Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Time for Tea at TIOT and Tea stands for Tea Bags

Hello Everyone. Hope your week has started well and thank you for calling in today. Happy T Day dear friends if you have arrived her from Elizabeth's blog, There is a story about the tea bags at the bottom of the post.

It's time for another challenge at Try it On Tuesday and the theme is Time for Tea, You can do anything at all so long as it follows the theme so cups, teapots, Alice or anything else you can think of. Lots of ideas from the DTs so I hope you will visit their blogs and maybe get some ideas from them if you don't have any of your own.

I have made a teabag holder

The photograph was taken with the teabag holder nestled in among my Christmas Cactus that still continues to flower and bud and is so beautiful.

I started off with a 12'' x 12'' paper by Anna Griffin 

This was folded in half and the two halves stuck together to make one doubles sided piece. Then this was cut in half to make 2x 6'' square pieces. You could use any pieces of paper to make your squares so long as they are patterned on either side.

Next fold in the sides to fit the size of your teabag and make sure the edges to the points are equal. Use a little glue to stick the centre points together

Then fold it in half to make two pockets

Now add a tea bag to each side and make another holder the same as before.

Make a hole at the top of the holders and tie them together so they stand up. I added a flower to the bottom of the tea bag  as it helps to hold the tea bag in place when it is in the pocket.

Have fun and do join in with us you are always welcome at TIOT.

Now for the tea-bag story. Last year we stayed at a lovely small hotel on the seafront at Redcar. We could have had a maid come in every day and make the bed and clean everything but I left the Do Not Disturb notice on the door. I did everything myself. We also bought our own tea, coffee and milk etc so the ones in the room didn't need to be replaced this was really because we like our usual brands. Imagine our surprise when we were leaving and the maid gave us a bag of goodies because we have done our own 'housework'. There were teabags, coffee sachets, packets of biscuits and sweets and a thank you. Such a lovely smiling lady as well. I have used some of the bags for projects as the green colour looks good.

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 27 February 2017

Card and Inchie

Hello Everyone and happy new week to you. Always so good to have you call in and thank you for your support. Thank you to friends old and new that are joining Valerie and me at Tag Tuesday where there is still another week to join in with the Spring Flowers theme.

At Allsorts Challenge this time the theme is to add Metal and/or a charm. Also at Make My Monday they would like Birds so I combined the two.

This card is for a young couple that have recently bought a house and it needs lots doing to it. I thought the words were encouraging and the lock and key represents the key to the house.

Every Inchie Monday this week had Rooster or Cockerel. We used to live near to allotments and they all had hens and cockerels--what a noise in the early morning!

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Old Rocker and background paper

Hi All and Happy Weekend to You. Thank you for calling in at Jumbled Crafts along the way. Apologies about the print on my posts-I haven't a clue why it has changed.
A dull day today but plenty of rugby to watch and knitting to do as I watch it so I am a happy bunny.

At Moo Mania and More the theme this time is Hand Painted.
 and Linda K is hosting the theme 50 Shades of Red at Art Journal Journey

This is for both challenges.

I have never ventured into portraits but I thought it was about time I had a go. This is supposed to be one of the Old Rock Singer that seem to go on forever and appear in the press with huge scarves covering their wrinkled necks, wide open eyes but a sadness that says they are really past their best. The fashion now is that they are fathering babies with their young girlfriends. I didn't base this on anyone at all it just kept growing in front of me.

The cardboard on the right is my palette for the painting and when I had finished I splodged it onto some paper to use as a background sometime.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Journal Page and Tags

Hello Everyone from a wet and windy NE UK Coast. The forecast looks awful for us today so it will be crafting and reading for me I think. Thank you for calling in and your encouraging comments

Linda K is hosting the theme 50 Shades of Red at Art Journal Journey

Here is a page I forgot to post on Valentine's Day. I made for the Red theme.   The background was painted then scanned it to use for this digital page and ones in the future maybe.

Go Tag Thursday has the theme Turquoise and Brown this week

I used a tag that was on a pair of gardening gloves so I added rows of ribbon to it  and the dress I cut from a magazine and added a jewel.

At Tag Tuesday we have the theme Spring Flowers chosen by Valerie.

A digital tag from me  as a reminder that you can make a tag in any way you like so long as it follows the theme. You have almost 2 weeks to join in so I hope to see you there

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Tag Tuesday, Inchie and Messy Make

Hello Everyone and thank you for calling in today. Happy T Day if you arrived here from Elizabeth's blog. I hope you will join with us at some of the following challenges

At Tag Tuesday it is our second challenge with the new format and we are so pleased that the first challenge went so well with old and new friends joining in.
Valerie has chosen the theme for this challenge and it is Spring Flowers. Such a lovely theme and I can't wait to see what everyone makes.

I found a lovely bunch of Spring Flowers that had been in a folder since 2010. The background is made digitally with the same flowers and I printed that out as paper to cover the tag.  The flowers were printed out three times and I cut around   some of the larger flowers. This was all decoupaged, though it doesn't show up on the photograph as well as it might.

At Every Inchie Monday the animal for this week is Horse

Better than most of my animal drawings I thought

We are half way through the Let's Get Messy challenge at Try it on Tuesday and  the TOP 5 for the last challenge will be posted today so hope you are among them. This is also for  T is for Tuesday where Elizabeth is our host every week to see what we have as a drinks related post. Happy T Day to all my friends from there.

I made a mess last week and have used the mop up sheet from that to make another mess for this week

I used an old calendar as a mop up sheet and it looked quite pretty in the end

The mop up sheet was torn into pieces and then stuck onto a paper cup.

 The cup was brought home when we had a coffee in town. I get strange looks when I put the empty cups in my bag but they are soooo useful. Also there has been a lot of trouble about them not been recyclable because of a plastic coating so I am really doing a service by using them for something new..

The inside was painted with some acrylic paint, and the top of the outside as well,  What a mess that was and especially as it got all over my hands and sleeves.

Here it is holding some of my brushes and still looking messy but nice and bright on the shelf

Hope you will join in with something messy you have made, Spring Flowers tags and even inchies if you fancy having a go at those.

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Altered box and journal page

Hello Everyone and Happy Weekend. Nice to have you call in at Jumbled Crafts and thank you for your visit. No rugby this weekend so I guess it will walking and some crafting for me.

At Altered Eclectics it is their first challenge of the year and you have until February 25th to join in with anything altered.

I used one of the many boxes I save to alter and most of them have been there a very long time waiting their turn

I made this 'hold lots of things' box,

It started out as a very large Corn flake box and I cut it down to the height of a toilet roll middle. The rest of the  cardboard box has made lots of large tag shapes which will be very useful.

The outside of the box was covered with thick patterned card and it folded over part of the inside as well. Then I add a trim to the top edge to make it stronger.

Side View

The inside was fitted out with toilet roll middle and lots of small boxes so there were places to  put things in tidily and I can now find them easily

Art Journal Journey has Linda K hosting the theme '50 shades of red' and there are some amazing pages entered already.

Vic has been sorting out our garden pictures and I have chosen a photograph of our Mere Cat ornament that keeps guard at the bottom of the garden and also some of the beautiful red flowers that grow there every year.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Journal cover and Tag

Hi All from a very sunny NE UK Coast. At last we have sun and blue sky and everything looks so different after the grey and wet days of late. Thank you for joining me at Jumbled Crafts, it is always good to know you are there and supporting my efforts.

At City Crafters they have a great theme, Old Stuff, New Look

From card to Journal Cover for me.

I found a card I made October 2016, post  here

 The journal before being covered

A paper napkin background. 
What a great idea to look at old makes and recycle them it into something new.

Go Tag Thursday has the theme Wheels and Cogs this week.

Another opportunity to use my favourite stamp set. It is Punk Romance from Chocolate Baroque. A large stamp but so beautiful I think. I coloured it in paler shades for this tag. Then I cut it out and stuck it onto a tag.

If you like making tags maybe you would like to join us at the changed
 Tag Tuesday where we are starting a new venture with the theme Bookworm that I have chosen. Still 4 more days to join in so hope to see you there

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Let's get Messy and T stands for Tuesday

Hello Everyone who drops in and thank you for your visit.

We have a new challenge starting today at Try it on Tuesday  and the theme is Let's Get Messy. Lots of ideas from the wonderful team so do go and have  a look at what they made and visit their blogs and leave a comment if you have time.

I made a notepad holder and it looks innocent enough now it is finished but what a mess I made along the way.

I am sure some of you will have had some of these coasters through the post if you are in the UK. The Red Cross send them through the post to ask you to send a donation. It seems like my neighbours know me well and give me theirs to use for crafting.

First of all I covered them in metal tape them embossed them with Tim Holtz folders. Next comes the messy part as I dripped alcohol ink all over the place and just let it spread around. As you can see I put too much on and it spread to the mop up sheet as well--more of that next Tuesday.

They were then mounted on  coloured foil card. And added to a piece of folded black card that fitted the notepad and made the stand. That wasn't messy at all.

A side view when it is open
Folded up

Now it's over to you to show us your messy makes and I look forward to seeing them

Welcome To the T gang at Elizabeth's blog where today she is celebrating Valentine's day with us. Every Tuesday there is a tea party there with a drinks related post
Thank you to everyone who drops in at Jumbled Crafts

We went to Morrisons to do some shopping then  had tea and cake in their cafe.

It has just been revamped and now looks so bright and airy with a wonderful collection of coloured tea pots on the divider shelves

Happy T Day 

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 13 February 2017

Inchie and Tags

Hi All. A wet and windy weekend for us and cold as well so I didn't go out much. I think it is maybe better to have this weather than that in Australia where it so hot this year. I hope it is alright where you are and thank you for your visit to Jumbled Crafts.

A reminder that the new challenge at Try it on Tuesday starts tomorrow so I hope you will be joining us there.

Every Inchie Monday this week has the theme Cow as we work our way through lots of animals this year

Here's another tag for Tag Tuesday where I chose the theme Bookworm. It is wonderful to see that we have more people joining in as the blog challenges had few entrants before the revival last Tuesday. I hope you will be able to join in as there is still a week to go before this theme ends and Valerie has a surprise--not sure what it is so that will be worth having a go to find out

So Wolf Granny is reading a book that Red Riding Hood got for her from the library. It is keeping granny awake at night, it so frightening. She never gets to the end of the stories where good conquers evil.

I find a lot of Fairy Stories very scary and especially when they make them into films.

At Go Tag Thursday the theme this week is Paris and Romance. I have made a second tag as it is such a great theme

A alcohol inks background with some shimmer paint. I even got out my sewing machine. One thing about cold wet days it means a lot more crafting.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Music and Heart

Hi There everyone who pops in and thank you for your visit. Cold here in the NE UK so good to have something to keep me warm and your comments always do that.

I'm pleased to say that our new venture at Tag Tuesday is collecting new and old friends and a big thank you to them all. Hope you will join in if you have time.

At Moo Mania and More they have the wonderful theme of Music this time

Here is my entry and it is a digitally revamped version of something I did way back when. The wonders of Paint Shop Pro.

This is the original box I made for a challenge at a blog I used.

That's Crafty have a new challenge that is called I Heart You andnd
 Allsorts Challenge have Hearts and flowers

I cut out an 8 inch heart from layers of thick card. I stuck them together and painted them red with a gold smudged border.

The flower was made from a printout on the Canon printer site but I did it a lot smaller than the original. Vic has made me some of the larger ones to put in a vase and they are very beautiful. I stamped the background and the Love stamp that is by Chocolate Baroque.

Have a happy weekend all

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 10 February 2017

Journal Page and Tag

It has soon got around to Friday and I hope you are all looking forward to the weekend. I will be watching rugby as usual at this time of year-only on television but it still exciting. Thank you for dropping in at Jumbled Crafts

It would be great if you could join in at the revamped Tag Tuesday where I have chosen the theme Bookworm. Our few regular entrants are going to try hard to revive the membership

At Art Journal Journey this month Linda is the host and has chosen the theme '50 Shades of Red'.

Red is so easy to work with and there really loads of different shades of red. This is a digital collage of some of red things I found in old folders on my computer.

At Go Tag Thursday the theme this week is Paris and Romance.

I made a background of chestnuts in blossom then added the Eiffel tower and a few effects. This was printed out and stuck onto a tag and I added a Kanban image I had on a sheet my daughter gave to me.

The background I made though the chestnut trees were not from a picture in Paris at all. Vic and me did go to Paris one April and the chestnuts by Notre Dame are a sight to behold, It was all very romantic for sure.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Card and Digitally sweet

Hello Everyone. I hope your day is going well and thank you for calling in and making a cold and gloomy day brighter. We even had a snow flurry this morning and more is forecast in the next few days here.

Hope you will join us at Tag Tuesday for my chosen Bookworm tag challenge

At Country View Challenges the theme was chosen by Sue and it is to make a card in 30 minutes or under. It sounded like fun so I wanted to have a go

I made a card with distressed inks and a die cut that was recycled from a card that my friend sent for my birthday-thank you Max. I used a rose stamp for around the edges and on the ink circles

I wasn't sure when the time should start and quite a bit of time was taken up choosing the inks and the stamp to use.

Now to Digitally Sweet where the project has to always be 100% digital.

The theme this time is Winter

I used some of my own winter photographs for the background, the birds and squirrel then I added some children from a picture in a book. My photographs were all taken in Sewerby Park not far from where we live. I added a bit of falling snow as well because we haven't had more than a few sprinkles so far this year.

Enjoy the rest of the day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

New Tag Tuesday

Hello Welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Thank you for your visit today and all the other days that you call in and leave comments to make my day

A special day today as we announce the revamp of Tag Tuesday with a new format where you can just join in the challenges instead of being on a members waiting list you just add a link to your entry with the Inlinkz tool. Also you will have 2 weeks to make tags for the challenges so plenty of time to think what you would like to do.

Valerie is leading the venture and has invited our regular contributors to host a theme in the coming challenges. She is also giving a prize this time to a lucky winner.

I was honoured to be chosen to think of the first theme and I have chosen Bookworm.

The Google meaning says---

a person who enjoys reading.
(especially formerly) the larva of a wood-boring beetle which feeds on the paper and glue in books.

Whatever that means you can make a tag with what you think Bookworm means to you.

The first tag I made also doubles up as bookmark

Here it is in the book I am reading at the moment

This is the book template I made if you would like to try one yourself

My second tag is a digital one and the background is a picture by the wonderful Cicely Mary Barker. I am sure you will have seen her work before as it is on many children's books of the past. She was born in 1895 and I can recall getting stamps when we attended Sunday School. Some of them were her religious artwork and usual had children on them somewhere. Most of her work has fairies and children/fairies.

Now it's your turn and I hope you will join us.

Also a reminder that there is still almost a week to join us at Try it on Tuesday with your Hearts and Flowers projects.

Love Chrissie xx