Monday, 31 July 2017

Inchie and T Day

Hello Everyone and thank you for your visit to Jumbled Crafts.

Every Inchie Monday has Rhino as the theme for this week. I am still doing just the animals heads this year but many have done the whole animal or even more all in one inch square.

Mine is a fierce creature with a very kind eye-he may just give you a friendly lick

If you want to join Elizabeth and Bluebeard for T is for T Day all you need to do to join the party is have a drink related post

We did go to York for a day at the weekend but the photographs are still on the camera so I will show the drinks posts from those next week.

Never despair as now I have a new hobby----collecting old mugs with character. I saw one on the car boot sale for 10p and thought what a great hobby it would be to look for other mugs that should be collectors items but fell by the wayside. Not sure this mug has been used for drinks until now but I did fill it with water and drank it all while I wrote this post.

This mug is to celebrate the first child born to Edward Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess or York
This is the base of the mug showing it is bone china and one of a limited edition

Prince Beatrice with Dave Clark crop.jpg
Princess Beatrice was their first child and she is 7th in line to the throne.

1.Charles, Prince of Wales (b. 1948), eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II
       2.Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (b. 1982), elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales
 3.Prince George of Cambridge (b. 2013), son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
    4.Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (b. 2015), daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
     5.Prince Henry of Wales (b. 1984), younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales
     6.Prince Andrew, Duke of York (b. 1960), second son of Queen Elizabeth II
      7.Princess Beatrice of York (b. 1988), elder daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York

 Lots happened to the couple along the way but they still live in the same house together and it is even rumoured that, one day they marry again (to each other) I wrote this while drinking water from a bottle so definitely drinks related.

Happy T Day to all the lovely ladies at E and B's party

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 29 July 2017

Cats and Colours

Happy Weekend and thank you for sharing your time with me by visiting Jumbled Crafts. A special welcome to new visitors and followers.

At Moo Mania and More the theme this time is Cats. You can add any project at all with cats and use any medium to make your project.

When I first got a cat in my teens I loved him so much I used to daydream when I was at school and draw cats on every space in my exercise books. Somewhere deep down I remember what they looked like and so I drew one for MMM. Must see what I could do better now I am grown up :)

At Tag Tuesday it was my turn to choose the theme this time and it is My Favourite Colour Combination-well your favourite colour combination really.

A digital tag from me today

This is me in my school uniform-minus the green beret. I was always proud to wear it and the navy and green went so well together. We didn't have coloured photographs in those days and not many people had cameras.

My new header is made from a photograph Vic took the other day of our new 'Baby' . We bought a very small wisteria plant and hoped it would survive as we just love the flowers when we see them growing up cottage walls and in parks. Last year it did its best to shoot up the side of an archway but then died back. This year it shot up over the archway and produced this amazing flower.

Can't wait to see what happens next

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Tags on Thursday and TIOT reminder

Hello Everyone nice to have you join me at Jumbled Crafts where you are always welcome. Thank you for your visit today.

At Tag Tuesday we have 'My Favourite Colour Combinations' as the theme for the next 2 weeks and there is a prize draw for anyone that joins us with a tag. I hope to see you there and look forward to visiting your blog.

I couldn't resist making a  Blue and Orange tag that is often the colours chosen by my favourite male duo of the moment-well since the Pet Shop Boys. They are an Australian pair and, for me, they are visual artists. Many of their videos are on youtube and if you do follow the link look for High and Low and see the wonders. Enough of that ----I made the background with strips of blue and orange paper and printed out a picture of the 'lads' and the added their duo name.

Now for Go Tag Thursday and a great theme for me as it is 'Seaside' this week. I live and breathe seaside quite literally so not a difficult subject for me at all

The background is a paper napkin and the pictures my own photographs taken along our seafront.

Still almost a week to join us at Try it on Tuesday for the Let it Shine Challenge.

This is a digital piece I did back in 2005 so I just added the words to fit the theme at TIOT

Have a Great Day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

New Challenge at Tag Tuesday and T Day

Hello All who call in at Jumbled Crafts and thank you for your visit.

 If  you are here for T Day at Elizabeth and Bluebeards it is after the Tag Tuesday part of the post. Tuesday is such a busy day here on my blog. I am sure both blogs will be happy to have people join in at both places

There is a new challenge starting today at Tag Tuesday and I am the one to choose the theme this time

The theme is 'My Favourite Colour Combinations' so thinking caps on and I hope you enjoy joining us. You can choose any colours you like and as many colours as you like in the combination

There is a prize this time and the winner will be drawn randomly from the people who make a tag for this challenge.  It is open to anyone anywhere who joins this time

      This is the prize             

I knitted the owl and he is only 6 inches tall so won't take up a lot of space. 

 There are a few other things I am adding to the prize, including at least one of my tags made for this challenge.

These are the tags I made so far

Purple and yellow go so well together and appear in many flowers. I do love this mix of colours in pansies. The tag has a pocket at the bottom to hold the extras

The inspiration for this digital tag was the wonderful cornflower with the beautiful blue and green

I am looking forward to seeing your tags and visiting your blogs as well

Happy T Day if you have arrived here from Elizabeth and Bluebeard's drinks related post. Here you can join in every Tuesday and all are welcome

We decided to go for an extra walk one evening as we hadn't walked far because of the rain during the day. On the way we decided we would walk even further and go for a pizza at the Pavilion along the North Beach end. We live at the South beach end of town so it is a bit of a trek through town or around the harbour.

Forgot to take a photographs when the pizza arrived so here it is almost demolished. We both had Lime and Soda to drink with lots of ice and a stirrer that is something I haven't had before in a cold drink.

We walked back a different way and passed the Spa . For some unknown reason there were lots of vintage cars parked outside the Spa. People were arriving for the show in the theatre and appearing was the 'Pasadena Roof Orchestra' from way back when. There is another large place for shows and events in the Spa  and it is well worth a visit as it is so beautiful. -pictures if you follow the link I added.

Have a Great Day

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 24 July 2017

Inchie and Journal Page

Hi All and a happy start to the week to you. Thank you for your visit today.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme this week is Camel

 This brought to mind a very scary ride for me when I went quite a long way on a camel in the Canaries. My camel was a nice quiet chap but the one behind kept pushing me in the back and as it was a string of camels, with only one man leading them in the front, I just had to put up with it all the way. Never again have I been on a camel though Vic has.

At Art Journal Journey the theme this month was chosen by Elizabeth and her beautiful cat Bluebeard. They chose the theme Summertime Love and it is wonderful to see all the different ideas that people have thought of. This is my last page I have made for this challenge so thank you Elizabeth for all the inspiration and your comments

A digital page from me today with a face and flowers I made years ago but the page was made for this challenge.

Just a few more hours to join us for 'Cake' at Tag Tuesday but a new challenge there tomorrow and I hope you will come back for that and see what is on offer.??

Another week at Try it on Tuesday where the theme is Let it Shine so we would love you to join us there as well.

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Journal Page and photographs

Hello Everyone and Happy Weekend to you. Hope it goes well and thank you for your visit.

At Art Journal Journey the theme this month was chosen by Elizabeth and her beautiful cat Bluebeard. They chose the theme Summertime Love and it is wonderful to see all the different ideas that people have thought of.

We have friends who have a caravan and go here and there every other week from Spring until Autumn. I can't imagine where they find to go that is better than where we live but it is certainly the things they love

 We went for an evening walk to the harbour and the fishing boats were in. This is a something we don't see often as they are usually out at sea. The building on the end of the pier is a fish factory and now, they are building a fish laboratory and research centre for the industry, on the other side of the harbour

This is the main road and our estate is behind the hedge on the right though we live farther back from there. On the path side behind the trees is avery beautiful golf course with lots of wild life and plants.
Suddenly the road became very busy and traffic came almost to a halt. We kept on walking and passed most of the traffic until we came to th e culprit

A gypsy caravan that was going very slowly even though it had two horses. Eventually it pulled off the road into a field and the traffic was able to go on its way safely. The building on the right is a very new small hotel that seems to be full most of the time.

Have a great day 

Love Chrissie xx

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Tag, Journal page and photographs

Hello Everyone. This week is racing ahead and my days seem to have been full of the great outdoors this week. Done lots of gardening, walking along the seafront and playing bowls in the back garden. The bowls is a fun idea we started last year. We play with anything that is round and the games are just Vic and Me. It is all very competitive but also lots of fun. Looks like the game will be called off today because it is raining. :(

At Art Journal Journey the theme this month was chosen by Elizabeth and her beautiful cat Bluebeard. They chose the theme Summertime Love and it is wonderful to see all the different ideas that people have thought of.

I used a mop up page with shimmer paint for the background then added the wonderful VW van image. Still a few of those around and I just love to see them, all lovingly restored and appearing at outdoor shows.

Go Tag Thursday has Flags/ Bunting as the theme for this week. 

The little flags and the white braid were leftover pieces that I couldn't bear to throw away. Valerie sent me the bigger pieces with other treasures years ago and I have made so many things from the wonderful package. The background is splodges of various paints and the balloons were cut from a magazine

 These naughty boys went missing for a whole night and a day and my daughter was very worried. They came home, ate a hearty meal then curled up and went to sleep for hours and hours. Felix is on the left and Willow on the right--the twin of Willow, Oscar is quiet and more of a house cat. Felix was also a twin but his brother died as few years ago.

Here's Oscar never far away from daughter Linda except when she is at work. She knitted this P.J case and he was testing it.

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Let it Shine at Try it on Tuesday

Hi All. Welcome to Jumbled Crafts and thank you for calling in on your blog journey.

At Try it on Tuesday we have a new challenge starting today and lasting for the next two weeks. The theme is Let it Shine so lots of things you could do for that but if you need ideas and inspiration our team have made some wonderful projects so do pop and see what they have made.

 I made a card for a man who loves to receive a special handmade card and also loves art. Not sure he will love my art but I have used a painting I did in 2004 and have changed it a bit with a digital addition. Can you see what I added?

Original painting

Hope you will also join in at Tag Tuesday were we have the theme Cake . There is still a week to join us there.

This week I have been knitting hedgehogs. The vet where my daughter takes her
 cats makes nests for the knitted hedgehogs and raffles them to raised funds for Cat Protection. I have made lots in the past but couldn't get the special wool again until now. Still a few balls of wool to go to add to the hedgehog family. Vic said it looked like a coven of hedgehogs on the spare bed.

Love Chrissie xx

Monday, 17 July 2017

T stands for inchie and tag

Hi All and a happy new week. Thank you for popping in at Jumbled Crafts.

Happy T Day to my friends from Elizabeth and Bluebeard's Tuesday get together. Happy 4th Anniversay to their T a Day posts.
This week we haven't been far at all as we both like watching Wimbledon so have stayed home and just had a short walk somewhere in the morning. Short walk meaning 10,000 steps if possible

 This is my meal in a bowl and a drink. It is quick to make and means I can nibble at it with a fork and watch television with a nice cup of tea. It is a tuna salad with grapes.

I was going to be really clever this week and make a tea cup and saucer with beautiful additions. This came about because I decided to clear out lots of old folders on my computer and this project was in one of them

I made the cup ok, then thought WHY? It may or not get finished. The picture in the cup is how it should look.

This week at Every Inchie Monday we have Buffalo as the theme

I used an outline found on Google, made it fit an inch square and coloured with Promarkers by me.

At Tag Tuesday we have another week of 'cake' chosen by Wilma so do join us with your take on the theme as we love to see what your ideas are.

A digital tag from me this time and I had my grandfather in mind when I made it as he was a violinist and loved any type of music. He also loved cake, cream and strawberries

Tomorrow sees the start of a new challenge at Try it on Tuesday so hope to see you there as well

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx

Friday, 14 July 2017

Almost the weekend

Hi All. I hope your week has gone well and that you will enjoy the weekend. Thank you, as always, for visiting Jumbled Crafts.

I made another page for Art Journal Journey where Bluebeard and Elizabeth have chosen the the theme Summertime Love. I thought of the Summer of Love in the 60s

The colours and patterns were a sign of the times and the message that was being put across was strong and powerful at the time.

At Moo Mania and More their theme this time is Africa

I designed an ATC with a mask shape I coloured then photographed and used digitally with a patterned background and giraffe brushes I made in Paint Shop Pro. I printed it out on photopaper and it has strong colours, ready to swap.

Here are a few more of the plants in our garden taken yesterday by Vic

 Rowan berries on a baby rowan tree that my daughter grew from seed
campanula--the bumbles bees have a nest under this plant
fennel-the seeds and leaves taste lovely

 feverfew--good for headaches
 geranium-one of many in various colours as Vic takes cuttings every year to make more and more of them
old fashioned sweet peas with a beautiful fragrance
 A new addition is a passionflower and it is doing really well under the watchful eye of the owl with a wobbly head-this was on top of the shed to keep away the birds of prey but the seagulls and magpies but they just sat on top of it.
 osteospernum that the hover flies just love
 lavendar almost done flowering but the bees still love it
Another new addition are 2 hostas the other one flowered earlier

That's it for today

Love Chrissie xx