Monday, 16 January 2017

Inchie and Time for another Book

Hi All and Happy New Week. Hope you have stayed safe during the bad weather. Our snow never arrived apart from a sprinkling that froze over and then disappeared. Thank you for visiting Jumbled Crafts and for any comments that you leave for me.

At Every Inchie Monday the animal this week is Cat.

Poor thing looks better when it is only an inch. I did try to make it look fluffy. Still not decided how to present them this time my brain needs some sun.

Nothing much else to show but I have started work on a new 'us' album as I made the last one in 2012 and we have done lots since then. Still in the same house though so that is something for us.

These are the pages of the that album and they are packed full of pockets with miniature replicas of photographs that we have taken at the time and also other special things I wanted to save.

Hope you enjoyed the flit through our past.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. First, I adore your kitty. I won't show Bleubeard because it might make him jealous (grin).

    What an interesting and fascinating look back at your life, and happy times together. I was super impressed with the various parts of your life that you shared. I spent a lot of time looking this book over, and will look at it some more once I publish this comment. It's a gem!

  2. LOVE your album, and a great way of keeping track of all you have done and experienced in the past years. Great Kitty inchie, too, so fluffy and pretty. Have nice day, stay warm, hugs, Valerie - I'm staying home today, had a bad night!

  3. Fabulous inchie as always Chrissie. I simply love your memorable pages and what a lovely keepsake it is.xx{aNNie}

  4. Your inchies are always fun Chrissie and I love the idea of your book and of course also adore the way you put it together! What a wonderful keepsake!!

  5. The kitty is so cute. Really mesmerizing eyes. Your albums are so beautiful. What a fun way to save memories.

  6. Do you think that was our winter - or maybe the worse is yet to come?
    We didn't have much snow the other day. Roll on spring time :)
    Great inchie - you cat is just purrrrrfect - you always manage to get so much detail in such a small space :)
    Your special album is really lovely - and such a wonderful keepsake - thank you for sharing that.
    Have a great week.... Gill xx

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry about the deleted one, the computer decided what it wanted to put. Great inchie, and I love your album. I have a half started one somewhere.

  8. I love memory albums, it is such a tactile way to reinforce positive memories and yours is bursting with those by the look of it. Your sweet inchie puss does have a soft, furry look to it...Dixx

  9. Its a wonderful memory album Chrissie, you must look at it often, it holds so many personal things to you both.
    Love the ting kitty, its a super inchie.
    Yvonne xx

  10. A sweet little cat, I know just what you mean about looking better when only an inch rather than larger on the computer screen! Nice book too, it's fun to see folk & bits of their life :-)


  11. love the little cat and the "Us" album is lovely

  12. Oh I love your cat Chrissie, and your book is wonderful, so much more personal than a boring album xx

  13. He's a lovely little cat but I adore your album - I have never made a memory album but the more I see the more I want to do one. Absolutely stunning.


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