Thursday, 27 July 2017

Tags on Thursday and TIOT reminder

Hello Everyone nice to have you join me at Jumbled Crafts where you are always welcome. Thank you for your visit today.

At Tag Tuesday we have 'My Favourite Colour Combinations' as the theme for the next 2 weeks and there is a prize draw for anyone that joins us with a tag. I hope to see you there and look forward to visiting your blog.

I couldn't resist making a  Blue and Orange tag that is often the colours chosen by my favourite male duo of the moment-well since the Pet Shop Boys. They are an Australian pair and, for me, they are visual artists. Many of their videos are on youtube and if you do follow the link look for High and Low and see the wonders. Enough of that ----I made the background with strips of blue and orange paper and printed out a picture of the 'lads' and the added their duo name.

Now for Go Tag Thursday and a great theme for me as it is 'Seaside' this week. I live and breathe seaside quite literally so not a difficult subject for me at all

The background is a paper napkin and the pictures my own photographs taken along our seafront.

Still almost a week to join us at Try it on Tuesday for the Let it Shine Challenge.

This is a digital piece I did back in 2005 so I just added the words to fit the theme at TIOT

Have a Great Day

Love Chrissie xx


  1. Wonderful, wonderful tags. I like orange and blue together, too. That tag is fun.

    LOVED the tag by the seaside. I don't live anywhere near the sea, but I am drawn to it, too. Obviously not for the same reasons as you. I sure like that tag.

    And I adore your SHINE entry. I'm still working on mine, but it won't be anything as dazzling as you have created. Great work all.

  2. Love the tags, and the page for let it shine. Orange and blue are wonderful together,and the seaside tag is a home game for you, right up your alley, so to say. I just have river side here, although I like it, too, it's not the same! Have a great day, have fun, and best wishes from Ollie and Freddie, they are still cuddling! Hugs, Valerie

  3. Interesting post Chrissie, love the tags which are different in everyway, fab colours too.xx [aNNie]

  4. Wonderful tags Chrissie - love the orange and blue one.
    xxx Hazel.

  5. Fabulous tags! I recently used blue and orange together for the first time and really loved how it looked, your tag is brilliant! Love the seaside one too. How cool to use your own photos. Your shiny piece if wonderful also! xxx

  6. waue, love the sea shore tag. gorgeous. both fab.

  7. Great Blue and Orange tag Chrissie, haven't heard of these, will check it out.
    Love the seaside tag and how you've incorporated your own photos. The TioT inspirations looks fabulous, great colours.
    Avril xx

  8. What a fine collection of artwork, Chrissie.
    Went over and listened to High and Low, a new experience, and I love your blue and orange tag, a super tribute!
    Your seaside tag is great, especially with your own photos included, how lucky you are to live by the sea, and your Shine piece really really shines.

  9. Fabulous pieces all of them Chrissie, - I always struggle with complementary colours, but you make them look so effective! Love the other makes too! Oh and I followed the video link (I don't normally watch music videos much), but wow, this truly is something else, - what a pair! I wonder whaat it costs to put a clip like that together....

  10. Fabulous tags and page Chrissie.
    The seaside tag looked wonderful, you are lucky to live so close to the sea.
    I really like your colour combinations. I found it hard to choose a favourite duo.
    Yvonne xx

  11. I'll be sure to check out some videos from your blue and orange chaps - if their visuals are half as cool as your tag, they'll be great -
    but now that you've mentioned the Pet Shop Boys I will just have to go and listen to their version of Always On My Mind before I do anything else!

    Love your seaside tag - the patchwork grid look is really cool - love how you've followed the napkin design with how you've added your own photos.
    Alison x

  12. Oh yes - We are the People by Empire of the Sun is one of my favourites - I had no idea they looked like this! Your makes are all fabulous and varied.

  13. Whether digital or "real" your makes are just wonderful, so much detail and thought goes into them.

  14. Wonderful tags, Chrissie! My favourite is the seaside tag, but that's just because I'm biased and looking forward to a beach holiday! I had to check out the video as I'm so out of touch with popular music that I'd never heard of Empire of the Sun before... I share your opinion, the video is visually fantastic and the music is not bad either! xx

  15. Love the tags! I am going to have to listen to High and Low! Hugs, Chrisx

  16. An awesome Tag Chrissie..I love the Seaside..anything nautical..I could never live far from teh sea.
    Love that you have added your own photos to the tag...
    Thank you for playing in the challenge this week at Go Tag Thursday..x

    Thank you for your comment re my treatment..I'm lucky that the skin cancer was caught early, however the cream does damage the skin and can get quite sore..but it will heal...xx

  17. What fabulous work today Chrissie, your seaside tag is wonderful, and I'm off to check out the video now! xx


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