile at the thought of those folk taking a swim in our North Sea. Brave or daft comes to mind.
    Super wall graffiti and great photos.
    Yvonne xx

  8. Hi Chrissy! You take such amazing photos! Your journal page and the story with it was very inspiring! Helene

  9. What a lovely neighbour you are to come out with something like that ADN then to make it into a beautiful design. I LOVE it. Your beautiful photos make interesting reading too.

  10. Hello Chriss, your tunnel image looks a bit scarey, but the words are perfekt to it and surely true. The photos are good, especially the from the graffiti wall.
    Dear Greetings and Happy New Year!

  11. When I read the words on your lovely collage, I laughed aloud with a kind of 'that is sooo true' feeling! Thanks for sharing your work and your photos and Happy New Year.

  12. What a fabulous post! Love the quote you used! I don't think I would venture into the sea at any time! Hugs, Chrisx


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