Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Tag and T for Tea Time

Hi All. Nice to have you join me at Jumbled Crafts and hope you enjoy the post today. A special hello if you drop by from T is for ? I have added my pics for that under the next bit of the post.

We have a new challenge at Tag Tuesday and one of our Design Team have chosen the new theme. Thank you Michele for choosing Hats and Headgear and also for the surprise you have in store for one lucky winner. I hope you will all join in as we are trying to kick start the Tag Tuesday Challenges with a new format. It is going well so far and a big thank you to all of you who have joined us. You can use digital, painted, mixed media or whatever you like so long as it's a tag and follows the theme.

Queen of the tea cups with a feather in her hat. Not sure where this image came from I have had it for along time. I made a mixed media background with texture and added a crown, the leaves, flower and a feather

Time for a reminder that you still have a week to join us at Try it on Tuesday where the theme is Time for Tea and also join in at Elizabeth's T for Tuesday party where you can add a link to a drink related post.

Happy T Day party goers.


Yesterday we went to Hull as it has been chosen as the year of culture for 2017. We went to the revamped Ferens Art Gallery and had coffee and a brownie in there. The prices are outrageous but the setting is very nice so it was a treat. The coffee you can see in Vic's cup is all you get and that was after we added some milk to it. Heaven knows why the cups are so big the coffee was cold in no time at all.

I had thought that Hull would be buzzing with culture but we didn't find much even in the art gallery that has had millions spent on it. This huge windmill blade, that takes up most of magnificent town square with its amazing buildings, is supposed to be an art installation!

More of the Hull Day out when I sort the photographs. Vic still has a pulled muscle in his back so going far at all is a bit of a labour of love at the moment.

Just reread this and I sound as though it was really miserable outing. It wasn't all miserable as the train journey is very beautiful from our station to Hull and we did go for another coffee and for lunch as well. More smiles than frowns for sure.

Enjoy your day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Hull has changed a lot since I was last there, glad you enjoyed the new art gallery, but half empty cups for too much money isn't so good! Love the photo of ou both, and your tea cup lady tag is fantastic. Have a lovely day, time to get going for me. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love you tag with the Queen of the tea cups! I haven't been to Hull since I was about 11 and the ferry to come home made everyone ill as a storm was coming! We found that the next one was cancelled! Sorry to see the disappointing cuppa! I think we may go to Hull sometime now we can get there without using a ferry now we are on the right side of the Humber!! Of course the bridge is there now and we did travel across there to get to Yorkshire once after visiting my parents years ago! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  3. Fabulous tag Chrissie, love the image too. You and Vic look lovely and so you had a 1/4 cup of coffee for the price of a full one? Hope it tasted nice but the pleasure of just being in that environment would have been nice.x ♥[aNNie]

  4. It looks like a fun day out even if it was pricey and Vic's coffee cup wasn't very full. I'm curious to see more photos. Its fun to be an armchair traveler. :) Hope its a great T day for the rest of it. Hugs-Erika

  5. Wow, your tag is amazing Chrissie! I just love the Victorian feel to this. The image, the feather, the worn background, it's all so wonderful! The gold glitter is an elegant touch. I chuckled when you mentioned how is sounded like you had a bad time. You can have a wonderful time, but still think some aspects were not too your liking. A half a cup of coffee, dang, that would have made me frown too!! lol. hugs :)

  6. Your tag is amazinfg and it looks like you and Vic had a nice day at the gallery - sorry that the coffee was so pricey.
    Happy T-Day dear Chrissie!

  7. What a brilliant tag, your Queen of the teacups is beautiful! I love all the texture you have created and the embellishments you have used :-). The huge windmill blade and old buildings are amazing, I'm so glad your day was full of smiles too! I hope Vic recovers quickly, pulling a muscle in your back sounds painful. Wishing you the happiest of T Days Chrissie! J :-)

  8. fabulous tag Chrissie!! I will def. get something in for the new theme:) Looks like a nice outing despite cold coffee (I hate that too unless of course it is iced coffee)Thanks for sharing an happy T day!

  9. Its a fabulous tag Chrisie and I do like her headwear, very regal she looks sipping her tea.
    Its a lovely photo of yourself and Vic, its a shame your coffee was so disappointing and glad that it didn't spoil your day.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  10. I simply adore your beautiful tag that featured the Queen of teacups. It is beautiful.

    Too bad the prices were so high for so little coffee. I've been to places like that, too, where one small cup of coffee with no refills was all you got.

    The square was gorgeous, but the art installation looked terribly out of place against the beauty of the ancient buildings in the background. Great photo, though.

    Thanks for sharing your adorable tea tag and your trip to Hull for T with us this Tuesday.

  11. Chrissie! Your Queen of Tea Cups tag is wonderful in every detail!
    L❤Ve it!
    Lovely photos of you and your mister in that nice cafe.
    Things don't always measure up to our expectations but it sounds like you made the most of your outing. I so like the idea of traveling by train. It is something that really excites me. Travel of any kind is a thrill indeed.
    Wishing you a Happy T Day.

  12. Your Queen of Tea Cups is amazing Chrissie!
    Large cups always "look" inviting, but truth is the drink always gets cold too fast. Too bad they charge a stiff price for a fancy cup, but I imagine the prices help support the gallery......so you did good!
    We have giant windmills here, so the size in your photo didn't surprise me. What I did keep going back and looking at was the architecture on the buildings in the background.....so beautiful.
    Glad to hear you did have a good trip.
    Happy T-day

  13. so nice to see you both sitting there happily together and enjoying!
    happy t-day!

  14. Art is in the eye of the beholder, as you prove here ;) I agree with you about the cups. I'd rather have a small cup, filled only half-way, and then get a warm-up. But I take mine black, so warm-ups are easy for me. It sounds like an interesting trip.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  15. Chrissie, your artful tag is stunning! Love her crown with a feather, and the lovely silk flower added. Thanks for taking us along on your outing...happy T day!

  16. Gorgeous tag Chrissie, love the texture and the image. I don't like the large cups, I find them difficult to hold with my bad hands. Peter's brother lives just North of Hull. but we don't go there very often, it looks as if it has improved a bit.

  17. So funny Chrissie that you mention big coffee cups and cold coffee... I like my coffee cups a certain size too... I do NOT like cold coffee... I often find that my idea of art does not match art galleries idea of art..lol Please excuse the late visit... We have been busy working on the new craftroom all day... putting paint on the walls! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  18. i adore your tag, she is quite regal with her crown and teacup! looks like you had a wonderful time out enjoying coffee and culture! have fun! xo

  19. A beautiful tag Chrissie, I hope the cake was as tasty as it looks.
    xxx Hazel.

  20. Queen of the tea cups - I love it! I was appalled by the "art" installation as well. Your brownie looks yummy. May I have a bite?

    Happy T-day, Chrissie! Hugs, Eileen

  21. Lovely tag - I love that textured background. Are those flower stems embroidered? Or is that you being clever with your digi skills again? Hmm... not sure about that windmill blade. It reminds me of the huge tank guns the Russians and Chinese are always flashing around in their parades... Or the guns on HMS Belfast on the Thames. It's only March - I'm sure Hull will come up with more. I guess Hull Truck Theatre Co must be involved somewhere along the line...
    Alison x

    1. I agree about the blade and so do many of the residents.

      Not me being clever Alison just cut out stems. We haven't been to the new Hull Truck Theatre yet but the company do come to Brid sometimes or to Scarborough so we get to see them then

      Love Chrissie xx

  22. Good morning and Happy T day but on a thursday lol just now getting to the computer this morning.
    Hi Chrissie, I love your tag-very cool and enjoyed the photos especially with tea and brounie-yum

  23. That tea-themed tag is fabulous! Her cup is only small but I bet it's filled to the brim.

  24. Love the tag you made for this challenge - a crown is the best hat ever!! It's such a pretty image and the textured background is fab!!

  25. Love the tag Chrissie, she looks very regal with her crown.
    Avril xx

  26. I am so loving the image - drinking tea wearing a crown - Yes! I wonder if you might have got full cups of coffee if you had worn your crowns to Hull?

  27. Nice photo of you both. Oh your so blessed to eat what you eat.
    Chocolate cake with icing and coffee and there you both are at Hall.

  28. Amazing tag! One of my favorites. Thanks for playing at Tag Tuesday!


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