Monday, 1 May 2017

Inchie and Happy T Day on Monday Evening

Hello Everyone and a Happy New Week and Month to you all. Thank you for joining me at Jumbled Crafts and I hope the heading for my post isn't too confusing. Tuesday has become my busiest blog day of the week so I am trying to make it less confusing by posting some of the Tuesday stuff on Monday evening.

First things first

Every Inchie Monday has the theme Bee this week

Poor thing looks as though it is in fancy dress

We have a bumble bee living in our garden and it makes a nest among the plants against the fence. It looks nothing like my inchie thank goodness.

This is a photograph of a bee Vic took in our garden it isn't as big as usual one.

Now to Altered Book Lover where Elizabeth invites us to join her for a get together every Tuesday with a drinks related post Happy T Day to all of you from there.

We walked all along the seafront to visit Vic's mum on Sunday and part of the way we go through the amusement park right on the edge of the sea. Lots of new things have arrived this year for the new season

A Big Wheel that turns round very slowly so you can see the views all around

A 'coffee pot and cup' ride-just right for 'T' people

Also we took MIL to new cafe that has just opened on the seafront and it was very nice. Called the Beach Hut and has a simple menu but should do well when the season gets underway.

Mollie had a toasted, fruit teacake-the lady in the background and her husband had full English breakfasts.
Vic had a bacon sandwich complete with parsley. Never seen parsley on a bacon sandwich before.

I had a black coffee and a tiny bit of his parsley because I am on antibiotics and hadn't to eat anything for 2 hours before the next tablet was due. I seem to be missing out on things recently. I'll make up for it another time.:)

Just to say that a new challenge will start tomorrow at Tag Tuesday and I hope you will join in this time--you will see why if you come back for my next post.

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Fun inchie and lovely photos. Did you ride on the cup and teapot?! Glad you had a fun time with Vic and Mollie. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Like your inchie and the photo with the bee. Have a nice week.

  3. What a great inchie that is xx

  4. Your fun bee inchie is so cute and that's such a wonderful photo too! I enjoyed joining you for the walk along the seafront and visiting the cafe with you too - Happy T Day! J :-)

  5. I love that Bee on the inchie, it looks like his eyes are staring at everyone, the bee photo was lovely as well.
    Great photos of the walk with the fun tea cup ride on the sea front, I think the little ones would love it.
    It sounds a lovely name for the new cafe you found, I hope you get to go back there soon to enjoy the food.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  6. A ovely fun little inchie and superb photos!!

  7. I really like to think of bees having fancy dress parties and dressing up as a bee for a laugh!Thanks for sharing your walk along the sea front, I felt as if I was there with you, especially at the mention of the bacon sandwiches..I travelled for about a year all around New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory with Owen, Yorkshire by birth and Scots by preference IT expert during a major project a few years back...he was dead particular about his bacon butties...and especially any unsolicited garnishes that were added against his express wishes! I could still compile a list of the very few little country towns where some fortunate soul got the right combination! Dixx

  8. That is the perfect T day ride.:) I bet there are children who just love getting that. And the bee is so summery. :) Happy T day Chrissie. Hugs-Erika

  9. i do love your inchie mondays! the bee is delightful! also you are having so much fun. and i would totally eat a bacon and parsley sandwich! have a great week! xo

  10. Hi Chrissie loving your inchie bee too sweet. the new cafe sounds really nice-and how fun the t cup ride.
    Happy T Day Kathy

  11. hahaha, taking that 'coffee pot and cup' ride for TsfT is just a gorgeous idea!! i love the big wheels, too, but only for photographing, it´s not my Thing to ride them;)
    awesome post, chrissie, and happy t-day!

  12. Ok so many cool things. The inchie is cute and I am in awe that Vic got such a great pic of a bee on the flower. Not sure I like the idea of parsley on a bacon sandwich! But I love that little tea cup ride! Love!

  13. Fun inchie Chrissie... i just love seeing those big fuzzy bumblebees in my yard... they make me smile as i don't see them often.. That coffee cup ride is just about perfect... now we just need you to sit in one of the coffee cups...lol Happy T day hugs Chrissie! deb

  14. Great bee photo! I'd love to ride that Ferris wheel, and what a wonderful tea-related ride for the weekly T Day :) The cafe food looks good, and I'm thinking it will do well.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  15. What a cute post for T day...Love the tea cup ride, and your little bumblebee inchie is so adorable. Happy T Day!

  16. What a perfect T-day ride, Chrissie! Your bee inchie is very cute. It looks like you had a fun outing.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  17. Ooh don't know what happened there lol, I think your bee is brilliant, especially as he's only an inch big! xx

    1. Haha, if you add my two comments together they may start to make sense (or maybe not lol) xx

  18. I love your smiley bee! Love the walk you take to your MIL's. I don't think I could have watched my hubby eat a bacon butty so easily (although it probably wasn't that easy)Happy T day! Chrisx

  19. Adorable inchie ♥ It looks you had a great time and I love the teacup ride. Happy T Day!!!

  20. Lovely post Chrissie, I just love a day at the seaside and we were only lamenting that it's been a while since we had one - must make amends! I think your little bee is very sweet - looks like he got startled in the middle of being busy with what bees do!!!

  21. What a wonderful day out, I love that teacup ride thing! Your bee inchie is way cute Chrissie, I think it's fabulous! The photo of the bee is really amazing! There was only one spot on the lake last year where I could see the bees, down by the row of thistles. I see now that they have torn out all the flower beds around the lake, so I hope I can find a new spot to see them. hugs :)

  22. Your little bee put a smile on my face, it looks like one of those collars they put on dogs to stop them scratching a wound. The bee's is of course bee coloured. Your day out looked fun.
    Wendy xx

  23. I really do love this little bee! No so sure about parsley on a bacon sandwich though lol.



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