Monday, 2 January 2017

Journal Page and Inchie

Hello Everyone. Hope your New Year has started well. My daughter arrives today and has already lots of plans for the week ahead for all of us so it looks like being busy.

At Art Journal Journey there is new challenge for January chosen and hosted by Erika. The theme is Every Journal Page tells a story.

 This tells a story about me. Wandering by the sea and in woodlands. Loving to sit and watch nature. Then we find a coffee shop and have cake or something with chocolate. The healthy mixed with the unhealthy. Maybe less of the coffee, puddings and chocolate would be a better way of life or would it?

It was a wet day yesterday so got started straight away. The background this is shapes and patterns drawn by me with Promarkers. I am sure it tells a story about me. Maybe less of the coffee, puddings and chocolate would be a better way of life or would it?
I am using a journal that Valerie made for me a few years ago. It had migrated to the bottom of a drawer and I was so pleased when I found it as there still some pages to fill.
The front of the journal that Valerie made--a bit worn but still very beautiful as it has been well used.

New start to the Every Inchie Monday year and this year the themes are all animals. You can find them on the pages slot under my banner.

I have decided how my inchies will be mounted this year so just a plain inchie this week with a rabbit outline I copied and coloured with pencils.

Have a great day


  1. Gorgeous journal page, and a great idea to mix health and not so healthy. It's important for us to enjoy life, so if puddings ad coffee etc help, then keep them coming! We don't need to follow false beauty ideals, if we can enjoy life that's the very best thing Your inchie s great , too. Have fun with your daughter, hugs, Valerie

    1. Oooops, and thanks for joining us at AJJ!

    2. Morning Chrissie - love your page so much to see and if chocolate makes you happy then go for it - you'll walk it off anyway on your walks along the coast and in the woodlands

      Inchie is so cute too

      Have a great time with your daughter

      Hilda xx

  2. I love your page for AJJ! Chocolate and Coffee makes it nice-- so not stopping both!Great that you found Val's journal again - super to have it again and now you can play in it!
    Love that the inchie blog has animals this year ... your first one is lovely!
    I am looking forward to how you will arrange them this year!
    Wishing you a great week with your daughter! Enjoy!!!♥♥♥
    oxo Susi

  3. Lovely page and inchie Chrissie. If we followed the advice given we would hardly do anything we liked doing or eating so go for it.

  4. Its a great journal page, I'm with you on the cake etc. A little of what you fancy does you good, was a saying of my mum. Then you have your outdoor walks to enjoy the healthy side to the story.
    Love the little inchie.
    Have a good day.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Great page Chrissie, love how your page tells a story. Love your image on that journal cover too and great start to your 2017 inchie collection xxx

  6. Fabulous journal page Chrissie, you never fail to inspire with your interesting creations....xx{aNNie}

  7. I think you ask a really good question. Life wouldn't be as good without those good things, so I guess I am saying having them in your life is better. Just don't over do it, right? Love your page today Chrissie and the that is a beautiful front to your new journal. Thanks for joining in to AJJ. Hugs-Erika

  8. What a splendid cover that journal has! I'm very envious:-) and such a cute little bunny 🐰 for our new set of inchies.....happy New Year Chrissie


  9. I'd rather have coffee and chocolate than just about anything. Well, maybe egg nog if I can get it. I adore your AJJ entry because it seems to mix the healthy with the decadent (sorry, I refuse to call these unhealthy).

    I was anxious to see your first animal inchie. You draw so well. I would never be able to do that, so I applaud you and look forward to the next 51 you create.

  10. You have been very busy. Great rabbit inchie.

  11. love the story and the journal cover, the rabbit is adorable!

  12. What a great page! A little bit of unhealthy is good for you I'm sure!! I adore your inchie, look forward to seeing your animals! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. Fab yummy page Chrissie - nothing wrong with a little of this and that and especially chocolate - enjoy :)
    Love your 'inchie' - and will enjoy seeing those.
    Gill xx

  14. I love your journal page - so interesting and a fun way to tell your story.

  15. I love your journal page Chrissie, you can't beat a bit of chocolate and a cup of coffee, though my new year resolution is no coffee after 6pm. I've managed 3 days so far (I do drink far too much coffee so I may have to stick to this one) xx

  16. Lovely page - lots of things I like too! Fabulous rabbit inchie, I am looking forward to seeing how you display them this year. I hope you are having a wonderful time with your daughter! xxx

  17. I think we all like a bit if healthy mixed with unhealthy - what's life if you can't be naughty sometimes - that's the spice of life - nice little rabbit too - enjoy your time with your daughter - I know how precious it is x

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  19. Sorry, had a typo in the previous comment and thought I could edit it...but delete was the only option :(
    I wrote...Love your little Bunny...Dixx

  20. A great story-telling page - the doodled patchwork background is such fun - and I love your inchie... very sweet.
    Alison x

  21. Your art work is awesome! I love the bunny!


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