Monday, 17 July 2017

T stands for inchie and tag

Hi All and a happy new week. Thank you for popping in at Jumbled Crafts.

Happy T Day to my friends from Elizabeth and Bluebeard's Tuesday get together. Happy 4th Anniversay to their T a Day posts.
This week we haven't been far at all as we both like watching Wimbledon so have stayed home and just had a short walk somewhere in the morning. Short walk meaning 10,000 steps if possible

 This is my meal in a bowl and a drink. It is quick to make and means I can nibble at it with a fork and watch television with a nice cup of tea. It is a tuna salad with grapes.

I was going to be really clever this week and make a tea cup and saucer with beautiful additions. This came about because I decided to clear out lots of old folders on my computer and this project was in one of them

I made the cup ok, then thought WHY? It may or not get finished. The picture in the cup is how it should look.

This week at Every Inchie Monday we have Buffalo as the theme

I used an outline found on Google, made it fit an inch square and coloured with Promarkers by me.

At Tag Tuesday we have another week of 'cake' chosen by Wilma so do join us with your take on the theme as we love to see what your ideas are.

A digital tag from me this time and I had my grandfather in mind when I made it as he was a violinist and loved any type of music. He also loved cake, cream and strawberries

Tomorrow sees the start of a new challenge at Try it on Tuesday so hope to see you there as well

Have a great day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Lovely post, great tea cup and saucer, and love the look of that strawberry cream cake with the violin, yummy. Great inchie, too. Glad you had fun watching Wimbledon. I went to art group today and finished my collage. Happy T day to you, too, hugs, Valerie

  2. Love the tea cup and saucer and your lovely tag, the strawberry and cream cake looks yummy, could just do with a slice of that

    Joan x

  3. tuna and grapes! yum, often add dried cranberries but you've given me a new idea. love your buffalo and your sweet birthday cake! xo

  4. It was a lovely post to read Chrissie. Your meal looked delicious.
    It was a wonderful tag and inchie, the cup and saucer looked a beautiful project as well.
    Its amazing what we seem to store on our computers, but is good to have a sort out now an again.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  5. I was a bit surprised to see your comments have now taken you to a new page, rather than staying on it. I hope I remember everything I want to save. Sometimes when I realize that I won't see the original post, i write little notes so I don't miss anything.

    I'll begin with Wimbledon. My friend Sally, the tennis freak (and foodie, too) was very disappointed with the final few days. She said she preferred the opening few days when there were more people to watch play. I think she wasn't happy with some of the winners at the end, too.

    Your inchie is wonderful. I always look forward to seeing them. If Kathy in the Ozarks is able to post today, she will LOVE the buffalo because she has a thing for them.

    Your tea cup is fabulous. Personally I think it looks OK without the top edging. It's a beautiful pattern and lovely 3-D cup.

    Your salad looked great, too. I like the combination of the grapes, tuna, and what looked like lettuce or celery. Either way, it went well with your tea.

    Thanks for sharing your inchie, your beautiful new paper cup, your salad, and your tea with us for T this soon-to-be Tuesday.

  6. Hello Chrissie!
    Thanks for your amazing post full of great ideas and fabulous creations. You have a healthy breakfast.
    Have an exciting sport week 🎾

  7. i didn´t watch Wimbledon (and seldom get 10.000 steps a day done;)), but i would have enjoyed your salad for sure! nice tea cup also!
    happy t-day!!

  8. A cake, a teacup and a buffalo, how great! Love them all

  9. Tuna and grapes sounds perfect for me. I need to get back to walking as I have gained back all the weight I lost in the spring sigh-too hot and humid here now but I can walk up and back and around in the house too. Loved your tea cup!
    Happy T Day Kathy

  10. Your salad looks delicious and perfect for eating whilst watching Wimbeldon 😀. Such lovely art too with your pretty teacup, happy buffalo inchie and yummy cake inspired tag. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

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  12. too busy watching the Tour de France here. Great looking salad to snck on.
    What a pretty teacup project-love the patterned paper too.
    Fun little inchie. Love your beautiful digital tag-wonderful composition and layering. Happy T day!

  13. I was only interested in Wimbledon because, after the match, the new Doctor would be announced. Your paper teacup is so pretty. I have a pattern for a cup and saucer but never got around to making it. Maybe you'll inspire me. Tuna salad with grapes would be perfect for today as it is very humid out. Your homage to your grandfather is beautiful. Have a Happy T Day

  14. So many fun things you shared. The teacup is just lovely. I try to do 10000 steps as well but some days it just doesn't happen.
    Happy T day

  15. Great makes Chrissie, your buffalo makes me smile, and your tea cup and saucer is so pretty. I've really enjoyed the tennis this year, so glad that Roger won, but I always feel sorry for the losers xx

  16. Chrissie if i thought 'why' at everything i wanted to craft i probably wouldn't make anything.... I make it because it brings me joy in the making of it... thats the only reason 'why' i need.. :) I hope you finish it as it is lovely already...Happy 4 Anniversary. and Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  17. I think your paper tea cup looks cool-finished or not.And nice to take a 10,000 step walk. I usually get about 7,000 on mine, so I am impressed. :) Hope the matches are going the way you want them too. happy T day. Erika

  18. Thanks for all the news and I am very grateful for the low kilojoule cake! I often save ideas and when I review the files I often think "why?" also, and if I do I simply delete...so many ideas and so little time! (But I really don't like clutter, including digital, it simply makes it too difficult to find the really good stuff you know is there somewhere!

    BTW, love the buffalo "raspberry"...Dixx

  19. Lovely digital art, and a very sweet paper tea cup too! happy T day ♥

  20. 10,000 steps is a short walk, Chrissie? You put me to shame. I struggle to average 4,000 steps in a day. That's my current Fitbit goal.

    The paper teacup is darling. I think you "need" to finish it;-) I love your cake tag tribute to your grandfather.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  21. I love your tag with the tribute to your grandfather! What great digital artwork!!

  22. I wonder why about a lot of things recently, the cup is pretty as it is. Lot's of work to finish it though.
    Great tag too.
    Happy belated T day.
    Cazzy x

  23. Your salad looked great for watching Wimbledon with! You did a great job with your buffalo and I love your musical cake tag.

  24. Oh dear... "why" is a dangerous question to ask in the middle of a project! I hope your teacup takes you on the rest of the creative journey some time... you've all that lovely cake to deal with, so I'd have thought a cup of tea would come in handy. Fabulous musical tag to commemorate your strawberry-loving grandfather. Nice work on the Wimbledon salad too - one handed eating is necessary if you're going to pay attention to the tennis properly!
    Alison x

  25. I live your inchie & the violin tag is terrific.



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