Monday, 16 January 2017

T is for Tuesday

Hi Again All. A second post for me today and it is T is for Tuesday at Elizabeth's blog where we are invited to join the Tuesday gang with a drinks related post.
 I am never too sure what time the tea gathering starts as we are in different time zones so I thought it best to post now then it won't get mixed up with tomorrow's offerings. Happy T Day to all who visit.

Here is Vic holding a special coffee cup. It is one of many that we have bought on the Carlisle to Settle railway--- we get on in Leeds way south of Settle to go up to visit  daughter Linda. The buffet trolley service is run by volunteers and the sandwiches and other good are made by them. Someone else gets on with the buffet as well and that person knows everything about this famous railway and you can ask questions or buy a beautiful book about the line.

If you go here you can learn all the history so I won't go into that in my post.

 I would just like to say that way back in the 1980's the line was threatened with closure and many of us joined in a protest to keep it open and used the line as much as we could. As I lived quite a way from Carlisle it did mean longer journeys but it was worth using the line in the end because in 1989 the government decided to keep it open. At the moment it is closed because of the terrible floods in 2015/16 that damaged parts to the track and the structure but it is due to open again in March 2017. To celebrate the reopening the newly refurbished steam train the Flying Scotsman will make a journey on it.

Many books have been written about the horrors the 6,000 men and their families suffered in the bleak area as they built the line and the wonderful viaduct that still stands just as proudly today.
Image result for carlisle to settle viaduct

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Lovely post Chrissie, it is a very interesting and historic story about the railway. The viaduct is beautiful. The coffee looks great, too. I just put up my post as well, great minds think alike again! Hugs, Valerie

  2. First of all, those crocuses in the snow makes me think so much about spring. :) Its a great header. Second of all Happy T day Chrissie. This is a fascinating story. I connected into your page and I now want to go take a ride on that train just to see all the viaducts and tunnels. Wow. And you get to ride it regulary. That is amazing. This was a great T day post and I'm glad you posted it. Hugs-Erika

  3. Its a super post to read Chrissie, the Viaduct is a fantastic structure and I know that railway line well. Its good that it will re=open this year and the Scotsman will look magnificent on its journey.
    Happy T Day
    Yvonne xx

  4. I'm going to link you, Chrissie. When it is 10 pm YOUR time (London time), it is 4 pm on Monday in Wichita. That means it is T time. Of course the people in Australia are already waking to breakfast T on Tuesday. The curse of the 24 hour internet clock.

    I really enjoyed reading about the Settle to Carlisle line and how you and others managed to keep it open. The power of one voice is often strong.

    I enjoyed seeing the photo of the viaduct, too, and know how special the Flying Scotsman will be as it makes the trip once the line is open again in March.

    Thanks for sharing this history and memory with a cup of coffee you had while on the line previously. I'm off to link you to T Stands For Tuesday now.

  5. i love your Header! i have no idea how you make the snow in it (and not covering the whole blog), but that Looks gorgeous!
    interesting Story about the railway. and that viaduct really is impressive!
    happy t-day!

  6. An interesting and historic story about the railway.Thank you for sharing Chrissie! The viaduct is just beautiful.
    Happy T-Day!
    I love your beautiful new header!

  7. We drive past the viaduct many times on our outings but we still have to travel over it - maybe this year! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  8. Love your header with the falling snow Chrissy. Interesting story about the railway, and thankfully it will keep running.That viaduct is an amazing structure. Happy T day!

  9. What a wonderful story about saving a piece of history. The trip sounds enchanting. The views must be spectacular.

    Love your new header. Spring is on the way ;-)

    Happy T Day, Chrissie! Hugs, Eileen

  10. How wonderful you were able to keep the railway open Chrissie... an amazing testament to all the hard work and sacrifice the people made to build it.. What a shame it would have been if they had closed it... Your crocus in the header just take my breath away...so lovely. Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  11. Your header is very striking with the snow falling on the purple Crocus!
    Very interesting post this week, love to hear about the history of different places. Was happy to hear the railway was left open and is all fixed up and running again.
    Happy T-day

  12. I think we lost a lot when we lost regular passenger train service. I'd rather have it than highways. I'm glad you helped save one! Happy T Tuesday :)

  13. Great photo - I am always amazed at the workmanship that must have gone into building our viaducts! How special the day will be when it is reopened by the Flying Scotsman :-). Thanks for sharing the interesting history too. Happy T Day Chrissie! J :-)

  14. Love your snow on crocus header Chrissie!
    What a fascinating history of the railway and that viaduct is truly impressive and amazing!
    Nice to see you joining in.
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. Thank you for visiting my Magpie's Nest!

  15. What an interesting story Chrissie, you can't imagine building a structure like that can you. I love railways, when I was a toddler my Mum and Dad used to take me to a railway bridge near my Grandma's 'cos I used to like the smell of the smoke (I'm showing my age now 'cos they were steam engines) Have a great day xx

  16. I love railways. I bought a Kindle book today called the 50 Greatest Train Journeys of the World as it was on special offer on Amazon and the Settle-Carlisle line is in it. I haven't read it yet as I only just got it, but I will read it with interest. Thanks for sharing.
    Happy T-Day
    Have a good week,

  17. Such an interesting post, Chrissie - and lovely to hear about your travels on this historic line.
    Alison x


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