Friday, 14 July 2017

Almost the weekend

Hi All. I hope your week has gone well and that you will enjoy the weekend. Thank you, as always, for visiting Jumbled Crafts.

I made another page for Art Journal Journey where Bluebeard and Elizabeth have chosen the the theme Summertime Love. I thought of the Summer of Love in the 60s

The colours and patterns were a sign of the times and the message that was being put across was strong and powerful at the time.

At Moo Mania and More their theme this time is Africa

I designed an ATC with a mask shape I coloured then photographed and used digitally with a patterned background and giraffe brushes I made in Paint Shop Pro. I printed it out on photopaper and it has strong colours, ready to swap.

Here are a few more of the plants in our garden taken yesterday by Vic

 Rowan berries on a baby rowan tree that my daughter grew from seed
campanula--the bumbles bees have a nest under this plant
fennel-the seeds and leaves taste lovely

 feverfew--good for headaches
 geranium-one of many in various colours as Vic takes cuttings every year to make more and more of them
old fashioned sweet peas with a beautiful fragrance
 A new addition is a passionflower and it is doing really well under the watchful eye of the owl with a wobbly head-this was on top of the shed to keep away the birds of prey but the seagulls and magpies but they just sat on top of it.
 osteospernum that the hover flies just love
 lavendar almost done flowering but the bees still love it
Another new addition are 2 hostas the other one flowered earlier

That's it for today

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Groovy collage! And I love the bold colours of your African mask.

  2. Your African mask is simply wonderful. It really represents Africa well.

    Your flowers are incredible. Laughed about the owl that didn't get respect (grin), but loved how it reined over the garden, at least. My hostas are still blooming, but my flowers look NOTHING like that. I'm always amazed at how many varieties of hostas there are.

    Of course, I simply adore your Summer of Love entry. It really DOES speak of the times, at least what I learned about them while doing research. This is a beautiful, colorful, and timely entry. Thanks for sharing it with Art Journal Journey today, Chrissie.

  3. fantastic, wonderful the Mask and i love this Journal summer timelove so beautiful!
    The Flowers and the animals are very nice!
    Happy weekend

  4. Magical post and love seeing those bees...
    Have a lovely weekend.♥

  5. You achieved the perfect vibe for the summer of love page! Gorgeous! Wonderful mask for your ATC too! Fabulous photos - love your owl, it's too sweet to be scary! xxx

  6. Wonderful art work and fantastic photos, your garden must be looking gorgeous. Hugs, Valerie

  7. Love the Africa digi tag, also the sun journal page - Wonderful with lovely colours and work.
    Isn't the Campanula a thug, but so very pretty? We can't get hostas to grow, the slugs like them too much. Lovely seeing all the flowers you have.

  8. Oh I just love your 60's piece, so fun and creative! Your ATC is beautiful as well, the colours and design are fantastic!! I am so in love with your garden Chrissie! So many gorgeous flowers, I can't wait until next spring so I can experiment some more with my planters. I would love to add some flowers that attract butterflies and bees. Your back yard must be quite the beautiful sight! hugs and happy weekend :)

  9. Wow.. great art Chrissie and I love the garden impressions as well!
    Thanks a lot for sharing your art at Moo Mania & More and Art Journal Journey!

  10. Lovely colourful artwork and inchie! Your garden looks wonderful with all those stunning flowers - beautiful 😀. Happy Friday and Weekend! J 😊

  11. Your photos are absolutely beautiful, Chrissie! I loved seeing all of the pretty flowers. And WOW! What a "groovy" collage for AJJ and cool ATC for the Moo Mania & More challenges!!!

  12. These are brilliant pieces Chrissie, I love the happy colours. Your garden is looking beautiful, the passionflower is gorgeous, so perfect, but then he's being well looked after! Have a grat weekend and enjoy the tennis. Sue xx

  13. Wow, wonderful pages, an amazing ATC for the Africa theme and beautiful pics of your garden, Chrissie.

    Thank you for joining us at MOO MANIA & MORE.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  14. A great summer collage Chrissie and a fab image for the ATC.
    Lovely photos from your garden, glad to hear the owl is keeping a watchful eye on things.
    Have a great weekend.
    Avril xx

  15. awsome photos and great collage, great summer journal love the sun ;O)

  16. A colorful sun page dear Chrissie, well done. The ATC also looks good and your flower photos are very nice.

  17. It's a fabulous summer page, the colours are so reminiscent of the times.
    Your African ATC looks wonderful. Beautiful flower photos as well, I liked reading about the owl, nothing seems to deter the seagulls..
    Are you enjoying the sport?
    Yvonne xx

  18. A fabulous journal page and a great ATC - beautiful flower photos from your garden.
    xxx Hazel.

  19. What a lovely garden Chrissie! And great close up photos too! Your journal page is quite psychedelic, which was the 60's style (unless I'm thinking of the 70s...). xx

  20. Love this page - you have captured the era beautifully! I loved looking at your garden here and in the previous post! I now have Sweet Pea envy - we are never around long enough in one place to care for them!! Hugs, Chrisx


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