Friday, 22 December 2017

Happy Christmas Everyone

Hope you are already for Christmas and that you will enjoy the festive season

Love and Best Wishes from Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Try it on Tuesday and Tag Tuesday

Hello Everyone

Hope you are all well and ready for the festive season.

I am not used to doing challenges now as time seems to run out too quickly these days. At the moment the roads and pavements are too icy for me to venture out to see MIL so I decided to get out my crafty things and make an entry for my two favourite challenge blogs.

At Try it on Tuesday the theme this time is Twinkle Twinkle

 I made a card with a beautiful Lily of the Valley image as the centre piece and a cut out of a Christmas Tree I covered in glitter. Sorry I don't know who makes this die as I had the die sent to me by a friend. I stamped the sentiment-4 goes at that :(

Tag Tuesday have Christmas Memories as their theme and it was chosen by Joan. What a wonderful theme to choose and it brought instant memories of my grandmother to mind when I saw it. I could write a whole book about what she brought to all of our family at Christmas time. She was Irish and should have lived in a very large mansion but had moved to a as 2 up 2 down terraced house and it was overflowing with people, food, drink and music on Christmas Eve. The food and drink were all home made and she used butter to make the pastry and her alcoholic drinks were  knockout. My grandad, who was very English, played the smaller piano for as long as anyone wanted to sing and we all did want to sing until we lost our voices. At the old house there was grand piano.

Hand made cards always had pride of place and the ones made by us grandchildren she kept for years. I tried to recreated, for this tag, the sort of thing I would have made way back in my childhood.

The background of the tag is oil pastels and acrylic white paint. I found some stick on stars and a sentiment.

We all called my grandmother Nannan and my children called her Big Nannan though she wasn't very big at all.

Thank you for such a happy start to the day Joan and Tag Tuesday

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Thank you Both

Friday, 24 November 2017

New Blog

Hi All

I hope you are all well and happy.

I have added banner with a link to my new blog for those who want to know what I am doing these days. It does not require you to comment or follow for now as I still haven't time to visit or comment on your blogs as often as I would like. MIL in hospital again and we have to visit often to help with her recuperation. No improvement so far!

Love as always Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

It's Halloween at Try it on Tues

I have been having a blog break with scheduled posts and this is the last of them
Unfortunately my life has changed a lot since I started blogging and time is scarce. I am not doing this sort of crafting at all now and have even given most of my craft things away to a charity group. Knitting and crocheting have taken over as that I can take with me when I am MIL sitting or anywhere else. My daughter is my inspiration and has provided me with wool and ideas for years to come.

This will be my last post as a DT at TIOT and I would like to thank all the wonderful team for having me there. Try it on Tuesday was one of the first blogs I ever joined in a challenge and I have always felt a part of it since then. The reward of being chosen as one of the TOP 5 and the chance to be chosen as a guest designer and maybe even as a team member is something very special I think.

Start of a new challenge today at Try it on Tuesday and the theme is 'It's Halloween at Try it on Tuesday'. Think Halloween and make something with that in mind. The wonderful team have shown inspiring ideas so I hope you will visit TIOT and also their blogs as well to see how they made the projects.

Here is my scary cube lit up by a battery operated candlelight. The string of owls are lit up by battery as well though they were bought.

These are the panels I made for the sides and I printed them out. Then cut them out leaving some at the sides edges to stick the pieces together to make a cube

 Just stick the box sides together then turn over the pieces at the top that fit over and under each other. This all fits over the electric candlelight. Mine is only small but you could make one any size you like. 

Hope you join us in the challenge

Also hope you will join in at Tag Tuesday where the theme is All Creatures Great and Small chosen by the wonderful Wilma

 Backing paper from an old magazine and seagull feathers from our garden

The cat was made up from an old fashioned doll dressing sheet

The owl and the pussycat springs to mind.

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

All Creatures Great and Small at Tag Tuesday

Hello Everyone and thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts

This will be my last DT post for Tag Tuesday and I would like to thank Valerie and the team for inviting me to help the revamp of this long running blog. It has been such a success with great entries from lots of people. Keep up the good work everyone.

A new challenge starts today at Tag Tuesday and team member Wilma has chosen the theme 'All Creatures Great and Small'. I am sure you will have lots of ideas for this challenge.

A patterned card for the background and a beautiful picture mounted on two different pieces of card with an elephant charm
This is a digital tag with some of my favourite creatures the butterflies though this year I haven't seen many at all.

Still another week to join us at Try It On Tuesday for the Time/ Clocks challenge

I have added another revisited project from way back when-the corners all take off to be used as page markers in a book you can find the original post here in 2012

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Try it on Tuesday has time for everyone

Still doing scheduled posts and sending apologies for not commenting on you projects but time is still not on my side unfortunately

Hi All and a warm welcome to Jumbled Crafts where today is the start of a new challenge at Try it on Tuesday. Thank you for visiting my blog and I hope you will join in the challenge.

The theme for the next two weeks is Time/Clocks so lots of things you can do for this challenge. If you can't think of anything then just visit TIOT and see what our wonderful team have made to inspire you. We would like to know a little about how you made your project as it so good to see everyone's ideas.

One of my friends collects pocket watches old and new. Sometimes they get broken or don't work so they end up in my craft stash. He loves to see what I make from them. I took this one apart and used the face and the workings as a separate piece from the case. The case has a picture of Marie Antoinette with lace and pearls with flowers. The clock face has pearls around the edge with a flower and lace in the centre. I used my glue gun to join them together. I added ribbon to the top to hang it up and a tassel to the bottom decorated with flowers.

This is another picture of it against a white wall.

Have a great day and don't forget to join us at the challenge.

Tag Tuesday have Steam Punk this time so maybe some of your projects, if they are tags with clocks, will fit in with both challenges

 This one is mixed media with printed digital background and cut out butterfly and metal embellishments
This one is digital.

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Steam Punk at Tag Tuesday

Scheduled post with a thank you for visiting Jumbled Crafts and an apology for lack of commenting on your posts. I am taking a blog break but there are still scheduled posts in the pipeline and I am trying to comment on Tag Tuesday entries and on my share of the Try it on Tuesday entries as well.

Tag Tuesday have Steam Punk as the theme for the next 2 weeks chosen by team member Joan

I made the background in Paint Shop Pro from a collection of clock images.
The hat and clock were printed out on card and raised up with pads to make them stand out and the top has a gold chain that has just needed to be used on something for a very long time.

Hope to see you at the challenge

Try it on Tuesday still has another week for the My Friend challenge so you could do a project with a real or imagined friend on it and join in with us for the challenge.

This is just to say that the next person you meet could become your best friend-you never know. It has the first words of the wonderful Diana Ross recording

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My Friend at TIOT

 I have decided to take a blog break but there will be some scheduled posts that I have had ready for a while as they are DT projects

.Hello Everyone. Thank you for calling in and I hope you are ready for our new challenge theme at Try it on Tuesday. Great ideas from the team as always so do join us if you can.

The theme this time is MY FRIEND and it could be human, animal or imaginary. 

I made a digital scrapbook page of me and my very best friend, husband Vic. We have been together for 28 years and have had quite a lot to face in those years but it has always been together so the troubles have been halved.

This is us on a train listening to our music though we do chat a lot as well on journeys it is nice to drown the sounds of a screaming child or someone coughing loudly.

I changed it to black and white so it could be on a muted background page.

Hope to see you are the challenge

Also hope to see you at the Tag Tuesday challenge where the theme this time is Paris and you have another week to join in there.

Inked background with cut out flowers and an image cut from a birthday card

 A digital tag showing the fashion side of Paris

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Tag Tuesday goes to Paris

Scheduled post again from me and apologies for not visiting and commenting on your projects. Sending love to all of you and thank you for visiting Jumbled Crafts.

At Tag Tuesday this time Wendy has chosen Paris as the theme for the next two weeks

This is a digital tag with things I found here and there on Google

This is a tag using part of an old birthday card, a digital design I did in Paint Shop Pro and some stamped images I had in my collection

You also have another week to join us Try it on Tuesday for the theme Stitch It where you just have to add some stitching real or faux to your project.

This is a revisited project I did a few years ago. You can see the original posts here

Have a wonderful day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Stitching at Try it on Tuesday

This is a scheduled post and I'm sorry to say there will be quite a lot of my posts that are scheduled as real life has got in the way of blogging. Sorry for not having time to comment and my thanks to you for your support.

Hello Everyone and welcome to Jumbled Crafts today. Thank you for calling in and I hope you have come to see what we have for you as our new challenge at Try it on Tuesday

The theme this time is Stitch It, Real or Faux

I started off with three strips of matching pieces of fabric and stitched them with lace on top of the join. I used black thread to show up the stitching. This was mounted onto a piece of white card. It needed something else so I made a Suffolk puff with a button in the middle and fastened this onto the card. Then all was attached with brads to my card blank. It is for a friend so added her initial as well.

Hope you will join us at TIOT with your ideas for the challenge.

Still another week to join in at Tag Tuesday  with our' back to school' challenge. I have made 2 more for this challenge one by hand and one digital

 Some of us were chosen to dress up for May Day--I have never recovered yet. I am the third from the left.
My choices have a yes.

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 26 August 2017

Tags Saturday

Hi All. Thank you for your visit to Jumbled Crafts today. Here I am sitting with my laptop on my lap and that's a first for me even though I have had it for a long time. I always use it sitting at a desk with a mouse to help me along the way. It has been in my craft room and at the moment that is full of stuff from another room that is being decorated. Apologies for any errors but it certainly doesn't feel like I have ever used this machine before.

At Tag Tuesday we have the theme Back to school chosen by Michele

I used some words by Shakespeare for this tag. Hope you will join us for the challenge there is lots more time to think of something.

Go Tag Thursday have watches/clocks this week.

I had this old watch that had long since stopped working so I took off the strap and used it on my tag. One thing about clearing out a room is you find so much stuff to get rid of. I have boxes ready for the charity shop and lots that should have been thrown away well before now.

Someone asked ages ago if I had a photograph of when I was a 'biker chick' as I mentioned I was in a comment. Can't find many at all as most of the photographs of that era were kept by my ex husband, I wonder if he ever looks at them?

I was 16 on this photograph and minus the usual leathers, boots and very old fashioned helmet. My poor dad used to beg and plead for me not ride on the back of motor bikes but he had never felt the freedom of  travelling along and being part of the countryside that you got on a motor bike in those days.I bet  it is all fumes and fear now.

Enough for today. I will be pleased to use my phone for commenting as lap tops on laps don't seem to be my things.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Journal page, TIOT and photo magic

Hello All of you that visit Jumbled Crafts and a thank you from me for calling in today. A bit of a mixed bag today and I hope you enjoy it.

At Art Journal Journal the theme 'poetry in motion' was chosen by dear Jo. You don't have to use a poem to enter, a quote or saying or part of any of them will be fine.

I have chosen the first verse of a poem by Lord Byron and one that I am sure most of you know from school. We studied every line and and I am still not sure what it really meant.

Try it on Tuesday are on the second week of their 'In My Garden' challenge so pop and see what  it is all about as you have lots of things you could add for this challenge

This is a photograph from one of our past gardens where we turned a very messy place into a garden with 3 ponds and many other features

Tag Tuesday has a new theme chosen by Michele and it is Back to School so hope to see you there as well

A digital tag from me today for the challenge with things that used to be associated with a new school year. Not sure boys wear caps now or pupils take an apple for the teacher.

Yesterday I posted a tag for the theme and I also posted a recent photograph of me on the same post. I realised that I still had the same black eyes, pointed chin, and the even almost the same smile. I have done a photo fusion by putting the two together one one top of the other and reducing the opacity to show just how much the same my face is then and now. I did them both ways but didn't alter the shape of the photographs at all I just lined up the eyes, nose and mouth

Have a great day all

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 21 August 2017

T is for Inchie and Tag Tuesday

Hello Everyone and happy new week to you. Thank you for your visit and for any comments as well. Always great to hear from you.

Every Inchie Monday has 'seagull' as the theme this week and there are thousands of them where I live. 

My inchies banner so far--mainly for Elizabeth  who loves to see the inchies and encouraged me to update the banner. Here it is on the floor of my craft room 

Adding this to Moo Mania and More--just in time for their Banners Challenge

Time for a new theme at Tag Tuesday and this time the theme 'Back to School' was chosen by Our lovely Michele.

This tag means a lot to me as it was the first time I had gone to a school in the real sense of the word. The city where I was born and lived had been badly bombed so we were moved to a new steel house on the outskirts of the city. No schools, no shops, no anything just houses. When I first reached school age we were all ages being taught together in the a community hall, then we were selected to go by bus to a far away school but that didn't last long. My mum and dad decided that education was more important than a modern house so we moved back into the city to live in my grandma and granddad's house and I finally got to go to 'my school'

Elizabeth and Bluebeard are inviting everyone to join them as always for T Day where every Tuesday you can join some of the most friendly bloggers in Blogland with a drinks related post.

Here I am having a 'quickie' meal in York. It consisted of a choice of meat/meats, vegetables and gravy all in a large Yorkshire pudding with a drink in a cardboard cup. The drink was coke. I had turkey so got cranberry sauce on the side. The place in York is called The Hog Roast. Not posh at all but they are popular so usually very busy.

Yorkshire pudding has become all sorts of weird things over the years but when I was child we had it at Sunday lunch and it was eaten on it's own before the main course. It was made in the roasting tin after the meat had been taken out. Everyone got a square of the delicious pudding with lots of thick meaty gravy. My gran used to get up at 5 am on Sunday just to mix and beat the batter to make sure it would rise enough when she poured it into the meat tin for Sunday Lunch. My daughter makes wonderful Yorkshire pudding and I buy Auntie Bessie's frozen ones :0) That means I didn't teach her everything she knows even though she says I did.

Happy T Day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 18 August 2017

Tag, Digital Collage and Photograph

Hi All and a Happy Day to you. Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts today

Just realised that our Tag Tuesday challenge will be ending on Monday evening and I still have one tag ready and another almost finished so I will have to get moving and post them. I have really enjoyed Valerie's theme of 'Using Your Scraps and so have lots of others as well. Thank you to the people who are joining us on the TT blog. You still have time to join us and there is a prize as well.

This is literally stuff that was pushed to one side of my crafting space and could easily have ended up in the bin. Poor Sadie and Miley were printed out for a project then I lost the print out until now. They are characters I had drawn a while ago then scanned into my laptop for future use.

If you like doing digital projects then don't forget to join in at Digitally Made where I am one of the guest designers this time. Anything you enter must be 100% digital and the theme this time is Pets/Animals. You have until September 3rd to enter

This is a digital project that started out with a fractile my husband did years ago and I just kept adding things to it then adding effects.

We have the nicest train station you could wish for and as we use trains all the time, because we don't have a car, we get to know the staff there. One of the chaps who looks after the station and also sells the tickets is just so friendly and helpful I wanted to do something nice for him and for all the staff really.

A collage of our station

They work so hard to fill the station with flowers everywhere and keep it as clean and tidy as possible and it isn't easy at this time of year with thousands of day trippers and holiday makers coming and going. This year they have even added flowers to the platforms as well as the waiting room but I hadn't time to take pics of those this time as the train was arriving. Wish the rest of town was as wonderful but we do have lots of flowers planted around the town as well that add colour.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Journal Page and Tag

Hello Everyone who calls in and thank you for your visit and for the good wishes for my MIL. She is home now so needs lots of help at the moment. Fortunately the weather has been kind to us so the walk to her flat along the seafront has been a lovely one. Vic's sister is here from London as as well so all hands to the pump.

At Art Journal Journal the theme 'poetry in motion' was chosen by dear Jo. You don't have to use a poem to enter a quote or saying or part of any of them will be fine.

I used one of my chalked backgrounds and added bits and bobs that were in my scrap box for this one. I had printed out lots of the saying to make tea bag holders last year.

Go Tag Thursday has the theme Balloons this week-any balloons so Sandie says.

I went digital this time and found a wallpaper advert to make the background and the main image

advert for wallpaper

 I thought you might like to see our newly painted garden shed.

The photograph was taken through a window so has my reflection on it.
 The poor old shed was well past its best but a friend was taking down his fence and told Vic to take as much of the wood as he liked, so he did and mended our shed then painted it beach hut style. It brightens up a dull corner now.

Hope you will join in our Tag Tuesday challenge with the theme Use your Scraps as there is still until next Monday evening for that.

Try it on Tuesday has just started a new challenge and it has lots of possibilties so do pop there to find out more. The theme this time is Is My Garden.

Have a
 great day

Love Chrissie xx