Monday, 15 May 2017

T stands for Walk Along the Pier Photographs and Inchie

Happy T Day if you have called in from Elizabeth's blog where we are all invited to post a drink related post on Tuesday. Welcome to all from anywhere else and thank you for your visit. Inchiers my Koala is at the end of the pictures

The best place to start with this post is at the end or you will wonder where the drink comes in The boat in the harbour is a very old one and does trips around the bay and beyond. I remember going on it when I was a child and I still love going on when the puffins are nesting on the cliffs. We sat on the other side of the harbour and looked at back at where we had been--now to see where we had been-picture heavy warning.

We walked along the pier at the end of the harbour path. It isn't a fancy pier just a reminder of the fishing heritage from way back when and at the end a modern lighthouse and a yacht club 'shed'

Yacht Club 'shed'

Modern lighthouse

Fish Factory on another pier from the other end of the harbour 

Kittiwakes nesting on the harbour wall--what a noise they make

More kittiwakes and the back of the shops in the distance

 Looking across to where we walked along from home into town. The big white building is a large theatre that has been there decades.

This lady is knitting a ganzie. I love this new addition to the start of the pier as I  knit the same sort of thing myself 

Such a beautiful face.

Hope you enjoyed the walk along the pier and the drink at the end/start of it.

Every Inchie Monday this week had Koala as the animal

Here's my happy chappy giving you a smile

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Love all the wonderful photos taken by the sea, I miss seeing the sea these days. The statue of the knitting lady is really lovely. Great inchie, too. Have a happy T Day, I'm in bed watching Inspector Barnaby....hugs, Valerie

  2. Oh Chrissie, I fell in LOVE with the pier, and most of all those rusty bits you chose to show. You know me and rust!!! I loved the walk you took and a view of your town. What a beautiful place where you live.

    I think your koala bear is simply adorable. Just a real beauty.

    Thanks for taking us on this trip to the pier with your mug that was perfect for T. Also, thanks for sharing your koala and the various birds you photographed. I'm sure Valerie will appreciate those.

  3. Such beautiful views to enjoy around your town, it was lovely to walk with you in the sunshine! The new statue of the lady knitting is beautiful and I've never heard of an Ganzie before so looked it up - is it a jumper? Your happy chappy is so cute :-) . Happy T Day! J :-)

  4. I loved seeing the photos of your walk and the lovely weather makes everywhere look so fresh, there didn't seem many folk either to get in the way while you took the photos. I loved the statue of the lady knitting, she is beautiful.
    Happy T day Chrissie.
    Yvonne xx

  5. LOVE this post Chrissie!! Any imagery that has to do with the waters is my cup of tea:)
    Love your sweet koala too. Happy T day!

  6. chrissi the statue of lady is very beautiful and wonderful the photos
    with the pier!
    The Koala is sweet!
    Happy Day

  7. Lovely walk and stunning photos, the lady statue is wonderful! Such a happy smiling koala, love it! xxx

  8. I learned new word today, Chrissie - ganzie. Google tells me it's a Shetland word for woolen jumper. I hope that's correct. That's a beautiful statue. Thanks for taking us along on your walk around the pier.

    Your koala inchie ... awww ... so sweet.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  9. Fantastic photos and a lovely inchie Chrissie!
    Happy T-DAY!

  10. Lovely post Chrissie, the photos are great. Love the statue, and your koala is cute.
    Wendy xx

  11. Fabulous views from the pier! Great to be by the sea on a sunny day and with so much to see! The statue is brilliant! Love the koala inchie too! Chrisx

  12. What a pretty place Chrissie. I am jealous you got to see the nesting puffins. How cool. I hope to go to Canada and do that later in June. We shall see. Hope it's a fabulous t day for you. Hugs erika

  13. Thanks for the beautiful tour, I can here the seagulls from here LOL. Lovely face on the statue as you say.

  14. wonderful photos from your trip, and that statue of the knitting Lady is just gorgeous! oh yes, seagulls are so noisy;)
    happy t-day!!

  15. Thank you for taking us to the sea Chrissie... love all the photos... i like the little fish along the bottom of the sculpture... I'm going to have to look up what she is knitting.. i have never heard of it.. Happy T day hugs! deb

  16. love walking by the sea and what beautiful photos too

  17. Great photos Chrissie, thanks for sharing x

  18. A great post today Chrissie, lovely to see the photos of your walk along the pier. Great artwork and that Koala just stole my heart.
    Avril xx

  19. We love puffins and always keep up with goings on at the puffin cam locations. I've never seen one in person and think that would be a priceless experience. There's so much to see and beautiful views where you are!

    Happy T Tuesday

  20. Beautiful photos of the harbor, birds and landmarks. Love the picture of you with the statue! had to look up what a 'ganzie' was...not in our local lingo, but always fun to learn something new/old! happy T day to you!

  21. Lovelpictures of your trip & I love the mug...I have one just like it :-). A cute little koala to finish your post brings a smile to my face, I think he might need a ganzie if he decides to move to the UK though!


  22. What a lovely day for a walk Chrissie, at first I thought you had a koala named Inchiers which had me puzzled 'till the penny dropped lol. What a fabulous sculpture, I've not seen this one, though I did see Freddie Gilroy in Scarborough last year. He's amazing, but such a sad story. I'm loveing your koala, he really is a happy chappie xx

  23. Ok first off it was cool to see a walk on the pier, secondly that lady statue was amazing! Your koala is cute, love that smile!

  24. Awww, your Koala is just amazing, love his sweet face! Looks like you had a wonderful walk on the harbour. So many interesting things to see, like that old rusted canon, very cool! I really love the sound of seagulls, the squawking is a not-so-subtle reminder that I don't live in the city any more. lol. sending hugs :)


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