Monday, 31 July 2017

Inchie and T Day

Hello Everyone and thank you for your visit to Jumbled Crafts.

Every Inchie Monday has Rhino as the theme for this week. I am still doing just the animals heads this year but many have done the whole animal or even more all in one inch square.

Mine is a fierce creature with a very kind eye-he may just give you a friendly lick

If you want to join Elizabeth and Bluebeard for T is for T Day all you need to do to join the party is have a drink related post

We did go to York for a day at the weekend but the photographs are still on the camera so I will show the drinks posts from those next week.

Never despair as now I have a new hobby----collecting old mugs with character. I saw one on the car boot sale for 10p and thought what a great hobby it would be to look for other mugs that should be collectors items but fell by the wayside. Not sure this mug has been used for drinks until now but I did fill it with water and drank it all while I wrote this post.

This mug is to celebrate the first child born to Edward Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess or York
This is the base of the mug showing it is bone china and one of a limited edition

Prince Beatrice with Dave Clark crop.jpg
Princess Beatrice was their first child and she is 7th in line to the throne.

1.Charles, Prince of Wales (b. 1948), eldest son of Queen Elizabeth II
       2.Prince William, Duke of Cambridge (b. 1982), elder son of Charles, Prince of Wales
 3.Prince George of Cambridge (b. 2013), son of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
    4.Princess Charlotte of Cambridge (b. 2015), daughter of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge
     5.Prince Henry of Wales (b. 1984), younger son of Charles, Prince of Wales
     6.Prince Andrew, Duke of York (b. 1960), second son of Queen Elizabeth II
      7.Princess Beatrice of York (b. 1988), elder daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York

 Lots happened to the couple along the way but they still live in the same house together and it is even rumoured that, one day they marry again (to each other) I wrote this while drinking water from a bottle so definitely drinks related.

Happy T Day to all the lovely ladies at E and B's party

Have a great day everyone

Love Chrissie xx


  1. What a gorgeous mug you found at the car boot sale, enjoy drinking from it!Glad you had a fun day in York and looking forward to seeing the photos when they are ready. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Great rhino & an interesting mug! The royals spend their summer hols about an hour away from where I live in Scotland and have bumped Into several of them over the years but no the younger ones belonging to Andrew. It's funny but the staff from the estate don't think much of Andrew at all.



  3. The rhino is a kind looking one. He doesn't look fierce to me at all. I really like him.

    How interesting to read what Sally wrote about Andrew. Personally, I think that is a wonderful mug, and quite a collector's item in my opinion.

    I know I'm not British, but I really wish Charles would NOT take the throne once Elizabeth dies. But we all know he will because . . . . OK, I won't let my opinions interfere with T day.

    Thanks for sharing your delightful rhino and that incredible bone china mug with us for T this nearly Tuesday. It's a beauty.

  4. It is a super Rhino's head Chrissie, I've said this many times, I think its amazing what you can get in such a small space.
    I love the mug you found at the Car Boot, there isn't many to get to easily where we live.
    You did get a bargain
    Its the Charity shops I love to browse in for mugs.
    Look forward to seeing your York photos.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  5. A lovely rhino and a great find with the mug.

  6. Brilliant rhino Chrissie! I think your mug is fabulous! I think the Yorks are definitely an interesting couple and wouldn't be surprised if they got back together again! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  7. That's a cool vintage mug. What a great idea for a collection for sure. Thanks for going down the royal list. I always get confused who is where in the list, and am glad to see that the girls can now be included. I can't wait to see your photos from York next week. Happy T day. hugs-Erika

  8. He definitely has a kind eye! lol What a handsome rhino. And a beautiful mug you found. i have my own collection of mugs and i'am the only person in the house who drink anything warm... but i love collecting them although they have no collector's value other than i like them... How interesting to see the line to the throne.. It does go a little different than i thought.. Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  9. Fabby mug here Chrissie, a collection is ideal and a nice hobby to have. love the inchie too..xx[aNNie]

  10. Your rhino head is very realistic.

  11. Lovely Rhino inchie and with that twinkle in his eye he looks more adorable than fierce 😉. The mug you found is beautiful and I so enjoyed reading about Andrew and Fergie. I remember the fairytale romance and wedding well and didn't realise they are still very close after their divorce. Being an old romantic at heart that makes me very happy 😁. I'm looking forward to seeing more of the mugs you are collecting, Happy T Day! J 😊

  12. Love the inchie, your rhino is great! The mug is awesome as well. When we lived in England we got some mugs from the queens 50 yr reign (I think) We still have them. My Mom loved to collect mugs as well

  13. nice new Hobby (and so apt to t-days:)) i remember fergis and andrew´s wedding, but lost track of their further life...
    i´m a rhino-fan and just love this one!! (makes me think i could stitch one, maybe...)
    happy t-day!

  14. My husband and I over the past 35 years together have loved searching and collecting items-now we have too much and don't any more lol-but it is such a wonderful and very very fun hobby. Your vintage cup is just super awesome-I love it! Enjoy the hunt
    Happy T Day Kathy

  15. The "royals" are such a fascinating subject, but I had no idea there were so many collectibles related to their major life events. I love seeing their family trees and seeing the line of succession. I was happy when the preference of boys of girls in line to the throne ended.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  16. Love the rhino and this mug is really special! Great!Happy T-Day dear Chrissie!

  17. A Wonderful cup, being one of a the few Royalists, I appreciate the history.
    Love your Rhino so clever.

  18. Old mugs with character - I like that, Chrissie. Enjoy your new hobby. The 1st mug of your new collection is quite special.

    The royal line of succession is interesting, though I had a hard time parsing through it.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  19. I love your rhino Chrissie, and it's a very interesting new hobby of yours. I've just spent 20 minutes reading about Andrew and Fergie lol xx

  20. What a great mug! (from 1988). Thanks for the explanation and list of eligible people to the throne. Very interesting.
    Happy (belated) T-Day,

  21. Like your rhino - great eye and you have a great eye for mugs!!


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