Monday, 8 May 2017

Journal Page, Inchie and photographs

Hi All and welcome to Jumbled Crafts. Always good to have 'friends' drop in and thank you for your visit.

At Art Journal Journey the theme was chosen by Gill and it is something different. Grunge and Elegance. Lots of great ideas already and still the rest of the month to join in.

I thought of all the furniture that is being transformed into grunge pieces and selling for hundreds of pounds. Imagine placing an elegant framed picture of an ancestor on one of these. I altered a free picture I found online and gave her a  hat and flowers on her dress then made a frame for it.

At Every Inchie Monday this time the subject is flamingo.

I love to see these are all together in pictures as the colours are amazing

We went on the bus to Flamborough North Landing as the forecast said sunny. It was sunny but the wind was straight off the North sea and very strong. We walked back into Flamborough village after  briefly taking in the fresh sea air

This seat overlooks the bay and someone had tied a flower and this wonderful windmill to the seat in memory of a child. The windmill could be taken out of a slot so it could be used by others. It was spinning so fast I thought I would take off. Should have taken a video really

 We found an old fishing tractor with wonderful textures. It had been left there to rot away

Vic asking me if I would like a ride-a bit near the cliff edge for that I thought.

Have a really great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. A fab journal page Chrissie and your inchies are always wonderful. And wow, what stunning photos, looks like a great day out! TFS!

  2. I love this cool idea for your journal page Chrissie and the lovely inchie! Thank you for another fantastic entry to AJJ and thanks a lot for these super photos from Flamborough North Landing. I can feel the fresh air - and the rusty tractor looks super and nice to see you and Vic enjoying the tour !
    Happy new week!
    oxo Susi

  3. Definitely like the idea of the brick photo frame support & your flamingo is a great "portrait ", cracking pictures from your day out & all the rust......mmmmm what a textural treat!


  4. Wonderful walk images and I love all the rusty texture on the old machinery...Great flamingo inchie too, aren't they such a spekky colour, particularly en masse?

  5. Love your journal page! The lady does not look impressed! Your flamingo is fabulous too! Yesterday here was lovely following a grey day on Saturday - although the only exciting thing we did was go into Stockport to have my specs mended, although we did have a very nice lunch out too! Hugs, Chrisx

  6. Its a fabulous page Chrissie, and you are right to mention how much folk will pay for refurbishes furniture etc. Loved the pretty inchie of the flamingo.
    The photos were also fantastic, everything looks so fresh and clear. It was a super picture of the rusty tractor as well.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Wonderful journal page, and the flamingo inchie i gorgeous. Great photos from your outing, I especially love the rusty ones. Have a nice evening, hug, Valerie

  8. What a fun piece! Love the flamingo-inchie.
    Thanks for sharing the gorgeous photos. You mast be outdoor lovers as like to visit these windy but super places.
    Have a happy evening both of you xx

  9. A great and witty page dear Chrissie, very extraordinary. I like it much.
    Your photos are wonderful, a nice coast and the rusty bulldozer looks very good. Seems you have had a nice day at the coast.

  10. Love your pieces today Chrissie, brilliant grunge and elegance together, and your inchies always make me smile. Your photographs really took me back in time. We used to camp at Flamborough in the 70's and looking at your photo's it hasn't changed a bit - you almost had to abseil down to the beach lol. Have a great week xx

  11. Love the pics by the sea, the one and only time we went to a beach in England it was October, in town was warmish but on the beach it was freezing! I love the artwork, the lady at the piano is great. Flamingo is great!

  12. What a fabulous post Chrissie and what a fab page and idea for AJJ thank you - I love that and also your beautiful flamingo inchie.
    Your trip out looked so sunny and lovely but I can imaine that North Sea wind ...brrr. Loved the tractor too - and thinking how nice it might be in a garden with flowers spilling out of some nooks and crannies in it :) Gill xx

  13. Beautyfluid art journal and brilliant flamingo. I love the photos you took from the old tractor.

  14. Great journal page Chrissie and flamingo Inchie too love yourpictures


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