Monday, 24 July 2017

Inchie and Journal Page

Hi All and a happy start to the week to you. Thank you for your visit today.

At Every Inchie Monday the theme this week is Camel

 This brought to mind a very scary ride for me when I went quite a long way on a camel in the Canaries. My camel was a nice quiet chap but the one behind kept pushing me in the back and as it was a string of camels, with only one man leading them in the front, I just had to put up with it all the way. Never again have I been on a camel though Vic has.

At Art Journal Journey the theme this month was chosen by Elizabeth and her beautiful cat Bluebeard. They chose the theme Summertime Love and it is wonderful to see all the different ideas that people have thought of. This is my last page I have made for this challenge so thank you Elizabeth for all the inspiration and your comments

A digital page from me today with a face and flowers I made years ago but the page was made for this challenge.

Just a few more hours to join us for 'Cake' at Tag Tuesday but a new challenge there tomorrow and I hope you will come back for that and see what is on offer.??

Another week at Try it on Tuesday where the theme is Let it Shine so we would love you to join us there as well.

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Wonderful journal page and inchie, and I did not like riding on a camel, either! Hope you have a great new week, Hugs, Valerie

  2. Love your inchie and your pushy camel story...you were wise in avoiding the dromedary/camel debate by just using the head!Lovely journal page also, Dixx

  3. Wonderful inchie and Camel rides is hard to sit by swinging back and forth!
    Fantastical journal page!
    I wish you a nice week

  4. Hi Chrissie! Before I read your camel story I remembered mine in Canary Island: just the camel (young and nice earlier) started jump and jump and I was terrified and decided this was my very last camel drive..
    Any way your inchie guy is very nice and well done.
    Lovely art journal as well.
    Have a great week xx

  5. It would appear from your & Diane's story that riding camels are ok, my experience with them is that they are foul tempered, smelly beasts that like to spit at you and are also very partial to eating cigarettes, my mum had hers stolen on several occasions! I'm glad that it's deer that occasionally wander into my garden these days rather than camels.


  6. A beautiful journal page Chrissie and a great inchie, I think you were very brave just getting on a camel never mind going for a ride on one.
    xxx Hazel.

  7. Great projects and perfect for the themes.

  8. I've never seen a camel except in photos, but I have a friend who traveled to Egypt and shared several photos of her on a camel. Seems she enjoyed herself, but she never talked about the camel, just the experience of seeing the pyramids and the area on a camel. She was on a private safari with her father and several Egyptians in the group. I did enjoy your story, and the ones others have shared. BTW, that really looks like a camel to me! Too bad your one and only experience wasn't as enjoyable as your art.

    This is a gorgeous journal page. It speaks of love, romance, flowers, and summer. I absolutely adore it. Thanks for sharing it at Art Journal Journey today. BTW, Bleubeard is going to get a big head if he keeps getting such impressive compliments (grin).

  9. Great camel head - I rode a camel back in the 90's in Tunisia but it was just one on a beach led by a man and I really enjoyed it - not sure I would have enjoyed another one bashing me from behind though!! Shame you experienced that because you might have enjoyed that swaying along and the peace. Enjoyed your page. JJ

  10. Great inchie and journal page. It sounds as if most of us didn't enjoy our camel rides, I certainly didn't.

  11. Summer certainly is a good time for love and flowers. Maybe that's why so many people get married then? Hmm, don't know. Great page Chrissie. Hugs-Erika

  12. Your page and inchie is beautiful Chrissie! Thank you very much for your continued support of Art Journal Journey! You are such a sweatheart always!
    Happy new week to you!
    oxo Susi

  13. A great inchie Chrissie and that must have been a scary ride - don't like camels at all!
    Great journal page and I do like that face.
    Hugs, Avril xx

  14. Your inchie looks super and I LOVE your piece for AJJ, very summery indeed!

  15. Its a fabulous inchie, that camel looks like it has quite an attitude.
    I don't think I would ever want to ride on one of those. a seaside donkey would be enough for me.
    The journal page is beautiful, it so reminded me of ' the flower power years'.
    Yvonne xx

  16. I love your journal page!!! The colors are fabulous, and I love the composition. It just jumps off the page. Great! I may have to try a camel inchie...very cute, though I don't think camels are friendly. It reminds me of a song my dad used to sing me, awith a humpedy back camel in the lyrics, ending with don't you forget my unicorn...Thanks for the memories.

  17. Fab camel inchie, I wouldn't fancy riding one - your ride sounds scary! I love your journal page, it's wonderful with that really groovy flower power vibe! xxx

  18. your camel is perfect! so much personality. a beautiful journal page as well. xo

  19. Your inchie is clearly a portrait of your lovely, friendly camel, not the mean one behind - he looks so cheerful. Love the summer of love page - full of atmosphere.
    Alison x

  20. Aww what a happy camel, definitely not a pushy one. I love the way camels bend at the knees, but then I'm always convinced that they're going to fall over (not that I ride them that often!) Fab journal page too Chrissie, - I always love your digi pieces. Have a fun week, Sue xx

  21. I love your camel inchie but when I rode a camel in Tunisia I didn't enjoy it much at all - I was convinced I was going to fall off! Hugs, Chrisx

  22. I also had a rough ride with a camel! I love the camel and the lady's face is great


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