Thursday, 2 February 2017

Journal Page and Tag

Hello to everyone who drops by Jumbled Crafts and thank you for calling in. Still grey and damp here today but not the awful rain we had yesterday thank goodness

At Art Journal Journey this month Linda is the host and has chosen the theme '50 Shades of Red. I do like the way I can choose to be a digital artist, a painter or a crafter with these challenges as I love being all three. Sometimes all on the same page.

This is all digital with a face I painted in Paint Shop Pro and I have added lots of red flowers. The background is a red colour chart. I really do love red and my nickname used to be Scarlet Lady when I had a CB radio way back when. Hope it was for right reason?

At Go Tag Thursday this week the theme is Anything goes.

I have finally set up my sewing machine and I sewed some ribbon onto card for the background. The added things I have collected from nearby hedgerows and altered with wax and glitter.. The dried seaweed is a small part of a bunch that had blown onto the promenade and  was rolling along quite happily until I captured it. I really enjoyed making this tag.

This is a photograph that Vic took yesterday -it is a tree near to our house.

I think the snails must be trying to keep dry and warm

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Snails! yuck! They eat our mail and no matter what we do they love our letter box... talk about 'snail mail' lol.
    love your gorgeous page it's a real stunning page Chrissie and your tag is awesome...take care.xx{aNNie}

  2. I simply adore your red entry. You do digital SO well. It is beautiful and I can't believe you painted the lady in your digital program. I would not even begin to know how to do this. I'm enjoying this beautiful red entry, though, and it shows how many reds you can get when you think about it.

    That tag is wonderful. The sewing is fabulous, but, not living anywhere near an ocean, what appealed to me was the seaweed. I liked the wax you added, too.

    The snails are lovely to look at, but I don't want them anywhere near my garden. Have a lovely Thursday, dear.

  3. An ADORABLE tag Chrissie and I like your lovely Scarlet Lady- she is beautiful done ! It's a lovely theme this month at AJJ .. I think we will have some more ideas - thank you very much for linking your lovely Lady ! Vic's photos are wonderful - expressive - nature is always an endless inspiration !
    Thank you for sharing all with us dear Chrissie!

    We have ice around- can walk my dogs just in my own garden - ohterwise it would be too dangerous for me on that icy ways....
    boring for us - but we have to be patient and wait for better conditions !

    Happy Day!
    and thank you for your lovely entry to AJJ.

  4. Hi you Scarlet Lady! (I am shocked!) Love the journal page, and the tag is especially gorgeous. The photos are great, I hope those snails don't all head for your garden when the weather gets better! Will write you later. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Really awesome post, Chrissie. Red lady is stunning with all the red flowers etc. Your tag is so creative and like how you selected the materials for it. Beautiful! What a wonderful tree, thanks for sharing.
    Have a nice time ❤

  6. Absolutely gorgeous artwork and photos, Chrissie

  7. Love your Lady in Red, just came form Valerie's post and the song is still lingering in my mind.
    Gorgeous tag!!

  8. lovely monochromatic tag Chrissie-and I LOVE your scarlet lady!!! I'm working on a redhead too:)Thanks for joining in at AJJ!

  9. Who knew that snails crawled into tree spaces like that? I think that's cool. And you got so many shades of red into your piece you really could title it 50 shades of red. :) Love it. It is a very interesting piece- especially that patchwork background. Hugs-Erika

  10. Wow Chrissie your pieces are gorgeous (of course - they always are) and what a brilliant photograph, fancy snails doing that! xx

  11. Had to grin at the scarlet lady, you dark horse. Great page and tag Chrissie, love all the elements. The snail tree is brilliant, they look really cosy. ( I loath them in the garden, so please keep them up there)

  12. Shes a stunning scarlet lady, I needed a smile today and can imagine you one the CB radio.
    Love the textures on the fantastic tag.
    Yvonne xx

  13. I love your scarlet lady and your tag's beautiful - a great photo of the snails.
    xxx Hazel.

  14. Your lady in red is awesome! So many layers of wonderful colour, it's amazing what you can achieve digitally! I wouldn't have a clue! So cool you were a CB lady! Love the name - did make me smile when you said you hope it was for the right reason, tee hee! Fabulous tag, love the natural elements and Vic's photo is brilliant. xxx

  15. Your lady is so wonderful, I love the way you have created her hair with all those beautiful flowers - amazing! Your tag is a wonder and using the pieces you have collected from your walks makes it extra special, I can see why you enjoyed creating it :-). Great photo - the snails look so cosy huddled together in the nook of that tree :-). Hope you have had a great week and wishing you a lovely weekend Chrissie! J :-)

  16. LURVE the red lady, she has wonderful eyes, LOVE the tag, so beautiful. LOVE the tree and the snails, I'm sure you will use that in some of your work soon.

  17. Your scarlet lady is full of passion and beauty (some of those shades of red made me hungry!).
    What a fun CB handle...you made me giggle Chrissie.
    That is quite a bevy of snails tucked in and camouflaged in the tree trunk.
    Great photo! (just had to look it up and a group of snails can be called a rout or a walk ... not a bevy like I said ;-) LOL)
    Your tag is lovely and extra special with treasured bits you've collected.
    Happy Weekend to you. oxo

  18. I love your seaweed tag Chrissie. Thanks so much for your message on my blog. It's always lovely to hear from you. With love, Carolyn xxx

  19. I've seen white-on-white creations, but wouldn't of thought of re-on-red - it's great! The tag is so lovely with nature and craftiness.

  20. Wow, your lady in red is just brilliant, love the pops of white for such a wonderful bit of contrast! Beautiful tag, the amber tones are wonderfully vintage. Loving your photos of the snails, I've never seen anything like that before! Amazing! Have a great week Chrissie. hugs :)

  21. Love your lady in red, it reminds me of a famous painting but I can't think of the name! The tag is a lovely example of Shabby chic/Vintage. Great makes!

  22. Wonderful digital Page Chris sie, your famoser Lady looks great. I also love your nice Tag made in Sepia Colorado,wow. The nest of snails in this tree is amazing. I collect empty snail houses for home decoration. I love them as much as shells.
    Dear Greetings

  23. Love your red lady Chrissie! The design is fantastic. Your tag have great textures... so pretty. And I really love your snails photo, I've never seen so much snails together in hibernation.
    Mar xx

  24. WOW! What an amazing journal page. I feel I could reach out and ruffle the flowers. Stunning.

  25. Super Tag..love the seaweed..what a great find...
    Thank you for playing along in this weeks challenge at Go Tag Thursday...x


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